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Raptorex vs Ticinosuchus & Sinornithosaurus vs Deinonychus

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May-25-2013 11:29 AM

This is also a special edition of DinoFights, in celebration of the quarter finals. We will have 2 fights in 1 post Raptorex [img][/img] Height: 4 feet Length: 10 feet Weight: 150 lbs Weapons: Speed, bite Speed: 35 mph Diet: Smaller animals, small to medium sized herbivores. Defeated: Coelophysis Description: Raptorex isn't a widely accepted species, but it is in the world of Jurassic Park. The strange little lizard was smart, vicious, predatory and may have hunted in packs. Ticinosuchus [img][/img] Height: 4 feet Length: 10 feet Weight: 600 lbs Weapons: Speed, bite Speed: 25 mph Diet: Smaller animals, early dinosaurs Description: An early land crocodile, this reptile was the size of a very large dog, but had the speed of a fierce predator. It's speed made it capable of chasing prey. FIGHT! Near a pond on Isla Nublar, a Ticinosuchus pushes around a half eaten Estemmenosuchus carcass. He has eaten his fill, and the corpse has since gotten rancid. He pushes the body into the stream, where it drifts down. He crawls back down to his lair, following the bloody trail the Estemmenosuchus left. When he gets back, two Raptorex are eating the rotting scraps left behind. He growls at them, but the larger of the two Raptorex turns and growls back. He does a mock charge and they jump back. The smaller Raptorex takes a few steps forwards and the large one does the same thing. They split up and go around to each side of the Ticinosuchus. He waits for them to charge, growling. Suddenly they charge, but he dashes forward to avoid them. They collide into each other, and he whips back around grabs the large one by the foot, and starts dragging him towards the pond. He kicks at the crocodile, but it refuses to let go. The Ticinosuchus pulls him into water up to his neck and he struggles against it. The smaller Raptorex gets up now, shaking his head. He hears the other's call for distress, and he rushes for the water. He realizes they're too deep for him to go, but he makes a distraction by letting out a high pitched squeal. It works, as it allows the larger Raptorex to break free after the Ticinosuchus turns his head. The Raptorex runs back to shore, and the Ticinosuchus chases. The small Raptorex bites the Ticinosuchus in the neck, pushing his head into the ground, but his armor is too thick to do anything. The other Raptorex rams into his side, twisting his body and snapping his neck. He dies immediately, and while it takes them some time to break his skin, the Raptorex finally do and enjoy their meal. WINNER: RAPTOREX The Raptorex won for a number of reasons. Brains, numbers, speed, awesome name, etc. I hate to see the Ticinosuchus go, but I really don't think there's any way that he could have won with all of the more highly evolved dinosaurs in here. Fight 2 Sinornithosaurus [img][/img] Height: 1 foot Length: 3 feet Weight: 15 lbs Weapons: Venomous bite Speed: 25 mph Diet: Smaller animals Defeated: Buitreraptor Description: Sinornithosaurus is more deadly than it looks. It may just look like a little raptor with giant teeth, but there's something special about it. Those teeth inject its prey with a potent toxin that paralyzes the unfortunate victim, causing death. Deinonychus [img][/img] Height: 6 feet Length: 20 feet Weight: 750 lbs Weapons: Sickle shaped claws, speed, bite, intelligence. Speed: 45 mph Diet: Medium sized herbivores Defeated: Achillobator Description: Although not really this smart, it was closer in size than Velociraptor was, so it will be taking the place of the huge Velociraptors you saw in Jurassic Park. However, it was just as deadly as described. It stabbed its prey with its toe claws and waited for them to bleed to death before eating them. Brutal. FIGHT! Three Deinonychus walk through the woods, not really in pursuit of any prey. The pack consists of one male with black stripes on his back, the alpha female, and the female that has a scar on her snout from a fight with a young Therizinosaurus. As they walk, they wander into a nesting site. Hungry, the scarred one picks up two small hatchlings and eats them, just as their parents come back. The Sinornithosaurus see the Deinonychus and call to the other ones. They attack the scarred Deinonychus in a pack of six, sinking their fangs into her. The other Deinonychus turn around, and seeing that their comrade it being attacked, try to help by taking the much smaller Sinornithosaurus out quickly, killing them by biting them and shaking them to break their spine. They easily kill all six, but six more come out and three jump on the striped one and the alpha. They bite the Deinonychus, but are easily disposed of. The striped Deinonychus took them off the back of the alpha and she did the same. The rest of the Sinornithosaurus, knowing they will die if attacked, stay back to ensure their young see adulthood and continue the species. The scarred Deinonychus gets up, following the others a ways into the forest, but she collapses, the poison from her many bites now taking effect. As she lays on the ground, stiffening and dying, her pack stay by her side and let out mourning calls through the night. The others, although a little woozy from the venom, will survive. WINNER: DEINONUCHUS, 2/3 REMAINING Obviously Deinonychus wins. There's no way Sinornithosaurus would win. Although they did take out 1 Deinonychus, it took 12 of them to do it. Questions? Comments? Think this deserves a revision? Let me know.

Announcement Coming Soon Prepare yourselves, DinoFans!
13 Responses to Raptorex vs Ticinosuchus & Sinornithosaurus vs Deinonychus


May-25-2013 11:39 AM

HERE HERE... good job :D

Life cannot be contained, it breaks walls, crashes through barriers sometimes painfully, but uh... Life uh, finds a way


May-25-2013 11:39 AM

So how many more fights are there before the next season? I think it'll be even better than this one.


May-25-2013 12:34 PM

Just 3 or 4 more. Can't wait for the next season, so I won't have to put up with those pesky pack fights ;)

Announcement Coming Soon Prepare yourselves, DinoFans!


May-25-2013 12:47 PM

So hyped for season 2... It's entertaining to watch honey badgers (small dinosaurs) fight but the real action comes when the bears and tigers (big and giant dinosaurs) battle it out... What can you tell us about season 2 so far?

Future Team Raptor member


May-25-2013 12:49 PM

I would also like to know something about season 2... Anything?


May-25-2013 12:53 PM

I can give you a few dinosaurs that are confirmed and a little info... Confirmed Dinosaurs: Carnotaurus, Suchomimus, Yutyrannus, Tuojiangosaurus, and Cryolophosaurus. Season 2, being that it will mostly be 1 on 1 battles, will alow for more backstory and more intense action.

Announcement Coming Soon Prepare yourselves, DinoFans!


May-25-2013 12:55 PM

Man... I didn't think it was possible to be more exited, but you've proven me wrong!

Future Team Raptor member


May-25-2013 1:03 PM

A season 3 is also confirmed.

Announcement Coming Soon Prepare yourselves, DinoFans!


May-25-2013 1:05 PM

Hallelujah!!! Praise jeebus!!! My prayers have been answered!!!

Number one supporter of Team Raptor


May-25-2013 1:07 PM

:0 hold up man I don't think I can handle anymore news!!!


May-25-2013 1:09 PM

I'm glad my loyal readers are so thrilled at the mention of this!

Announcement Coming Soon Prepare yourselves, DinoFans!

No longer active

May-25-2013 6:59 PM

Awesome. When's the next fight? Soon?


May-25-2013 7:03 PM

Should be. If I can't finish it in the next 2 hours then it'll be tomorrow morning.

Announcement Coming Soon Prepare yourselves, DinoFans!
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