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Chapter 6

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Sep-21-2013 7:34 AM

Sky and Patch play with a bone from the raptor throwing,thrashing it without trouble in the world but Patch accidentally threw the bone behind a bush Patch ran over there to get it but then he saw a dead a male and female Spinosaurus.Patch's eye begin to water.[FLASHBACK] Patch was the only child who took his first steps and was a early swimmer his parents took him swimming before they go and eat.But 1 day Patch is playing on the river near his nesting area but then he saw big sail swimming towards him then it resurface with a tyrannosaurus head who almost bit Patch Sky's family isn't the only one who is killed.Patch ran to his parents Sailtooth follow but before he can deliver a bite mom bit Sailtooth's neck trying to twist it but Sailtooth throw his neck up sending the mother upside down cracking her whole sail cracking the spine brutally.As Sailtooth over shadow her dad ran to Sailtooth and slash him in the face Patch watch the battle cheering for his dad but then he watch in horror as Sailtooth's tail trip his dad making him falling to the ground Sailtooth then stomps on his dad and jumps applying lots of weight on the Patch's dad neck cracking his spinal cord killing him.As Sailtooth roars in victory Patch run away from his parent's death far away where he met a friend Sky. [END OF FLASHBACK]Patch is still crying while he is walking to the pond and decides to take a swim and catch fish and he saw Sky fishing to that's when Patch know he is not alone then he smile.

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Lord Vader

Sep-21-2013 12:07 PM

Good chapter. Nice touch with the flashback. A little hard to follow though. Great work still.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

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