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Nov-04-2012 7:11 AM

[center][b]WAREHOUSE 13[/b] Season 4 [img][/img] [i]Mystery Loves Company[/i][/center] [b]Main Cast[/b] [i]Eddie McClintock[/i] as [b]Pete Lattimer[/b] [i]Joanne Kelly[/i] as [b]Myka Bering[/b] [i]Saul Rubinek[/i] as [b]Artie Nielsen[/b] [i]Allison Scagliotti[/i] as [b]Claudia Donovan[/b] [i]Genelle Williams[/i] as [b]Leena[/b] [i]Aaron Ashmore[/i] as [b]Steve Jinks[/b] [b]Recurring Cast[/b] [i]Brent Spiner[/i] as [b]Brother Adrian[/b] [i]CCH Pounder[/i] as [b]Mrs. Irene Frederic[/b] [i]Polly Walker[/i] as [b]Charlotte Dupres[/b] [i]Jamie Murray[/i] as [b]H. G. Wells[/b] [i]Kate Mulgrew[/i] as [b]Jane Lattimer[/b] [i]Faran Tahir[/i] as [b]Adwin Kosan[/b] [i]Anthony Michael Hall[/i] as [b]Walter Sykes[/b] [i]Rene Auberjonois[/i] as [b]Hugo Miller[/b] [i]Linsay Wagner[/i] as [b]Dr. Vanessa Calder[/b] [b]Guest Stars[/b] [i]Jeri Ryan[/i] as [b]Amanda Martin[/b] [i]Brian J. Smith[/i] as [b]Jesse[/b] [i]Amy Acker[/i] as [b]Tracy Bering[/b] [i]Sam Huntington[/i] as [b]Ethan[/b] [i]Laura Innes[/i] as [b]Emma Jinks[/b] [i]Dee Wallace[/i] as [b]Mrs. Garner[/b] [i]Timothy Omundson[/i] as [b]Coach[/b] [i]Kirsten Nelson[/i] as [b]Judy Giltoy[/b] [i]Mike Dopud[/i] as [b]Mike Madden[/b] [i]Pooch Hall[/i] as [b]Cody Bell[/b] The second half of the fourth season of [b]Warehouse 13[/b] will return to our TV screens in April 2013, the full series composed of 20 new episodes, bringing the total number of episodes to 58. [b]Warehouse 13[/b] is aired on Syfy, both in the US and in the UK. Season 4 continues the story of US Secret Service agents [b]Myka Bering[/b] and [b]Pete Lattimer[/b], who have been assigned to the governments secret [b]Warehouse 13[/b], which is used for the storage of supernatural artifacts, and their assignments to retrieve new and missing artifacts. [b]Warehouse 13[/b], executive produced by [i]Jack Kenny[/i] and [i]David Simkins[/i] became an instant sci fi fan favorite when first aired in 2009, described as "part The [i]X-Files[/i], part [i]Raiders of the Lost Ark[/i] and part [i]Moonlighting[/i].". Feel free to discuss anything and everything [b]Warehouse 13[/b] related in this thread - your favorite episode(s), character(s), anything...

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