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Guanlong vs Ornitholestes

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May-23-2013 5:52 PM

Guanlong [img][/img] Height: 4 feet Length: 10 feet Weight: 75 lbs Weapons: Bite, speed Speed: 35 mph Diet: Smaller animals, medium sized herbivores Description: The crested Guanlong was one of the first tyrannosaurids, which is often touted as the deadliest dinosaur family, famous for T-Rex. Although not as large as its cousin, Guanlong was every bit as deadly to its prey. Ornitholestes [img][/img] Height: 3.5 feet Length: 9 feet Weight: 50 lbs Weapons: Speed, sickle shaped claws Speed: 40 mph Diet: Smaller animals, small to medium sized herbivores Description: Although it was smaller than Guanlong, it was faster and evidence suggests it had a claw like that of Velociraptor. Thus, in packs it could have taken out late Jurassic herbivores. Fight! A pack of 5 Guanlong run on the shores of a beach on Isla Sorna. On the horizon, they see the silhouette of a small sauropod in the morning sun. They retreat to the trees to keep out of sight, but they encounter a pack of 5 Ornitholestes with the same idea just as they reach the shrubs behind the Europasaurus. They snap and hiss at one another until one of the Guanlong bite an Ornitholestes on the arm. The two packs squabble on to the beach where they startle the Europasaurus. It whips its tail around, breaking the neck of one Ornitholestes and crushing the skulls of two Guanlong before running away. The Guanlong, now outnumbered, break away from the fight. Neither pack is large enough to kill the sauropod now, with two of the four remaining Ornitholestes injured and one of the three remaining Guanlong injured as well. Now the fight is personal. The Guanlong split up, two going to the right and one going to the right. The injured Ornitholestes make a valiant effort to fight off the Guanlong, killing the injured one in the process, but are ultimately killed themselves. Now it's down to two on two, and the Ornitholestes are trying to find a way to out maneuver the Guanlong, but the Guanlong aren't easy to fool. As the Ornitholestes circle them, the Guanlong come together, focusing on just one. They lunge forward, biting into its arms and neck while it kicks with its claws, inflicting moderate wounds on the belly of one. As it enjoys the kill, the other gives chase to the remaining Ornitholestes, but it runs faster. Almost managing to catch the faster Ornitholestes, the best the Guanlong gets is the tip of its tail as it runs into jungle. WINNER: GUANLONG 2/5 REMAINING They lived at the same time, the late Jurassic period, but at opposite sides of the world. Guanlong lived in China, but Ornitholestes lived in western North America. This battle was more evenly matched in evolutionary terms than others so far, but the Guanlong was larger and more powerful than the Ornitholestes. The sauropod interference made it a more even match, but the Guanlong still had a 65-35 chance of winning. Questions? Comments? Think this deserves a revision? Let me know.

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11 Responses to Guanlong vs Ornitholestes


May-23-2013 5:56 PM

I think that the interference by Europasaurus was a nice touch.

Number one supporter of Team Raptor


May-23-2013 5:57 PM

I do too. Again, kind of a last minute thing.

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May-23-2013 6:02 PM

I forgot to mention it on your last fight, but I like your reference to the Dilophosaurus vs Herrerasaurus fight in it.


May-23-2013 6:06 PM

Yeah I didn't even realize that until Brontosaurus>Apatosaurus pointed it out.


May-23-2013 6:08 PM

Me either. Awesome job btw!

Future Team Raptor member


May-23-2013 6:10 PM

Thanks Makaveli7, Philosiraptor and Brontosaurus>Apatosaurus

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May-23-2013 7:07 PM

NO QUESTIONS AT ALL! DinoFights you are the best of them all! I love to sit down and read about your fights they are the best. Can you please do one including carnotaurus it would be an epic fight, thanks and please keep it up.

But John, if the Pirates Of The Carribbean breaks down, the pirates dont eat the tourists.


May-24-2013 5:10 AM

I sure will. Thank you Carnotaurus. I can guarantee you that Carnotaurus will appear soon.

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No longer active

May-24-2013 5:29 AM

Will you ever quit being so impressive?! I hope not :) keep up the good work!


May-24-2013 5:42 AM

Within the next hour hopefully. Starting now but I'm a slow typer.

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