Final News on Brazilian Fossils

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NoobMember0 XPJun-23-2013 3:29 PMAfterter excavating the fossils, my sister's team sent the bones to be researched, and, unfortunately, they're not really that of a giant pachycephalosaur. The large bones belong to a carcharodontosaur about 50 feet long (give or take a few feet), presumably Giganotosaurus. It is locked in combat with an Ekrixinatosaurus that the skull dome belongs to, which is about 35 feet long, maybe more. Although it appears the Ekrixinatosaurus lost due to the shattered skull and the bones lodged in the throat of the Giga, which it likely choked to death on, it certainly held its own judging by the puncture wounds on the bones of the Giga. The bones have been sold to a fossil enthusiast for $12,000.
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LegendMember6270 XPJun-23-2013 4:05 PMToo bad it isn't a new dinosaur. The fossil was sold for $12 000? How much of the fossil? Is that really what a Giga fossil would go for? I am assuming this is part of the skeleton (less than 1/8 of it).

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NoobMember0 XPJun-23-2013 4:50 PMNot very much. There was a femur, broken tibia, teeth, a few vertebrae, a couple broken ribs and some fragments. For Ekrixinatosaurus there was a jaw piece, teeth, top of skull and a vertebrae.
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NoobMember0 XPJun-23-2013 4:53 PMCool. I wonder if it is a new theropod....
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NoobMember0 XPJun-23-2013 4:56 PMIt could be.


NoobMember0 XPJun-23-2013 4:59 PMNot enough fossil material to tell.
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NoobMember0 XPJun-23-2013 8:00 PMIt may not be a new species, but that's still awesome! That is one large Giga. And she found hard evidence of predator interaction. Really cool if you ask me.
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NoobMember0 XPJun-24-2013 6:22 PMThat is slightly dissapointing... pretty cool battle scene though
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