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Chapter 10

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Sep-29-2013 3:27 PM

Finally Patch set foot in the mating grounds on a river where females and males court each other with fish.All the females seem to be taken and Patch decides its too late and approach home but however a roar engulf the sky a roar of a female Spinosaursus.The almost lonely Spinosaurus ran to her location but the roar was not a call it was a battle cry.When Patch finally arrive he see 5 Sarcosuchus fighting 1 female Spinosaurus.The big crocs got their first move.They all grab 1 leg of the female Spino and pull.The female Spino lost her balence and fell.But before she can hit the ground all 5 Sarcosuchus scattered out of her way and the injured female hit the ground.But before the Sarchusochus pack can get near.A male Spinosaurus came out of no where and roar with anger Patch can't stand Sarcosuchus more then before.The injured female finally gets up and watch as the male defend her from the big crocs.The Sarcosuchus hiss which give a clear message "back off"! But Patch go straight for the killing he stomps on a Sarcosuchus's head crushing it with all of his force until the croc dies in suffocation.The 4 charge into battle but the Spino grabs one in the neck and lift his head and throw it in to another one knocking them unconscious.And felt pain on his leg he turns to see his opponent the of last 2 grab his leg but he saw the other one fought with the female and luring her in the water by doing mock lunges where the alpha is waits for its lunch.Patch had enough he shake the Sarcosuchus off his leg and goes for the kill.The Spinosaurus grabs the crocs neck shake in his mouth and twist the neck making a sickening crack killing it.The female is near the water.But now she knows the alpha is in their so she ran to the Sarcosuchcus slash him in the neck.Distracted by the pain,the female grab his neck and threw him into the water.The alpha saw a figure and thinks its the Spino.He now eat the figure he don't know its his own kind.

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Sep-29-2013 3:33 PM

Well well, chapter after chapter, haha. You`re always improving. This chapter was a bit longer, or it`s only me that has noticed?

Proud founder of the site Theropods Wiki!

Lord Vader

Sep-29-2013 3:58 PM

It is a little longer. Good chapter again. Can't wait for the next.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

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