Megaraptor vs Abelisaurus

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NoobMember0 XPAug-16-2013 1:18 AMWelcome, ladies and gentleman, to my daily DinoFight. I always appreciate my loyal readers, but for those of you who are new, every day I pit two of the most formidable dinosaurs to ever exist against one another in a fight to the death (most of the time). Medium division, round 1, fight 15: Megaraptor vs Abelisaurus InGen File [img][/img] Name: Megaraptor Code Name: None Danger Level: Very dangerous Height: 12 feet Length: 25 feet Weight: 3 tons Speed: 34 mph Diet: Various herbivores, fish Weapons: Bite, claws, speed Description: Megaraptor is a rare dinosaur from site B that has spread to Nublar and thrived. They are more common there for some reason, presumably because their original habitat is closer to that of Isla Nublar. Males are smaller than females but are more aggressive and use their enormous spinosaur-like claws to catch prey and fight. They proved to be very hard to keep from escaping due to the jumping ability all Allosaurids possess, though none have escaped. They preferred a mixed diet of fish and goats, and they liked playing with their prey before eating it. They toss it up in the air then catch it in their jaws and shake it around vigorously, then drop it and repeat until content. Females bonded with the keepers while males attacked them and almost killed two. One died of injuries but the other recovered. They are a tannish grey with a white underbelly, yellow stripes and red crests above their eyes. They roar loudly at dawn like a giant rooster, and their calls are high-pitched like a mountain lion scream and they were described as "disturbing" by some keepers. Unlike other allosaurids, it is only aggressive if provoked or, in the males' case, if they are around their mate. Megaraptor seems to despise real dromaeosaurs and constantly eat their young, and the raptors do the same. Due to their non-aggressive nature, four females are being caught for the new park where they will have a ceilinged habitat to prevent escape, much like the true dromaeosaurs. InGen File [img][/img] Name: Abelisaurus Code Name: Pitbull Danger Level: Very dangerous Height: 12.8 feet Length: 30 feet Weight: 4 tons Speed: 28 mph Diet: Various herbivores, carrion Weapons: Bite, speed Description: Like the other predatory abelisaurs, Abelisaurus frequently escapes and eats workers. After an unbelievable amount of complaints and privately settled lawsuits, abelisaurs were forbidden from being cloned. They can't be trained, most are masters of disguise, don't have a scent (disregarding scavengers like Rugops and Kryptops, which smell like a putrid carcass) so they can't be tracked and constantly destroy and eat things. They can outrun almost any other large dinosaurs on the islands and can catch most of the small ones. Though they prefer small sauropods as prey, humans are also a favorite food, something unusual among dinosaurs and animals in general. For some reason Abelisaurus like to destroy cars and buildings, probably because they resemble prey to the near-sighted Abelisaurus. Their senses are dull for the most part, but their sense of smell is good. Abelisaurus are strangely silent most of the time, something unusual for dinosaurs, but when they do make a noise, it is a short bark that startled its keepers when first heard. It was a series of terrifying snarls and barks that were caused from excitement during feeding time. They only live on Isla Sorna, where they escaped and lived naturally. They follow herds of sauropods like Amargasaurus, where wounded, old, young or sick strays are picked off. They are considered unpredictable most of the time and scary when they bark, so are only considered, not confirmed, for the new park. DNA samples are in an InGen facility and a paddock has been designed but it is not planned to be built as of June 2013. FIGHT! It's morning time on Isla Sorna and an Abelisaurus walks through an old carnivore raising area. Many of the enclosures have been torn open by the dinosaurs inside but there are a select few that couldn't escape. Their bones and rotting carcasses lie on the ground. In need of food during this rare but extended drought the Abelisaurus resorts to scavenging from them. Abelisaurs commonly scavenge but only extreme scavengers like Rugops eat carrion this old. He wears the thick wires with his teeth before pushing through. He looks at the 10 foot drop to the bottom of the carnivore's enclosure and works out a plan to ease down. He sees a pile of decorative boulders and slides down to them. Having made it in he starts chewing on the tough but still edible carcass of the young Sauroniops. After eating all he could the Abelisaurus realizes climbing out will be a challenge. The rocks can get him most of the way up but to get all the way up he'll have to stretch. The abelisaur gets to the top of the pile and he starts stretching to the top. His tiny arms don't aid him at all and they flail uselessly as he tries and tries to stretch up. Finally he has his upper chest up and jumps, getting his whole chest and head up. He then flops around to get his back up and rolls until he's on his feet and pushes himself up. Now he's thirsty. The Abelisaurus walks to a nearby small dried up lake and sees there is a little bit of water in the middle. He walks to it and starts lapping it up but he hears a growl. Lifting his head he sees a Megaraptor female standing before him. The Abelisaurus knows he has the muscle and size advantage but she has those deadly claws. He considers the challenge for a moment and decides that his skills in fighting could use a little sharpening and this is the perfect way to gain experience. With a roar he steps over the puddle that was the lake and smashes his thick head into her chest, knocking her over. Dust from the lake bottom clouds the air and the Megaraptor gets up. She feels no major pain and runs at the abelisaur. He side steps and when she turns back around he tries to headbutt her again. With her razor sharp reflexes she dodges the attack and slices the robust dinosaur's shoulder open. He turns back and headbutts her in the face, cracking her jaw. He stands over her and lowers his head for a bite but she rakes his eyes with her claws. Blinded and hurt the Abelisaurus stops attacking for a moment and the Megaraptor makes her move, kicking him in the stomach and knocking him away. She gets up and backs away as the Abelisaur starts using his sense of smell to find her. He keeps his snout in the air and lowers himself as she zigzags back and forth to confuse him. The Abelisaurus realizes her strategy and before she can attack him he makes a daring attack, charging forward blindly and biting. Luckily his jaws catch her thigh. The Megaraptor roars in pain when he bites a piece off and rams his side with her shoulder, causing him to spin and almost fall but he gets his balance back before he can. The Abelisaurus growls and whips around to attack but is met with a jaw jacking smack to the face. He stumbles back and the Megaraptor leaps on him. She stabs her hand and toe claws into him very quickly and then gets off. The abelisaur struggles to get to his feet and as soon as he does she kicks him back over. He growls and barks but the Megaraptor simply silences him by stepping on his throat. He chokes and starts to pass out when she puts more pressure down, snapping his neck and killing him. The victorious neovenatoroid allosaurian roars her distinct scream in the empty lake bed and enjoys food and water for the first time in over a week. WINNER: MEGARAPTOR [img][/img] It was a close one but ultimately the faster and better armed Megaraptor won. The Abelisaurus had power and a slightly stronger bite but the Megaraptor had speed, agility, intelligence, sight, well functioning arms with deadly claws and an ability to jump. The Megaraptor pulls out the win with superior weaponry. NEXT FIGHT: Deltadtomeus [img][/img] The light, speedy and agile dinosaur from Africa with unusually long arms and claws. While its exact size is uncertain, let's say it's 30 feet and 1.5 tons here. Kelmayisaurus [img][/img] The relatively sharp toothed carcharodontosaurid. It measured around 35 feet long and weighed in the neighborhood of 4.5 tons. Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Predictions? Let me know and I'll respond as soon as I can!
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NoobMember0 XPAug-16-2013 1:35 AMAfter looking at this post twice I noticed the two Megaraptor pictures are the same. Also, I bet Kelmayisaurus wins the next fight.


