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Dilophosaurus vs Guanlong & Velociraptor vs Troodon

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May-24-2013 3:26 PM

This is a special edition of DinoFights, in celebration of the quarter finals. We will have 2 fights in 1 post Dilophosausus [url=]Your text to link here...[/url] Height: 6 feet Length: 20 feet Weight: 1,500 lbs Weapons: Spits venom, intimidating frill, claws Speed: 25 mph Diet: Primarily a scavenger, eats smaller dinosaurs Defeated: Herrerasaurus Description: A wily scavenging dinosaur, this strange little dinosaur used its speed combined with spittable venom to subdue small prey. It had long teeth with small roots, suggesting a diet of deceased dinosaurs. It's strange almost crocodilian skull would have a small bite force, not built for killing. Guanlong [img][/img] Height: 4 feet Length: 10 feet Weight: 75 lbs Weapons: Bite, speed Speed: 35 mph Diet: Smaller animals, medium sized herbivores Defeated: Ornitholestes Description: The crested Guanlong was one of the first tyrannosaurids, which is often touted as the deadliest dinosaur family, famous for T-Rex. Although not as large as its cousin, it was every bit as deadly to its prey. Fight! A pack of 4 Dilophosaurus stalk through the forests of Isla Nublar at noon on a hot day. They look for whatever ate their alpha female's young, following the scent of the robber. The trail leads them to a Guanlong pack of 6, still feeding on a very young Dilophosaurus. A battle immediately ensues, with the Dilophosaurus blinding three of the six Guanlong. The others dodge and attack the Dilophosaurus, jumping on the backs of them. The Dilophosaurus that wasn't attacked spits venom at the Guanlong, but misses and blinds one of the others. It falls over, causing a chain reaction that knocks over the rest of the pack. The fall kills one of the Guanlong, while the others manage to jump off. The blinded Guanlong follow their leader's orders an attack, but can't get in a good bite in the right location. The Dilophosaurus easily remove and kill the blinded Guanlong, while the two remaining attack the blinded Dilo, fatally biting his neck in a team effort. They are killed by the rest of the Dilophosaurus quickly, now content at having avenged the death of their young, walking away with minimal injuries. WINNER: DILOPHOSAURUS, 3/4 REMAINING Guanlong really stood no chance. Smaller, less weapons and less of a drive to kill in this scenario cost them the fight. Fight 2 Troodon [img][/img] Height: 5 feet Length: 7 feet Weight: 115 lbs Weapons: Supreme intelligence, sickle shaped claws, speed, serrated teeth Speed: 45 mph Diet: Small to medium sized herbivores, small mammals and lizards Defeated: Scipionyx Description: Perhaps the smartest dinosaur of all time, Troodon was smarter than any other animals of the Cretacious period. To accompany its large brain, Troodon had a killer sense of smell, sharp serrated teeth, speed, claws like those of other dromaeosaurs (raptors) and huge eyes for seeing in darkness. These eyes faced forwards, giving it an amazing depth perception. Had it not gone extinct because of a meteor, it likely would have evolved to be smarter than humans, which evolved from the mammals that lived alongside the dinosaurs. Troodon ate them. Velociraptor [img][/img] Height: 2.5 feet Length: 6 feet Weight: 35 lbs Weapons: Bite, intelligence, sickle shaped claws, speed, pack hunting Speed: 45 mph Diet: Small to medium sized herbivores Defeated: Pachycephalosaurus Description: About the size of a turkey, the Velociraptor wasn't very scary looking at first glance. However, when you see a pack of them running at you full speed, ready to kill you with their claws, you may change your mind. Although not as large as Deinonychus, Utahraptor, Austroraptor or Achillobator, it was every bit as vicious and deadly. Fight! On Isla Sorna, a pack of 4 Troodon catch small lizards in the forest at dusk. They look for something bigger, eventually settling on a wounded Protoceratops that comes hobbling out of the bushes, clearly out of breath. Two of them attack it, further opening the wound and focusing on it. The alpha male and female wait behind a tree, seeing what was perusing it. As the others signal to them that the Protoceratops is dead a pack of 4 velociraptors walk out of bushes, having tracked down the animal they wounded earlier on. Their noses are red with blood from eating its mate. They hiss at the Troodon, fanning around the two, preparing to attack. The Troodon spring from behind the tree, attacking the raptors and saving their pack. The Troodon pounce on the raptors, pinning them down with their higher weight and stabbing them with their claws. The Velociraptor fight back, one managing to kill the Troodon with a deep slice down the belly, exposing and tearing through its entrails. By then the other Velociraptors are all dead but one, which is almost dead, and will likely die of infection in its wounds. The remaining one gets up and runs with the Troodon in pursuit. It has a chance of evading them, since their small stab wounds may hinder them. WINNER: TROODON, 3/4 REMAINING The Troodon was the original case of one thing being everything something else was and more. The Troodon had the speed and claws of the Velociraptor, plus intelligence and better sight. The Velociraptor stood almost zero chance. Questions? Comments? Think this deserves a revision? Let me know,

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10 Responses to Dilophosaurus vs Guanlong & Velociraptor vs Troodon


May-24-2013 3:28 PM

I'm sorry if my posts seem less exiting lately, but I've been tired. Also, I've been distracted by the awesomeness of the next season of DinoFights!

Announcement Coming Soon Prepare yourselves, DinoFans!


May-24-2013 3:33 PM

Don't worry... Your fights are still awesome. I think we're too exited by the next season to focus anyway!


May-24-2013 3:35 PM


Number one supporter of Team Raptor


May-24-2013 3:38 PM

Calm down Joe lol :P Well looks like it'll be Troodon vs Raptorex after all...

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May-24-2013 3:40 PM

I change my mind I support Deinonychus.


May-24-2013 3:42 PM

Crap... I forgot about Deinonychus... Hopefully Troodon beats Deinonychus... Right DinoFights?!


May-24-2013 3:43 PM


Announcement Coming Soon Prepare yourselves, DinoFans!


May-24-2013 3:45 PM


Number one supporter of Team Raptor

Rex Fan 684

May-24-2013 5:01 PM

I feel like Deinonychus would win against Troodon. It was larger and just as smart as Velociraptor. If the Velociraptors were bigger, they probably would have won. Besides, Deinonychus hunts in packs of 6 or more, based on fossil evidence. Troodon seems to have been in packs of 4+. Deinonychus would have outnumbered Troodon and outweighed em. Just my opinion on how that fight would have gone.

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May-24-2013 6:05 PM

Deinonychus fight coming tomorrow

Announcement Coming Soon Prepare yourselves, DinoFans!
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