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100,000 Stars - Interactively explore the Milky Way

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Oneironaut 717

Nov-15-2012 4:55 PM

I'm such a geek - I love these things. I thought I'd share it with you guys. You can explore the Milkyway interactively with this app, you can zoom in and out and route it to explore individual stars. Please note, it only works with Google Chrome and other WebGL browsers like Firefox and Safari. Explorer 8 or 9 or whatever, you're out my friend! Anyway, enjoy it [url=]here[/url]

6 Responses to 100,000 Stars - Interactively explore the Milky Way

NCC 1701

Nov-15-2012 7:13 PM

hey Geek Bud Try this one ,,,l`ve used this one for the last 2yrs to find the star in my back yard just search the below Stellarium 0.11.0

NCC 1701

Nov-15-2012 7:32 PM

yours is pretty cool too....... Right on


Nov-16-2012 12:29 AM

I love applications like these, I could stay on this all night! Thanks!

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Nov-16-2012 12:58 AM

This one is amazing as well! Scales are surely questionable, but who cares when it's Fun and Educational! Enjoy [url=]Scale of the Universe 2[/url]

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Oneironaut 717

Nov-16-2012 4:38 AM

Argh thanks you two, I feel like a kid a candy store, so much geekiness I can't contain myself!

Indy John

Dec-08-2012 9:56 PM

@Freeze! THis very good link. It brings a great perspective to human life in comparison to the Universe. I especially liked it's ease of use and being about to bring up explanations of various objects. A must see for science lovers.

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