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Clash of Similarities Day 3: Daspletosaurus torosus vs Gorgosaurus libratus

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Jul-29-2013 10:42 AM

Welcome to day three of Clash of Similarities. This battle starts two tyrannosaurs. There is not much more I can say, so lets meet the competitors. Daspletosaurus is thought to be the direct ancestor of T. rex. Compared to other theropods its length, it is heavy. At thirty feet long and 5 tons, Daspletosaurus is a smaller version of T. rex. It has very long, thick teeth, wider and more robust than that of Allosaurus. It had the largest arms of any tyrannosaur, four feet! T. rex was ten feet longer and had three foot arms. [img][/img] Gorgosaurus lived with Daspletosaurus, and was also around 30 feet long. The drastic weight difference between them shows that they are different. Gorgosaurus is around 3 tons. They have large heads, with long, knifelike teeth. Much unlike other tyrannosaurs. It has a very close cousin, Albertosaurus, who has a similar light body. [img][/img] Fight! A Daspletosaurus is chasing a hurt Edmontosaurus. It takes a break and looks around. The Daspletosaurus sees a Pentaceratops, but decides to keep up the chase with his injured prey. As he is running, the Daspletosaurus sees a huge cliff ahead. As the Edmontosaurus nears it, it turns around. The Daspletosaurus is on it instantly. He quickly bites its neck and kills it with nearly five tons of force. As he is feasting, the Daspletosaurus is unaware that he is being watched. On top of the cliff, two hungry Gorgosaurus watch as the Daspletosaurus makes his kill. The pair is a mated pair, and work well together. The male Gorgosaurus looks down the cliff face, and sees a possible path down if they do some jumping. The male goes down first, and hops down onto a ledge just wide enough for him to stand on. The female follows, and they start making their way down ten cliff. A pebble fall down, and when it hits the ground, the Daspletosaurus looks up from his carcass. Dismissing it, he resumes eating. The two Gorgosaurus, who are trying to be quiet, are relieved that their position wasn't revealed. They make their way down much farther, when another rock falls. When it lands, the Daspletosaurus once again looks up from his meal, but this time knows something is there. He looks up to see the Gorgosaurus on the cliff face not too far above him. Knowing that they have been spotted, the male and female Gorgosaurus jump down from the cliff and start attacking the Daspletosaurus. The male latches his jaws onto the Daspletosaurus's neck and holds firm. The female goes down and starts biting the Daspletosaurus's leg, but lets go, and bites again. The Daspletosaurus roars and shakes. He also kicks out with his leg, dislodging it from the female Gorgosaurus's mouth. Then he kicks out with his leg, hitting the female Gorgosaurus in the snout, and even breaking some of the skull. The female Gorgosaurus backs up. Then she runs back in to the fray and bites the Daspletosaurus on the side. The male Gorgosaurus lets go of the Daspletosaurus's neck and is circling the it. The Daspletosaurus twists his body and dislodges the female Gorgosaurus of of his side. The male sees his chance and runs in to bite the Daspletosaurus's neck once again. The Daspletosaurus roars and runs forwards. This makes both Gorgosaurus let go, but not without taking a huge chunk of meat with them. The Daspletosaurus turns around the see the male Gorgosaurus run forward and bite his snout. The Daspletosaurus gives his head a sudden jerk and breaks free from the Gorgosaurus. The female Gorgosaurus comes from the side of the Daspletosaurus and jumps onto its back. Using her large hind claws to hold her up while she gets her jaws around the Daspletosaurus's back. With her jaws locked in place, she starts kicking her legs down, making large gashes in the side of the Daspletosaurus. The Daspletosaurus gives a violent shake,a dn throws off the female Gorgosaurus. Before the Daspletosaurus can recover, the male Gorgosaurus runs in and bites the Daspletosaurus's neck. The Daspletosaurus shakes his head and throws the Gorgosaurus off his neck. The female Gorgosaurus comes in from the other side and bites the Daspletosaurus's neck. He throws the Gorgosaurus off, but the male Gorgosaurus is on him again. The male Gorgosaurus bites the neck of the Daspletosaurus, and just as the male is shaken off, the female comes back in and bites. They continue to torment the Daspletosaurus like this, and the Das is weakening. He is shaking them off slower and slower until both of them have their jaws around his neck. The Daspletosaurus is slowly being strangled. The only thing keeping him alive is his extremely thick neck. The Daspletosaurus is starting to die. He is in a panic, and using a lot more air. Which is something that he is running out of. The Daspletosaurus does something he has never done before. He punches out, and hits the male Gorgosaurus. The Gorgosaurus is surprised, and lets