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Jon Spaihts Confirms Leaked Script is Authentic

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Nov-11-2012 5:49 PM

PINNEDThe script that we posted yesterday, claiming to be [b]Jon Spaiht's[/b] Prometheus draft (Co-writer for Prometheus) is apparently TRUE! We [i]Tweeted[/i] to Mr. Spaihts last night requesting his confirmation for the authenticity of this script and he just got back to us a few moments ago confirming that this is in fact his script. Read the conversation over on our Twitter page here: [center][url=]Jon Confirms script is his to[/url][/center] Now that we know it's official, you can enjoy and read the full draft via the link below here on [center] [b]Script Removed At Request of 20th Century Fox[/b][/center] Special thanks to [b]Jon Spaihts[/b] for confirming this for us, much appreciated! Now everyone - what do you think?

51 Responses to Jon Spaihts Confirms Leaked Script is Authentic


Nov-11-2012 5:51 PM

Ty Chris. Also ty so much to Oneironaut 717 for getting the script. I read it very quickly last night, will re-read again today. :P

Oneironaut 717

Nov-11-2012 5:56 PM

Yes! I'm so happy! I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it yet, I'll share my views later. I want to see what the others think. Thanks Chris :)


Nov-11-2012 6:10 PM

I knew that f**ker was real. It was just too consistent with all the interview material with Jon Spaiht and Ridley Scott. I am not going to say anything specific yet either but in general now that its been authenticated I will say that Damon Lindelof rocks by comparison and thank the stars for his involvement. Spaith's Vickers and David were just pure evil and I really don't need to see any more facehuggers and chestbursters other than what is necessary for the story. Now if we can only get our hands on DL's script......



Nov-11-2012 7:26 PM

It is a great read. No problem guys! A big thanks to Jon Spaihts himself though for confirming this for us. I really hope Fox brings him on for Prometheus 2; Paradise. I hope they also use Jon's original baby Trilobite concept in the next Prometheus film. Must scarier in my opinion and equally as disturbing.


Nov-11-2012 7:38 PM

Yeah I would like to see him involved as well as long as they also bring in others on board too. Jon Spaihts did invent the major structure for the story line. It just needed additional input to bring it home and Damon Lindelof fulfilled that role along with Ridley Scott himself. I wonder how much of the original ideas Ridley gave Jon Spaihts to start with?


Major Noob

Nov-11-2012 7:48 PM

Oh yes kudos to Jon Spaihts. Im not through it yet but I can SEE it, it's excellent. This would have been a fine film, and I can only hope he gets the regard he's due. I do hope he's involved in #2! Damon deserves his due as well, though. These two artists delivered a Science Fiction film for all time. History will vindicate this remark!


Nov-11-2012 8:21 PM

Thank you for bringing us this news. Is amazing!


Nov-11-2012 11:50 PM

I just finished reading it and, I'm not sure, there's too much of the face huggers, especially the hatchery. It's too much. I don't know, it's a great read and there are some elements that I like, but the film is the one that I seem to prefer.


Nov-12-2012 12:14 AM

i finished it and wasnt a overly impressed, but it seemed like a couple scenes were down right horrifying and would be overall scary. so it would have been a good alien movie, but i like where the lindelof version went.

Not a map, an invitation


Nov-12-2012 12:21 AM

@ Cuponator3000: Do you think Ridley got cold feet in not allowing Fifeld's transformation to go full Beluga alien instead of sticking with his still-human figure? I just don't understand it, Ridley claimed he wanted to scare the living [CENSORED] out of us and not pull any punches, but he did hold back. And I demand to know why....I think I can handle the truth.

The High Priest

Nov-12-2012 12:53 AM

I wish Scott would have just shot Sphaits script - I like evil David and Vickers and the Military plan B. Much more horrific, and I like the tie up. I also wish they would have kept it LV 426. I know this opinion is split but multi juggernaughts crashing down on different moons, nah, really wish they would have kept it the Alien prequel.


Nov-12-2012 1:37 AM

Well High Priest, we are all entitled to our preferences. I like the movie they decided to shoot. Much more sophisticated and works on a much Bigger level. It is about who we are and why we are even here! The questions don't get much bigger! I loved the horror aspects of Alien, but I also just as much liked the Giger sexual symbolism and imagery. But Prometheus transends Alien by light years and I believe it was superbly executed. I haven't seen such a good movie in years!



Nov-12-2012 1:58 AM

Going to read this before I go to sleep, I see mixed reviews already and the final product is out. I still think we got a magical film with Prom. For example, look how long the conversation has lasted after the release. Just sayin.... :p

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Nov-12-2012 2:09 AM

@ Nostromo001: I'm with you on this and agree.


Nov-12-2012 2:40 AM

I enjoyed this version!

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Nov-12-2012 2:52 AM

Slowly getting into the script, reading chunks every night. Thanks Oneiron and Chris.


Nov-12-2012 2:54 AM

@ Freeze! What'd you like about it?


Nov-12-2012 3:47 AM

I enjoyed reading it mostly for information about script construction but there is absolutely no way that it can compete with the theatrical release of Prometheus! Its just inferior. Subsume was right about the hatchery. That was just derivative of Alien! And having another ship wide alien hunt? Come on! They did that in Alien too! And evil David is too one dimensional and they did that too with Ash!


Necronom 4

Nov-12-2012 7:34 AM

Got to the end last night. I really enjoyed it but i couldn't help but feel that he'd started to lose interest later on into it. The first part is great! The discovery of the obelisk, the part onboard the boat, the interview in Weyland's space station office and the part where Watts (Shaw) searches the pyramid and egg silo for clues of what happened to Holloway was a very good read. Lindelof didn't add anything to it imo, he just mutilated it to the point where it's just down right frustrating and not scary in the slightest. I've watched Prometheus several times since its release at the pictures and then on bluray. I really enjoyed watching it the first few times but now i'm bored of it! I've watched ALIEN hundreds of times and still i'm not bored of it. That, for me, is how you judge whether it's a great film or just average or even poor. A prequel shouldn't have been made! It somehow cheapens the space jockey and his very spooky, very mysterious story, turning him into a money making blockbuster! Now, at christmas, every time i look at the christmas tree or hear 'christmas time' by Cliff Richard, i'm gonna be thinking of a very pale, very bald giant alien being nailed to a cross.... that can't be right! Not saying that Spaihts and Lindelof are bad writers but i'm sure there are story tellers out there that could have done a much better job than both of 'em. I just hope Ridley doesn't employ Lindelof for the sequel! Still, like i said, it's a pretty good read. Well done Jon Spaihts.

The poster was good though!


ancient one

Nov-12-2012 11:31 AM

If it is a prequel that u wanted to see this was it.It answered a lot of questions the movie made you figure out.I think it would have been a far scarier movie.We now know how it all started to the point when the nostromo crew found the juggernaut .Why there was a clause in thier contract to investigate any e.t. Life.Weyland corp. already knew about what they would find.But the film does go beyond the alien universe when it ask the most important questions to mankind ie. why are we here ,where do we come from,what is our purpose .And the script had they chose that route wouldn't have answered them either.

ancient one

Nov-12-2012 11:32 AM

If it is a prequel that u wanted to see this was it.John spaights rocks!


Nov-12-2012 12:46 PM

There is very little dialog in this draft - I wonder if that is by design or whether dialog is written on the fly so to speak as shooting begins. