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NoobMember0 XPJul-24-2013 9:52 AMDinoBrawl Part 2: The Fight Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to THE FIRST... EVER... DINOBRAWL!!! The last two of our 35 ish species of prehistoric combatants alive will get the chance to compete in season 3 alongside 22 of the largest land predators ever to live for the prestigious title of the king of dinosaurs (and etc.)! Here are the rules: 1. Kill or be killed 2. Show no mercy Here we go... April 8th, 2011 A heavy drought is laying waste to the Islands. Over a hundred species of prehistoric creatures are being forced out of their normal habitats: the ice age creatures are leaving the mountain range, the carcharodontodaurs are leaving their valleys, the allosaurs are leaving their caves and the spinosaurs and crocodiles are experiencing heavy intrusion in their waterside homes. The drying lake is filled with hundreds of crocodiles and the animals are being forced to congregate at swampy pools near the ocean. They are filled with algae but the potentially toxic water is the safest place to drink from if the dinosaurs want to avoid 40 foot crocodiles. At this particular pool on the northern coast of Sorna, many species of animals start to gather. The island 's mammoth and Indricotherium stomp through the forest alongside a small pack of Smilodon and Daeodon. Andrewsarchus soon follow and creep down the mountain behind them. Even a lone Brontomerus leaves its mountain home in search of water, tagging along with the strange caravan. All around the forest a hush comes over when a Monster von Minden leaves his cave in search of water. He makes no move to attack the many thirsty and weak sauropods around him for he has other priorities. After a few moments he notices a pair of Utahraptor following him and the scar above his eye comes into mind when he notices their claws and immediately the history behind it follows... his fight with a Utahraptor pack that resulted in the death of his mate comes back to him. He turns and starts to chase the pair but they run behind a Zhuchengtyrannus and he abandons the chase with a snort. The giants are soon joined by a Yangchuanosaurus. Less than a mile away a Supersaurus straggles behind his Argentinosaurus herd and capitalizes on his chance to follow a Sauroposeidon and a Spinophorosaurus, Amargasaurus, Dacentrurus and giant nodosaur soon follow them as well as they search for a watering hole. An Agustinia walks nearby as well and she is being stalked by a Gigantoraptor that expects her to die any minute. Near the coast a Deinocheirus jogs away from the jaws of a Spinosaurus and continues on its run until it comes to a dirty pool where it immediately spots a Purussaurus on the banks and a Titanoboa high up in a tree. She makes a note to avoid them and starts drinking as a Therizinosaurus breaks the treeline and starts to drink as well. An Inostrancevia pack arrives as well and on the other side of the pool a Kelenken trio appear. The two natural rivals immediately prepare to fight but stop when a large bull Horror Mouth drops by for a drink, crushing a small crocodile eating a rotten carcass on his way. Soon many other animals begin arriving at the large swampy body of water and among the newcomers are an Iguanodon, Edmontosaurus and Fasolasuchus. Inhabitants of the beach like a Paralititan, Suchomimus, some Kaprosuchus and a rare Oxalaia soon show up. A Hatzegopteryx circles overhead, waiting for an animal to drop dead from the heat and in the forest he smells something large dead and flies towards it, discovering a fallen Mamenchisaurus that is already covered in scavengers. He still swoops down on it and begins to eat. All of our land combatants are now drinking at the watering hole, but little do they know the water is infected by a poisonous plankton that causes temporary extreme violence. After nearly thirty minutes of drinking the mood changes. The dinosaurs know something is wrong but what sets their brawl off is when suddenly a Therizinosaurus let out a loud bellow and stabbed the Spinophorosaurus in the, causing all hell to break loose. The Hatzegopteryx from earlier flies over as the Purussaurus on the shore slides into the river to wait for carcasses. Curious as to why so many dinosaurs are fighting the Hatzegopteryx flies down and makes the worst mistake of his life because as soon as he gets low enough the Horror Mouth uses the brawling Therizinosaurus and Spinophorosaurus as a springboard and leaps into the air, catching the giant pterosaur by the throat. It flaps its huge wings as it bleeds out and the gusts of wind knock over a Smilodon. The Horror Mouth seals the Hatzegopteryx's fate with a final twist, breaking the "Sky God"'s neck. HATZEGOPTERYX ELIMINTED BY HORROR MOUTH As soon as he's sure it's dead the Horror Mouth turns and bites down on the neck of the Amargasaurus, puncturing its jugular vein and causing it to choke on its own blood while he wrestles it to the ground with his powerful arms. AMARGASAURUS ELIMINATED BY HORROR MOUTH Meanwhile, the largest predator in the battle, Das Monster von Minden, backs away and calculates his attacks. He takes an opportunity when he sees it and when the speedy Deinocheirus runs towards him while fleeing he grabs it by its head with his jaws and it kicks him once in the chest before dying of a broken neck from the noose effect its speed created. DEINOCHEIRUS ELIMINATED BY DAS MONSTER VON MINDEN A Gigantoraptor weaves through the brawl and nimbly dashes around, eventually settling on a target: a Daeodon. He sprints at it, dodges a jumping Smilodon and then kicks the entelodont with his sharp claws and crushes its skull with his powerful beak before dragging it to the forest and eating it... 1 DAEODON ELIMINATED BY GIGANTORAPTOR, 3/4 REMAINING ...but before he can finish its pack arrives and attacks the Gigantoraptor, one biting each of its legs and causing him to trip when he kicked out and the last member chewing through his neck while the others held him down and the giant pigs eat his body. GIGANTORAPTOR ELIMINATED BY DAEODON On the battle field an Edmontosaurus smacks a Smilodon away with his tail and then circles with a Fasolasuchus and he stands with its arms out, challenging the terrestrial crocodile king to a grappling match. Accepting, the triassic super predator stands up and locks arms with the larger herbivore. Still, he holds his own with it and pushes back. The hadrosaur's thumb spikes wound the Fasolasauchus but his thick hide softens the blows and just before he goes down the Fasolasuchus bites the Edmontosaurus' huge dewlap and tears it off before biting his throat and gaining the grappling advantage when the two hit the ground and though the Fasolasuchus is on top and the Edmontosaurus has a severely wounded neck, the giant ornithopod still stabs the crocodile and wrestles with him until the Edmontosaurus finally bleeds out after they rolled into the forest . EDMONTOSAURUS ELIMINATED BY FASOLASUCHUS The Spinophorosaurus stands near the river mouth's edge and when a crocodile jumps out after him the Monster von Minden dashes out from his jungle cover and nimbly slides under the startled sauropod and tears off a huge strip of flesh and rams the rearing sauropod before gulping down the piece he tore off. He then tears out some of the intestines he exposed and steps on the tail before finishing his disembowelment of the 50 foot sauropod that he is killing. A Supersaurus tail suddenly cracks right above the Monster of Minden's head, causing him to instinctively jump back, freeing the Spinophorosaurus' tail. The Spinophorosaurus whips the thigh of the Monster before he can step of it again and he works on its already exposed ribs (courtesy of Therizinosaurus) before finally getting to its vital organs and tearing them out. SPINOPHOROSAURUS ELIMINATED BY DAS MONSTER VON MINDEN As he retreats a Kaprosuchus scurries past the Monster and it was quickly stomped on and crushed before the BoarCroc could harm him later with its whole trio together 1 KAPROSUCHUS ELIMINATED BY DAS MONSTER VON MINDEN, 2/3 REMAINING The Monster of Minden retreats as the Supersaurus whips his tail around but the sauropod's legs are attacked by a small animal. He cranes his head down and sees the three terror birds tearing at his legs and thinks nothing of it until one of their powerful beaks chops through a tendon and starts crushing bone. Suddenly one of the Smilodon jumps on his neck and stabs his vertebrae as his leg breaks. He starts to fall towards the trees and the Titanoboa in one snatches the Smilodon off his neck while he falls and impales himself with broken trees. SUPERSAURUS ELIMINATED BY SMILODON AND KELENKEN The Titanoboa falls from the tree with the sabertooth stabbing him and he lands on the body of the sauropod before smashing every bone in the cat's body with his own at a force of 400 lbs psi, suffering only slash and bite wounds in the process. 1 SMILODON ELIMINATED BY TITANOBOA, 3/4 REMAINING One of his pack members comes to his aid but they are tackled by an Inostrancevia and it smashes one of the cat's giant canines with its paws and the Smilodon uses its other to puncture the snout of his attacker and rolls on top of him, using her powerful arms to wrestle down the gorgonopsid and her razor sharp claws to tear him open but before it can get in a fatal swipe the Inostrancevia dislodges her tooth and kicks her back before pouncing on her and crushing her mouth with his own and then the Inostrancevia bites her neck, holding her until she suffocates. 1 SMILODON ELIMINATED BY INOSTRANCEVIA, 2/4 REMAINING Her mate turns to see the horrific scene and abandons his attack on the Iguanodon to avenge her. He tackles the Inostrancevia and he smashes its skull with strikes from his powerful arms before disembowling it with his back feet and delivering the death blow with his giant sabers puncturing the reptile's brain. 1 INOSTRANCEVIA ELIMINATED BY SMILODON, 3/4 REMAINING A pack member charges at the angry Smilodon as well but it's picked up by the head by one Kelenken and another tears her back legs off. 1 INOSTRANCEVIA ELIMINATED BY KELENKEN, 2/4 REMAINING A Kaprosuchus runs at the Smilodon but an Oxalaia picks it up with its hands and attempts to eat the Kaprosuchus head first, giving the Smilodon time to find the other pack member and escape to a tree but one Inostrancevia tackles the Smilodon and the other Smilodon tries to get back to its pack brother, but now many dinosaurs are blocking the way as the Kaprosuchus is finally eaten. 1 KAPROSUCHUS ELIMINATED BY OXALAIA The last Kaprosuchus runs around attacking everything in a blind rage and it finally attacks a Kelenken with high velocity and it snaps its neck with one powerful bite. 1 KELENKEN ELIMINATED BY KAPROSUCHUS, 2/3 REMAINING An Iguanodon runs by and the BoarCroc gallops under it and tears it open. It quickly crashes to the ground and the Kaprosuchus gets on top of it and chews its arm off and keeps tearing chunks off and eating them to regain energy because it knows the terror bird will be after it soon. Wasting little time it eliminates the Iguanodon and turns around... IGUANODON ELIMINATED BY KAPROSUCHUS ... Right into the jaws of the two surviving terror birds that decapitate it... KAPROSUCHUS ELIMINATED BY KELENKEN, 0/3 REMAINING ... And themselves turn into a pack of three Andrewsarchus. The giant wolf-like creatures kill one terror bird... 1 KELENKEN ELIMINATED BY ANDREWSARCHUS, 1/3 REMAINING ... Before two of their own pack members are killed by Zhuchengtyrannus via jaws and its foot and when the other runs away a Sarcosuchus jumps out of the water and drags it to the bottom of the river. 3 ANDREWSARCHUS ELIMINATED BY ZHUCHENGTYRANNUS AND SARCOSUCHUS, 0/3 REMAINING A Daeodon finally comes out of the forest after eating the Gigantoraptor and forgets about the crocodile infested river until a Deinosuchus bursts from the water and drags it to a watery grave. 1 DAEODON ELIMINATED BY DEINOSUCHUS, 2/4 REMAINING Zhuchengtyrannus eats another entelodont with ease. 1 DAEODON ELIMINATED BY ZHUCHENGTYRANNUS, 1/4 REMAINING Zhuchengtyrannus attempts to attack the Agustinia but its turns before he can ambush it and rams him with its shoulder. The sauropod turns and waits for the Zhuchengtyrannus to get up and every time he tries the sauropod keeps whipping him down. His side and hips are covered in large bleeding welts and he tries once more to stand, expecting to feel the crack of the sauropod's spiky tail against his skin but he doesn't he is surprised to see the sauropod is being distracted by Das Monster von Minden. The allosaur makes the sauropod rear up and tears a chunk out of its belly while the tyrannosaur prepares for the last blow when it comes back down, crouching in anticipation. As soon as its forefeet touch the ground the Zhuchengtyrannus charges forwards and clamps his jaws shut on the Agustinia's neck, effectively killing it. The Zhuchengtyrannus and Das Monster von Minden share a tense stare that ends with both lowering their heads in respect. And so the Deadly Alliance was born... AGUSTINIA ELIMINATED BY ZHUCHENGTYRANNUS & DAS MONSTER VON MINDEN The new allied turn to see the Columbian Mammoth and Therizinosaurus fighting and they walk over just as the mammoth impales the Therizinosaurus with its huge tusks and the two carnivores each grab an end of the Therizinosaurus and pull, finishing it. THERIZINOSAURUS ELIMINATED BY COLUMBIAN MAMMOTH, ZHUCHENGTYRANNUS & DAS MONSTER VON MINDEN Just as the two were forming an alliance the two Utahraptor were taking on a Brontomerus. One clung to its back while the other jumped around in front of it, providing a distraction until the sauropod shook off the male and kicked his face, killing him instantly... 