go of the Daspletosaurus. This is the chance the Das needs. He swings his body, ripping it out of the female's jaws, and smashes hits head into the male Gorgosaurus. This sends the Gorgosaurus flying into the cliff wall. Just before the male Gorgosaurus gets up, a large rock falls down, loosened by the impact. The rock falls on the Gorgosaurus, and killed him instantly. The female Gorgosaurus is enraged by this, but she knows that she can't attack a cliff, so she decides to do the next best thing, attack the Daspletosaurus. The Daspletosaurus turns to face the Gorgosaurus, who is charging at him. Just at the last second, the Gorgosaurus swings her head and strikes the Daspletosaurus with it. The Das stumbles, and then feels the teeth of the Gorgosaurus grab onto his side. The female Gorgosaurus then back up and tears a huge chunk of flesh out of the Daspletosaurus's side. The Daspletosaurus roars in pain and turns to bite the Gorgosaurus, but she back out of the way. She runs around the Das and bites at his leg, but then lets go. As the Daspletosaurus tries to headbutt her, the Gorgosaurus runs away once again. A pack of Dromeaosaurus gather in the forest around the battle, watching. The Gorgosaurus runs back as the Daspletosaurus bites at her. The Daspletosaurus is getting tired of missing his opponent, and tries a new tactic. As the Gorgosarus runs in to bite him, the Daspletosaurus swings his tail, barely missing the Gorgosaurus, who ducked. The Gorgosaurus bites the back of the Daspletosaurus's leg, and then rips a large chunk of meat out of it. Before the Das can kick her, the Gorgosaurus back up into the forest, accidentally stepping on one of the Dromeaosaurus. It screams and then dies. Startled, the Gorgosaurus jumps back, but she has been seen by the rest if the pack, and they want revenge. All of the seven living Dromeaosaurus charge the female Gorgosaurus. The Gorgosaurus snatches one up in her jaws, but the rest jump onto her back and drive their long claws into her. The Daspletosaurus watches as the raptors assault the tyrannosaur. After some time, there are only two Dromeaosaurus left, but the female Gorgosaurus is bleeding very heavily, and getting extremely tired. Finally, she shakes another raptor off and bites down on it. The remaining raptor runs into the forest in fear for his life. The Gorgosaurus looks at the Daspletosaurus, who was just watching the fight. The anger returns to the Gorgosaurus when she remembers what the Daspletosaurus did to her mate. She runs at top speed and slams into the Daspletosaurus, knocking him over. The Daspletosaurus is on his back and trying to get up. Just as the Gorgosaurus is about to kill the Daspletosaurus by stepping on his neck, she hears a shriek. Then the final Dromeaosaurus comes from out of the trees at top speed, and jumps at the Gorgosaurus's face. The raptor rakes his claws across the female tyrannosaur's face. Roaring in pain, the Gorgosaurus abandons the Daspletosaurus and runs over the the Dromeaosaurus, who is on the ground. She grabs the raptor in her jaws and crushes it. The female Gorgosaurus suddenly feel something hit her side, and it hit hard. She stumbles way from her unknown attacker to find the Daspletosaurus had headbutted her, and broken many of her ribs in the process. The Das runs in and grabs the Gorgosaurus by the neck. He bite down on the Gorgo, and then swings her around the area. Finally he puts enough force to crush the Gorgosaurus, and then lets her fall to the ground, dead. Just to add insult to injury, he picks the carcass up and throws it across the battle field. Then gives a triumphant roar, daring anything to cross its path. The winner is... Daspletosaurus! Das was nearly twice as heavy as the Gorgosaurus, and very strong. This gave him the advantage when it came to a one on one fight. Two one one, he was just lucky. Next on Clash of Similarities. Raptors are one of the most deadly creatures to ever live. Fast, cunning, and dangerous, Velociraptor is know to be a movie star amount dinosaurs. It has a challenger. Dromeaosaurus is as smart and deadly. So what will happen when they cross paths? Only on.... Clash of Similarities!


5 Responses to Clash of Similarities Day 3: Daspletosaurus torosus vs Gorgosaurus libratus


Jul-29-2013 4:16 PM

Daspletosaurus was like a mini tyrannosaurus. Very robust for its size.

Future Team Raptor member


Jul-29-2013 7:45 PM

Cool. Go Velociraptor!!

Rex Fan 684

Jul-30-2013 9:10 PM

Das was far more powerful than Gorgo. Even though Gorgo is faster and more agile, Das has pure brute force.

"Men like me don't start the wars. We just die in them. We've always died in them, and we always will. We don't expect any praise for it, no parades. No one knows our names." ―Alpha-98


Jul-31-2013 11:10 AM

I think Das is like a 30 foot long tank with an attitude issue.



Mar-24-2019 3:23 PM

Actually, Daspletosaurus was proportionally MORE heavy set than even Tyrannosaurus! So technically it was tankier than Tyrannosaurus!

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