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Chapter 13

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Oct-12-2013 3:03 PM

The next morning... Sky and Linda got up and are ready for breakfast.Linda walk to the pond and to the cave near the pond where Patch and Carrie watch as their 4 eggs are about to hatch.The 4 eggs finally broke out and out come the children.The young Spinos ran to their parent and chirp happily.Linda then growl but not the aggressive type of growl.The couple turn around and the hunt begins.Sky,Patch,Carrie,and Linda stalk a Diplodocus eating some leaves.Sky and Linda get behind the grazing sauropod and bites the tail the Diplodocus moans in pain he turn around to see his tail is completely lost.Then he feels a sharper pain on his neck and flank.Then the herbivore saw 2 tyrannosaurus biting his neck and seeing his flank being slashed rapidly by 2 Spinosaurus.But before the big beast stand on his 2 legs Sky does the killing move.He rake his claw on the Diplodocus's neck slashing is open.The sauropod bellows but its cut short when everyone (Sky,Patch,Carrie,Linda) headbutt his side and send him flying 5 feet away! The Diplodocus died from the impact when he fell with 11 tons of weight. The tyrannosaurus and the spinos drag the 11 ton beast back to their nest.3 minutes later Patch and Carrie made it with food for their kids.They eat near the river like lakeside dining.But something is watching below the depths with a Tyrannosaurus head and a sail.

3 Responses to Chapter 13

Lord Vader

Oct-12-2013 5:09 PM

Good chapter. Nice ending. I would have ended at simply, "They were being watched." Great chapter still. Always improving.

Jack of all trades. Master of none


Oct-12-2013 7:44 PM

Not bad. Not bad at all . The story is a nice one but it is a little strange that Spinosaurus (a crocodile, fish, and occasional same size or smaller dinosaur eater) would team up with Tyrannosaurus (a ceratopsian, ankylosaur, and hadrosaur eater) to kill prey that neither of them preferred... But oh well, it was entertaining.

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Oct-13-2013 4:37 AM

You're improving, nice chapter. Keep it up! Also, don't want to seem bored, but how many chapters will be? I'm asking because I'm curious! :P

Proud founder of the site Theropods Wiki!

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