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5 most dangerous prehistoric environments

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Dynamosaurus Imperiosus/ Raptorexxx 700

Member3 XPNov-02-2013 10:22 AMso i was thinking about theposts these days are almost always about size so i decided to do something different..... 5:-Patagonia [img][/img] time: 95 mya place: south America dangers: Giganotosaurus size: 13.2 m-8.6 tons Ekrixinatosaurus size:11m-7 tons Mapusaurus size: 12.6-13 m Aucasaurus size:7 m-3 tons raptors size: 3 m-125+kg this environment is considered a land of true giants with the presence of giganotosauru, mapusaurus and giant sauropods such as argentinosaurus and futalangkosaurus. 4:-mongolia [img][/img] time: 70 mya place: Asia dangers: tarbosaurus size: 12.2 m-5.6-6.8 tons zhuchengtyrannus size: 11m-5 tons therizinosaurus? size: 11.8 m-7 tons deinocheirus? size:12-13m-5 tons velociraptor size: 2 m-125+kg this environment is considered a land of terror where the villainous velociraptors terrorized the land in packs and the huge tarbosaurus killed any creature with it's powerful jaws and the dimwitted plant eatiing therizinosaurus attacked anything with it's 1 meter long claws. 3:-China [img][/img] time: 125 mya place: Asia dangers: sinotyrannus size: 10-11 m-3.5-5.2 tons yutyrannus size: 9 m-3 tons kelmayisaurus size: 11.2 m-6 tons sinorinthosaurus size: 1 m-25+kg this environment is considered a land of majesty where you would see the magnificent sight of the four winged microraptor gliding through the trees with its iridescent coat of feathers but you will also be chased by three equally awesome predators including sinotyrannus: the crested tyrannosaur, yutyrannus: the feathered tyrant and kelmayisaurus: the precursor to the giant carcharodontosaurs ps. this is the only enviroment in history where 3 species of carcharodontosaur and tyrannosaur lived together 2:-North america [img][/img] time: 65 mya place: North America dangers: tyrannosaurus rex size: 13.5 m-8.2-11.2 tons tyrannosaurus x size: 14.12m-9.8 tons nanotyrannus size: 7 m-3.7 tons troodon size:2-4 m-220+kg dromaeosaurus size: 2 m-125+kg this environment is considered the land of the king it was ruled by the most efficient and awesome predator ever to walk the earth Tyrannosaurus there were 2 species rex which we all know and love: it was built like a crusher it crushed its prey with 9 tons of crushing force. while x was longer but more gracile agile an fast running at speeds of 32-35 miles per hour the other was the villainous nanotyrannus which was in direct competition with the juvenile tyrannosaurs. but even all these monsters did not make up the most dangerous enviroment in history the next one did 1:- Egypt [img][/img] time: 95 mya place: Africa dangers: spinosaurus size: 17.2 m-5.6-12.6 tons carcharodontosaurus size: 13m-8 tons Sigilmassasaurus size: 13.1 m-7 tons deltadromeus size:6-8m-1 ton bahariasaurus size: 13.2 m-3 tons sauronoips size: 12 m-7 tons rugops size: 7-9 m-6 tons this environment is the most dangerous environment in history as it contains dinosaurs such as the largest therapod the fish eating spinosaurus that was comparaable to a modern day bear, the cheetah of the age bahariasaurus with its long, slender body, there was also the lion carcharosontosaurus and Sigilmassasaurus which was also the tiger of the time and sauronoips, which name derives from sauron from lord of the rings which was considered the hyena of the time also deltadromeus which lived in packs and hunted large ouranosaurus and was considered the leopard of the environment. and that is why it was considered the most dangerous environment that ever was!!!!! honorable mention: north america portugal allosaurus size: 11 m-5 tons torvosaurus size: 11m-7 ton edmarka size: 12 m-8.5 tons ceratosaurus size: 8 m-3tons lousinhanosaurus size: 7-9 m-6 tons so i hope you liked it and please leave your comments
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Member0 XPNov-02-2013 10:25 AMNice thread. Great idea for a post. If there were pics, it would be more interesting ;)

Proud founder of the site Theropods Wiki!

Dynamosaurus Imperiosus/ Raptorexxx 700

Member3 XPNov-02-2013 10:32 AMps i just posted pics so if you refresh your page you will see the pics


Member0 XPNov-02-2013 11:09 AMNice, but is say Patagonia is the most dangerous place, and Africa is the second.


Rex Fan 684

Member0 XPNov-02-2013 11:36 AMDecent list. All 5 were very dangerous places. I think your sizes are a bit off(Sinotyrannus for example was at most 10 meters, not 11), but that does not have a whole lot to do with the list itself.
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Lord Vader

Member6270 XPNov-02-2013 1:58 PMGood list. I agree with it.

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I Meme Everything

Member4115 XPAug-07-2016 9:44 AM

Nice, although here's my ranking:

5) China

Home to some primitive Tyrannosaurs.

4) Mongolia

Home to two of the largest Tyrannosaurs, Tarbosaurus and Zhuchengtyrannus, plus the infamous Velociraptor.

3) Patagonia

A land of giants, ruled by Giganotosaurus and Argentinosaurus.

I'd put North America and Egypt as equals, given how the latter was a land of carnivores whilst the former was the domain of the deadliest terrestrial carnivore of all time.

Don't know which dinosaur I'm referring to?

Tyrannosaurus Rex, the tyrant king.  DUH.

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Dynamosaurus Imperiosus/ Raptorexxx 700

Member3 XPAug-13-2016 3:20 PM

Well Lord, right now i might actually think of putting North America ahead due to the discovery of dakotaraptor!

I Meme Everything

Member4115 XPAug-13-2016 3:49 PM

^I put them at equal

"Part of the journey is the end..."

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