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NoobMember0 XPAug-27-2013 12:21 AMWelcome, ladies and gentleman, to my daily DinoFight. I always appreciate my loyal readers, but for those of you who are new, every day I pit two of the most formidable dinosaurs to ever exist against one another in a fight to the death (most of the time). Medium division, round 2, fight 19: Suchomimus vs Edmontonia InGen File: Suchomimus [img][/img] Code Name: Fisher King Also Known As: Sucho Danger Level: Most are moderately dangerous, will prey on humans if hungry. Old adult males are extremely dangerous Height: ~15.5 feet Length: ~40 feet Weight: ~6.5-7 tons Speed: 25 mph Diet: Piscivore, carnivore Weapons: Claws, size, speed, bite Description: Suchomimus is a large predatory dinosaur of both Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. It typically eats fish and small dinosaurs but humans aren't off the menu. Being a great swimmer it has long powerful limbs, a crocodilian tail, webbed fingers and toes and a hydrodynamic build for maximum speed. Suchomimus can hold its breath underwater for more than a half hour. Like other spinosaurs, Suchomimus has binocular vision, high up nostrils, long and sharp claws, a small ridge on its back, crocodile-like skin and sensory nerves on its snout that allow it to sense remote changes in the water and locate fish without seeing them. It hunts by either putting its snout tip in the water and sensing fish before catching them with its jaws and, using its powerful neck muscles, pull them up and shake them up and down, or by standing downstream of the fish and catching the fish when they swim towards them, using their long claws to spear their prey. Males are a reddish color with black and white banded tail tips, a black striped ridge, black banded feet, black rings on their side from their neck down to the halfway point of their tail and a black upper jaw. They also have dewlaps and long iguana-like spikes on their back. Females are usually grey or a pale green with small brown stripes on their ridge but some females can be a dark green and have tiger-like stripes all over their body. Old males are usually covered in scars from head to tail from fights with prey, otherSuchomimus and other dinosaurs and become extremely aggressive, attacking animals of any size if they are hungry or threatened. Suchomimus has a fair park record, having never escaped and eaten anybody until after the original park shut down and they were abandoned, having just reached adult size. Due to the fact that males become extremely aggressive after reaching their presumed full size, no exact measurements have been taken but they have an estimated size of 40 feet in length and 6.5 tons, and their long legs raise their height to above that of a Tyrannosaurus, judging by a confrontation two individuals from the respective species had over a piece of land during a flood. Their weight may me slightly lower than the very old female tyrannosaurus' 7.5 tons, being up to 7 tons in higher estimates. Because of their decent park record they will be part of a new park and will have a prominent display with a waterfall and pool stocked full of fish and may be placed with other spinosaur species like Oxalaia or Baryonyx depending on how they receive company. Edmontonia [img][/img] Code Name: None Danger Level: Harmless unless provoked Height: 8 feet Length: 22 feet Weight: 3.5 tons Speed: 6 mph Diet: Herbivore Weapons: Shoulder spikes, powerful tail Description: Edmontonia is a nodosaur that lives on Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. Though much more common on Isla Nublar, they are also successful on Site B where they roam the forest aimlessly in search of food their entire lives. The Edmontonia population on Isla Nublar travels in a herd while the population on Isla Sorna is solitary, only coming together to mate. Unlike many other dinosaurs, the slow witted Edmontonia doesn't take care of their young, dropping the eggs in a random forest location and abandoning them. Born with armor, the Edmontonia young are already hard to prey on. Their armor consists of multiple layers: bone spikes that stick though the skin, powerful muscles all over its body, a layer of fat under the skin, tough armored skin, a thick leathery shield over the skin that forms around the bone spikes, a keratin layer over the shield and spikes, another thinner leathery shield around the spikes, several large round bony osteoderms and another very thick keratin layer. Even their heads and eyelids are armored in this way! Their armor covers their head, neck, back, tail and upper leg but their lower legs and underbelly are fairly exposed, having only tough scales and a leathery covering respectively. They have short limbs and a wide body with a low center of gravity, standing less than a meter off the ground and eating ferns, cycads, grass and various shrubbery with their long giraffe-like tongues. Edmontonia's tail is thick, long and heavily muscled and, while lacking a club, is still very capable of deterring predators. Edmontonia males and females are both brown with white underbellies and black armor but males have much longer spikes and bigger osteoderms. They are nearly identical in every other trait and can only tell each other apart because males release a musky odor that has been described as "heavy, foul and awful smelling". It is uncertain whether Edmontonia will be included in the new park, as it may be outshined by the giant nodosaurs from Utah or the tiny Minmi in the petting zoo, both of which are sure to be more popular. Still, DNA is filed just in case there is a plan to include them in the new herbivore display. FIGHT! A Suchomimus male is prowling the northern forest of Isla Nublar at dawn, looking for a good fishing spot in the river across the forest. He