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Troodon vs Scipionyx

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May-23-2013 5:40 AM

Troodon [img][/img] Height: 5 feet Length: 7 feet Weight: 115 lbs Weapons: Supreme intelligence, sickle shaped claws, speed, serrated teeth Speed: 45 mph Diet: Small to medium sized herbivores, small mammals and lizards Description: Perhaps the smartest dinosaur of all time, Troodon was smarter than any other animals of the Cretacious period. To accompany its large brain, Troodon had a killer sense of smell, sharp serrated teeth, speed, claws like those of other dromaeosaurs (raptors) and huge eyes for seeing in darkness. These eyes faced forwards, giving it an amazing depth perception. Had it not gone extinct because of a meteor, it likely would have evolved to be smarter than humans, which evolved from the mammals that lived alongside the dinosaurs. Troodon ate them. Scipionyx [img][/img] Height: 5.5 feet Length: 7.5 feet Weight: 110 lbs Weapons: Sickle shaped claws, speed, bite Speed: 45 mph Diet: Small to medium sized herbivores Description: With a very light skeleton and arms that resembled wings, it was a very close relative to birds and dinosaurs. It may have been too heavy to fly, but it certainly was capable of living like some flightless birds such as terror birds. Fight! As the rain picks up at night on Isla Sorna, a pack of 5 Scipionyx take down an Ouranosaurus. As they begin to eat, a pack of Troodon smell the kill in the distance. Having not seen prey in a while, they decide to steal the kill of the Scipionyx rather than spend hours trying to find food. Two of the Troodon run into the area where the Scipionyx are feeding, per order of their leader. They try to intimidate the Scipionyx by hissing and growling, but it is useless. Three Scipionyx step forward, attacking the Troodon, which make a weak attempt to fight back. Having killed them, the Scipionyx turn around to go back to their kill. As they do so, they see the other two Scipionyx dead on the ground. Having been too distracted by the snapping and calling of the Troodon, they failed to hear their own pack's choked out calls that occurred while being bitten in the neck by the other 3 Troodon. One of the "dead" Troodon jump up, followed by the other three jumping from behind the carcass. They attack the Scipionyx, with one managing to run away. The 4 Troodon wait for the other to get up, but realize that he isn't playing possum. He was legitimately killed by the Scipionyx while serving as a distraction. The Troodon easily win, with just one dead member and one bitten arm and leg. The Scipionyx that escaped will have to avoid competition by feeding on small rodents, lizards, young dinosaurs and eggs until he finds a new pack. WINNER: TROODON, 4/5 SURVIVING Although the Scipionyx were slightly longer and taller, they were lighter, not as smart, had less weapons, couldn't see as well at night and thus didn't have a chance of beating the more advanced Troodon. Questions? Comments? Think this deserves a revision? Let me know.

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14 Responses to Troodon vs Scipionyx

No longer active

May-23-2013 6:31 AM

Agreed. Troodon had everything Scipionyx had and more. If I could, I would put a fair amount of money on Troodon winning this challenge.


May-23-2013 6:46 AM

As you should. Troodon is certainly smart enough to do it.

No longer active

May-23-2013 6:48 AM

Does anybody know what the dinosaur in my profile pic is from? Is it a Tarbosaurus or T Rex?


May-23-2013 6:50 AM

It's one of the T-Rexes from Dinosaur Revolution.

Future Team Raptor member


May-23-2013 7:00 AM

Stumpy, I think.

Number one supporter of Team Raptor


May-23-2013 7:03 AM

It's Jack Palance, the T-Rex who eats Stumpy's arm and kids in Dinosaur Revolution.

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No longer active

May-23-2013 7:05 AM

Awesome. Thanks everyone!


May-23-2013 7:07 AM

I will post the next fight in 4 hours.

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May-23-2013 11:17 AM

The next fight's almost here!!!


May-23-2013 11:19 AM

The fight had been postponed by an hour and a half.

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May-23-2013 11:23 AM

Don't worry... The next fight's done, I just need to find the images and links.

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May-23-2013 1:56 PM

Truly. Nice detail and perfect facts.

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