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Chapter 7

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Sep-24-2013 7:34 AM

5 year later... 10 years old now Sky and Patch work as team to take down dinosaurs that once are bigger then them.Patch stalk a Ankylosaurus as it graze.Patch walk to the Ankylosaurus but then his speed increases but before the Ankylosaurus turns around Patch headbutt him with his snout under his belly rolling the Anky upside down.Then Sky ran to the helpless armored lizard.When Sky was near the Anky Sky have different feature his 3 fingered arm is big as a adult Spinosaurus! Sky then swing his big hand and smash it on the underbelly ripping out the intestines in the weakest part of the prey.The Anky mourn for mercy before it is confirmed dead.Sky call Patch over and wants to begin to eat 20 minuetes later Patch wants to fish for something so he walks to the river.But however a angry Tyrannosaurus Rex ran to Sky with his jaws wide open Sky turn around to see but when the Rex's jaws are about to reach Sky he feels a sharp pain on his leg Patch return from his fishing trip and begins to bite the ankle.Then the enemy looks up and saw Sky now biting his throat and try to bite it with all the power he has while Patch has been repelled .But fortunately for Sky he severely crush the vocal cord but that is not good enough Sky then released and headbutt the intruder.Then while trying catch his balance he trips over the dead Ankylosaurs club and hit the ground breaking 3 of he ribs.While the Rex try to get up the last thing he saw is big claw pierced his brain.

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Lord Vader

Sep-24-2013 3:11 PM

Good chapter. As always, a little hard to follow.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

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