1 UTAHRAPTOR ELIMINATED BY BRONTOMERUS, 1/2 REMAINING ... Driving his sister into a blind rage. She jumped on the back of the Brontomerus and kicked furiously, knowing she had no chance of coming out alive alone but perhaps she could bring the sauropod down with her. She clawed her way up the back and bit its neck and she was surprised by the Suchomimus holding the neck out for her to attack. She did so with the help of the Suchomimus' huge claws and powerful arms and eventually the Brontomerus was no more. The two formed an odd alliance out of respect despite still being under the influence of the toxic zooplankton. BRONTOMERUS ELIMINATED BY UTAHRAPTOR AND SUCHOMIMUS As soon as the fight ended another did as well when both the Smilodon and Inostrancevia that were brawling earlier finished their duel in mutual death, with Inostrancevia dying of blood loss while the Smilodon died of suffocation at the same time. 1 SMILODON AND 1 INOSTRANCEVIA MUTUALLY ELIMINATED, 1/4 SMILODON AND 1/4 INOSTRANCEVIA SURVIVING The Titanoboa starts crawling after the carcasses of the two, having finally swallowed the Smilodon it attacked earlier. Before it can eat the Deadly Alliance pick an end up each and tear it in half, tearing it in half and swallowing the pieces. TITANOBOA ELIMINATED BY ZHUCHENGTYRANNUS & DAS MONSTER VON MINDEN The last Smilodon leaps on the Kelenken from a rock and punctures its windpipe with one swift bite but the final Inostrancevia tackles the Smilodon off of it, not to save its life, but for the purpose of conflict. 1 KELENKEN ELIMINATED BY SMILODON, 0/3 REMAINING The Inostrancevia tries for a powerful swipe at the Smilodon's face but the feline ducks and grabs the gorgonopsid with its powerful arms and wrestles with it until it manages to get on top then smacks many of the gorgonopsid's teeth out before getting smacked itself and getting a cracked skull, to which it responded by stabbing its teeth into the throat of the Inostrancevia and tucking its head in to avoid any skull injuries while killing the reptile. After a couple minutes the reptile stopped struggling and the cat had won. 1 INOSTRANCEVIA ELIMINATED BY SMILODON, 0/4 REMAINING The Sabertooth tiger stood from the body and came face to face with an angry boar Daeodon. The pig snorted in the Smilodon's face and the brawl was on. The Sabertooth ran around the pig and confused it before jumping on it and puncturing its back before the pig shook the cat off and kicked it in the face, leaving the cat stunned and with a broken jaw. The pig turned and bit the Smilodon's arm but the move cost it an eye and some teeth when the Sabertooth smashed its amazingly powerful arm into the side of the pig's head. The Daeodon got off the Smilodon and the feline immediately took advantage with a bite to the neck. The pig rolled over and killed the cat but the teeth got lodged under its spine in the process and while it was attempting to lose the Sabertooth the Daeodon failed to notice the stealthy Utahraptor that crept up on the entelodont and kicked the pig in the side, causing the Smilodon teeth to break its spine. 1 DAEODON ELIMINATED BY UTAHRAPTOR, 0/4 REMAINING Meanwhile, the Columbian Mammoth tries to defend itself from Zhuchengtyrannus and Das Monster von Minden. The Zhuchengtyrannus bites off one tusk but suffers the consequences when the other punctures his leg and breaks his tibia before breaking off under his weight. The Monster tears off chunk after chunk of woolly meat and after about a half hour the mammoth begins to wear and the Zhuchengtyrannus crushes its skull when the mammoth drops to its knees. COLUMBIAN MAMMOTH ELIMINATED BY ZHUCHENGTYRANNUS AND DAS MONSTER VON MINDEN The Utah Nodosaur has been holding his own against the Horror Mouth who now faces his nearly identical cousin: Suchomimus. The two circle and the Suchomimus charges first, pushing his cousin and slashing him with his claws until Horror Mouth breaks his arm and bites his snout. The Suchomimus backs up and charges from a quadrupedal stance, moving fast and the Horror Mouth now does so as well and the two are now wrestling on the ground. Eventually the Horror Mouth bites the neck of Suchomimus and yanks his body towards him while twisting the head away, killing him just as the Utahraptor was coming to his aid. The spinosaur catches the dromaeosaur in midair with his huge hand and slaps her to the ground, stepping on her and taking her leg as a farewell. SUCHOMIMUS ELIMINATED BY HORROR MOUTH The Utahraptor lies barely alive on the ground as the Fasolasuchus emerges from its jungle hiding place and eats her. UTAHRAPTOR ELIMINATED BY FASOLASUCHUS After the death of the Utahraptor some of the remaining carnivores focus on the sauropods. As the sunset begins Yangchuanosaurus jumps on the back of a Paralititan and the Monster of Minden