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Chapter 12

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Oct-12-2013 6:10 AM

Sorry the chapter is short I got to go this Saturday school just for trying to get to class plus I'm in a hurry so bye and enjoy Sky and Linda made a nest in a clearing near a river.Linda is busy laying her eggs until the 10th egg.While Sky walk around to see if theirs any dangers near them seems nothing is near them.7 hours later.....A pack of 8 Troodons watch as a Tyrannosaur rex sleep.The pack silently walk to the nest in a attempt to take the eggs.But however a foolish Troodon run to the eggs.But out of the brush a male trex Sky charged at the use to be smart dromaeosaur and clamp his jaws on the rapter's back.The Troodon squal in pain but ended when the tyrannosaurus threw its body on a tree tipping it over and hit the ground.The female Linda woke up and face the Troodons.When suddenly 2 Spinosurus charge and grab 2 Troodons with their claws and throw the egg eaters far away.Sky saw the last 4 retreat and vanished. The 2 tyrannosaurs turn to face the Spinos.Sky recognize one of the Spinos,Patch.Patch too recognized Sky they shake their big hands as a greeting.Carrie and Linda look at the men and know their not enemies.

4 Responses to Chapter 12

Lord Vader

Oct-12-2013 7:21 AM

No problem that it's short. Good chapter as usual. Your grammar is improving by the chapter. Not sure if dinosaurs could shake hands, nice touch.

Jack of all trades. Master of none


Oct-12-2013 11:01 AM

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!!! Dinosaur overload!!! You should keep it more simple; this nearly made me convulse into spasms. Rex, troodon, Spino! You wrote a short chapter. Not saying this is bad, but save the dinosaur overload for longer chapters if any. And work on the grammar!!!! (And as MrHappy said, I don't think dinosaurs would shake hands...)

"Either way, you probably won't get off this island alive."

--Alan Grant


Oct-12-2013 11:24 AM

I'm trying to picture dinosaurs shake hands. It was a good chapter, albeit short.

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Oct-12-2013 2:07 PM

i'm sorry guys its just that their is no other way I could think in a hurry

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