NoobMember0 XPAug-16-2013 1:39 AMOh hey they are! They're pretty much the only two decent and accurate pictures I could find. Abelisaurus was a hard one to find a good picture for too.
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Rex Fan 684

NoobMember0 XPAug-16-2013 8:31 AMNice fight. I'm predicting Kelmayisaurus for the next fight. Only because of size and power. Sure, Abelisaurus was larger and stronger than Megaraptor, but this size difference is quite significant.
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Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPAug-16-2013 9:01 AMI think Kalmayisaurus for the next fight.

Jack of all trades. Master of none


NoobMember0 XPAug-16-2013 1:08 PMAmazing. Come on Cleo, if you can take a Carcharadontosaurus, you can take on a whatever the next thing is. Ps. Pitbull, nice.


Rex Fan 684

NoobMember0 XPAug-16-2013 1:17 PMHere DinoFights, here's a decent Abelisaurus pic ;) [img][/img]
"Men like me don't start the wars. We just die in them. We've always died in them, and we always will. We don't expect any praise for it, no parades. No one knows our names." ―Alpha-98


NoobMember0 XPAug-16-2013 1:58 PMThanks Rex Fan it's hard to find a decent picture for a dinosaur of lower level popularity
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Rex Fan 684

NoobMember0 XPAug-16-2013 4:07 PMYeah, there weren't many good pics. One's that were decent were encrypted and would not work anyways.
"Men like me don't start the wars. We just die in them. We've always died in them, and we always will. We don't expect any praise for it, no parades. No one knows our names." ―Alpha-98


NoobMember67 XPDec-03-2014 3:27 PM

not my fav fight, i think abe should have won but good fight anyways :/

Sigmund Durkheim

NoobMember0 XPDec-21-2014 5:51 PM



Megaraptor should never be used for comparisons or fights due to use not only knowing virtually nothing about it, but also due to not even knowing exactly what it even was in the first place. After all, its entire existence is simply based on a claw that thought to be the dewclaw of a giant dromaeosaur-like coelurosaur; hence the name “MEGA-raptor”.


These days, megaraptor is considered to be either a neovenatorid allosauroid or tyrannosauroid coelurosaur. More paleontologists agree that it was more likely the hand claw of a mysterious neovenatorid.

Due to the lack of evidence of its existence in general, megaraptor has no real estimates but it might have been anywhere from 20-30ft in length





Who would really win?


Abelisaurus would triumph due to being about the same size but likely more robust, overall advance and equipped with much more powerful jaws. The only advantage that megaraptor would have would be its large claws larger arms. The problem is that dinosaurs such as neovenatorid did not have dramatic arm ratios. Dinosaurs in general actually had pretty short arm ratios, except for dinosaurs such as therizinosaurus.


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