tears a huge gash in its belly while running under it and the Zhuchengtyrannus bites pieces of its ribs off. Remembering what happened to Supersaurus earlier the Paralititan "smartly" avoids the theropods by walking into the river.... Where his intestines are torn out by crocs. PARALITITAN ELIMINATED BY SARCOSUCHUS, DEINOSUCHUS & PURUSSAURUS The Yangchuanosaurus jumps off when the giant falls and narrowly avoids being eaten by a Deinosuchus when he makes it to shore but he is kicked back into the treacherous water by the Indricotherium he wounded earlier in the name of vengeance. YANGCHUANOSAURUS ELIMINATED BY DEINOSUCHUS & PARACERATHERIUM The crocodiles begin to fight. A Purussaurus wants the piece of meat the Deinosuchus has so he swims over and crushes the alligator's skull with his immense bite and takes it. DEINOSUCHUS ELIMINTED BY PURUSSAURUS A Sarcosuchus looks to have the same plan and bites the Purusaurus' tail and begins to drag him out to sea but the Purussaurus circles around and smashes the Sarcosuchus' ribs with his jaws, causing a heavy leakage of blood that will draw other crocodilians to the immobilized King of Crocs while the Purussaurus suns himself. SARCOSUCHUS ELIMINATED BY PURUSSAURUS Back on shore the Horror Mouth now faces a Dacentrurus. It has already stabbed him in the thigh and face and an Oxalaia is trying to figure it out as well. They keep trying for the head but the stegosaur keeps pivoting and avoiding their jaws. Eventually Oxalaia bites its plates to keep it in place while the Horror Mouth crushes its head. DACENTRURUS ELIMINATED BY HORROR MOUTH & OXALAIA The two titanic spinosaurs now plan to focus on the Nodosaur, but as soon as they turn around they face the Deadly Alliance of Zhuchengtyrannus & Das Monster. The Oxalaia runs and is chased by the Monster while the Horror Mouth and Zhuchengtyrannus clash. The Horror Mouth attempts to bite the throat of the Zhuchengtyrannus but he ducks and rams the spinosaur with his head. The horror mouth slashes the tyrannosaur's face with its huge claws, blinding him. It also rakes a gruesome gash along Zhuchengtyrannus' upper neck and finally gets a bite in on its shoulder after minutes of trying. The Zhuchengtyrannus backs up and charges again and the Horror Mouth bites his neck and starts to twist but the Zhuchengtyrannus overpowers him and crushes his neck with a powerful bite. Just as the Horror Mouth falls dead to the ground the Monster emerges from the forest with the body of Oxalaia and huge gashes and bites all over his body as well. OXALAIA AND HORROR MOUTH ELIMINATED BY ZHUCHENGTYRANNUS & DAS MONSTER VON MINDEN The Monster flips over the Nodosaur when the Zhuchengtyrannus distracts it and the two eat its soft underbelly. GIANT NODOSAUR ELIMINATED BY ZHUCHENGTYRANNUS & DAS MONSTER VON MINDEN The duo maul the Purussaurus on the shore and the other crocodiles swim over and eat it. PURUSSAURUS ELIMINATED BY ZHUCHENGTYRANNUS & DAS MONSTER VON MINDEN Now the two focusing the only animal in sight: Sauroposeidon. Das Monster runs under it and tears it open as usual and Zhuchengtyrannus works the wound as well but their plan comes to an abrupt halt when Das Monster von Minden is stomped on, his head and upper body smashed. DAS MONSTER VON MINDEN ELIMINATED BY SAUROPOSEIDON The Zhuchengtyrannus starts to try to run away from the angry charging sauropod and devises a plan on the run. The bloody and limping theropod teases the giant and lures it up a crumbling cliff where he gets back to stable land just in time to watch the sauropod fall into the sea below. He leans over the edge an roars in victory. As he turns around a Fasolasauchus pops out of nowhere and rams him down then tears out the tyrannosaur's lower jaw while also standing on his ribs and breaking them, causing collapsed lugs. The tyrannosaur's vision starts to fade out but before he passes out he notices that the weight has gone and his vision makes out an Indricotherium stomping on a crocodile about 30 feet away and the next time he wakes up there's a giant shape standing over him, blocking out the morning sun while dozens of helicopters and jeeps drive in the distance as the rain quits falling. WINNERS AND FUTURE SEASON 3 COMPETITORS: INDRICOTHERIUM & ZHUCHENGTYRANNUS Tune into tomorrow's DinoFight to see the continuation of season 2! P.S. Sorry if it lacks great quality, I had to cram all of this into one night and I'm pretty exhausted so sorry about any errors, major or minor. Leave any questions or comments you have for me and I'll respond when I wake up... * yawn*
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11 Responses to DinoBrawl Part 2: Fight