heads south towards the water and as he approaches the river he smells an awful odor when the wind wafts the scent of something towards him. He shudders at the scent and, morbidly curious, he walks towards it. Not bothering to be quiet he comes upon an Edmontonia male walking slowly across the bank. The Suchomimus notices it's smaller than himself and, curious, he walks over to it and puts his foot on its back. It makes a low but deep noise and he lightly scratches its hard shell to see if it is food. He puts his jaws on its head and starts lightly chewing on it to see if it can be eaten this way. Growing more and more curious he walks around it and smells it, almost vomiting from the smell, and is met with a tail blow to the ribs. It wasn't hard, but it was a warning. Instead of backing off the bull Suchomimus gets angry. With a low hiss he walks back towards it and circles it, knowing now to avoid its tail. His instincts tell him to avoid the enormous shoulder spikes as well. The Edmontonia sinks himself lower to the ground and swishes his tail while bellowing. He waits for the Suchomimus to make a move and as soon as it walks in front of him he charges it, tackling it and stabbing it in the leg with his shoulder spikes. His body is nearly impossible to lift in this position and the Suchomimus struggles, slashing wildly and roaring. The spinosaur finally manages to get his legs in the right position and gets the Edmontonia off him and it slides down to the ground. He stands and it charges again but he sidesteps. When it turns around again he smacks it across the face with full force but it hardly budges, simply shaking its head and bellowing before charging again. Once again the agile spinosaur dodges it and repeats his slap strategy. Realizing it isn't working he looks at the water and knows that he is nearly unbeatable there. He works a new plan out and starts goading the ankylosaur into chasing him. Easily outrunning it he gets it into some shallow water but it stops there. Good enough. The Suchomimus grabs the Edmontonia by the shoulders from the front and tries to tip it to the side but it lowers itself, its nose just above the water. The Suchomimus walks to the side of it but is hit in the leg with its tail and buckles. He falls but his leg isn't broken, just a little bruised. The nodosaur turns and faces his attacker, charging him and stabbing his spikes deep into the shoulder of the Suchomimus. Angry, the Suchimomus uses all of its power to push the Edmontonia back and stand up. The Edmontonia pivots and swings at the Suchomimus with its tail but the spinosaur lifts its leg and dodges the attack. Before the Edmontonia can attack again the Suchomimus runs over to its side and puts his claws under it. The Edmontonia once again lowers itself but the Suchomimus rips his claws across the legs of the Edmontonia, tearing muscles. He once again puts his hands beneath the nodosaur and lifts. Slowly the multi ton ankylosaur raises off the ground and he bellows loudly. The Suchomimus uses his legs to assist his lifting and finally flips the Edmontonia over with one final push. The helpless bull bellows loudly as he swishes his tail on the rocky riverbank. The Suchomimus claws at his exposed underbelly, his razor sharp claws slicing through the thick leathery skin and exposing bones. The Suchomimus steps on the Edmontonia's stomach with all his weight, breaking its ribs and causing them to puncture vital organs. As the Edmontonia dies, the Suchomimus starts tearing off pieces of its tough flesh slowly, elated that he has food for the next week or so. WINNER: SUCHOMIMUS [img][/img] It had the size advantage and the strength/weapons to flip over and kill the nodosaur. In the end, though the Edmontonia had great defenses, it came down to size and weapons and Suchomimus had both of those. Offense beats defense in this case. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Anything at all? Let me know! NEXT TIME ON DINOFIGHTS.... YUTYRANNUS [img][/img] The newly discovered 30 foot tyrannosaur that was covered in a downy coat of baby duck fuzz, yet packed a devastating bite capable of crushing bones and unusually long and powerful arms BECKLESPINAX [img][/img] The ridge backed megalosaur that had hooked claws for holding prey and a highly mechanically efficient bite capable of tearing and crushing When these two meet in early Cretaceous China, who wins? Oh, and by the way, this battle will occur in the snowy winter.
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7 Responses to Suchomimus vs Edmontonia


NoobMember0 XPAug-27-2013 6:33 AMwell,you know what they say curiousity almost kill the cat. awesome as always dinofights looking foward for next fight!

Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPAug-27-2013 8:05 AMGood fight, can't wait for the next, I say Yutyrannus.

Jack of all trades. Master of none


NoobMember0 XPAug-27-2013 11:09 AMWoe that Yutyrannus picture is scary looking... How disturbing... But on the other hand, great as always!
Future Team Raptor member

Rex Fan 684

NoobMember0 XPAug-27-2013 1:17 PMGood fight. I'm rooting for Yutyrannus for the next one.
"Men like me don't start the wars. We just die in them. We've always died in them, and we always will. We don't expect any praise for it, no parades. No one knows our names." ―Alpha-98


NoobMember0 XPAug-27-2013 3:58 PMThanks you guys, I'm glad everyone liked it!
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NoobMember40 XPAug-27-2013 4:44 PMI could not imagine that a suchomimus could defeat a ankylosaurus (even a nodosaurus), good fight.


NoobMember0 XPAug-27-2013 10:18 PMGreat fight. I'm thinking Yutyrannus. Its body doesn't have to deal with the cold, but the other one does, even though it is warm blooded.


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