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What was the biggest sauropod?

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May-22-2013 7:47 AM

[img][/img] Argentinosaurus reached up to 115 feet in length and weighed 110 tons. [img][/img] Bruhathkayosaurus might have reached 150 feet and weighed 200 tons. [img][/img] Paralititan reached 105 feet and 100 tons, but was taller than the others listed. [img][/img] All but Sauroposeidon at 60 feet tall but only 70 tons and 112 feet. How do YOU measure size? Height? Length? Weight? Was the tall Sauroposeidon the biggest? The heavy Bruhathkayosaurus? The long Argentinosaurus?

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May-22-2013 8:07 PM

What do you mean by measure??? normally they measure from skull to toe with neck vertical, as for the tallest its uncertain, due to there being new finds unearthed all the time... that and im too lazy to go and search it up on google as of this moment *it took me forever to find the sizes for dinos for the fight*

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