Rex Fan 684

NoobMember0 XPJul-24-2013 10:09 AMFANTASTIC!! I loved it. I was rooting for Z-Tyrannus the whole way. That alliance was awesome. Really, really good.
"Men like me don't start the wars. We just die in them. We've always died in them, and we always will. We don't expect any praise for it, no parades. No one knows our names." ―Alpha-98


NoobMember0 XPJul-24-2013 10:50 AMFinally! Its here and its better then i thought it will be!


NoobMember0 XPJul-24-2013 11:12 AMAmazing, truly amazing.


Lord Vader

LegendMember6270 XPJul-24-2013 12:01 PMThis was so cool, too bad it didn't work out for Das Monster, but cool alliance. I was hoping for Das and/or Z-Tyrannus.

Jack of all trades. Master of none


NoobMember0 XPJul-24-2013 9:14 PMAmazing! I was hoping for Das Monster or Horror Mouth
Future Team Raptor member


NoobMember0 XPJul-24-2013 9:36 PMI was hoping that Oxalaia and Horror Mouth would either win or go farther, but at least they made it far.


NoobMember0 XPJul-25-2013 1:59 AMWooh! Go Indricotherium! Nice job Dinofights! Now I wanna write one of these...
Pity is for the living. Envy is for the dead. -Mark Twain

No longer active

NoobMember0 XPJul-25-2013 2:53 AMAs your biggest fan I have to say this is one of your greatest fights! I wonder if Indricotherium will beat Zhuchengtyrannus... It has size strength speed and stability but Zhuchengtyrannus has bite and agility. If it's an ambush situation Zhuchengtyrannus wins but if it is face to face I'll say Indricotherium.

UCMP 118742

NoobMember0 XPFeb-12-2014 8:09 AM

This isn't a mere fight, this is art.

Keep in mind that many people have died for their beliefs; it's actually quite common. The real courage is in living and suffering for what you believe in. -Brom-


NoobMember0 XPFeb-12-2014 8:16 AM

i did one exactly like this!! that's weird, i've never seen this before, certainly puts mine to shame.

Nature doesn't deceive us; it is we who deceive ourselves.


NoobMember67 XPDec-05-2014 9:01 AM
This was good and epic but I think u kind of eliminated some Dinos too quickly...
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