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Chapter 4

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Sep-14-2013 6:47 PM

Sky have to accept his parents are gone and he have to deal with it so he could survive so he continues to hunt down a Sarcosuchus he always slash the eyes out of his foes so that's the first thing he did to the croc.Sky decides to take a break and fish at the pond.Schools of fish swim across the pond and begin their migration but Sky trip on a rock causing him to fall into the water making a splash but he see something on his arm he literally hook a small fish on his claws he found breakfast.Sky then catch his footing and decide to feast he turns around and took a bite.But then out of nowhere a Spinosaurus same age as Sky jump out of the water behind him.Sky then turns around to see the young Spinosaurus he ask if he could have a taste.Sky then push the fish near him.The young Spino begins to eat but then the 2 heard a hiss then turn around a Sarcosuchus roars at them the young Spino begins to flee but then Sky recognize him with a missing eye he was the Sarcosuchus Sky was looking for him all along.But the Sarcosuchus ran to Sky with his jaws open ready to snap but behind Sky is a tree he got a plan. the Sarchosuchus is ready to bite running in top speed.Sky then sidesteps and the croc literally faced death he crash his skull in the tree one of the bark pierced brain killing him instantly Sky then begins to feast.But then the Spino came back Sky then knows their enough foor everybody 20 minutes later.Sailtooth sees a Sarchosuchus carcass with 2 small juveniles on top of it.Sky sense the ground is shaking he turns to see his nemesis ,Sailtooth the unusual tyrannosaur roars and charge to take a bite out of Sky.Sky then shove the sleeping Spinosaurus off the carcass.The Spino then woke up and saw a fearsome Tyrannosaur eating the carcass the two run to find a refuge with Sailtooith chasing them then they saw a small cave the two ran in but Sailtooth he can't get in because his sail is a disadvantage he grunt to Sky."Your lucky this time but you'll turn to scrapes if a catch you again!". And he disappear in the forest to eat the Sarchusuchus.

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Lord Vader

Sep-15-2013 6:29 AM

Good chapter. I see the young Spino helping Sky later on. Some thing tells me this story takes place in a real messed up time in the worlds history.

Jack of all trades. Master of none

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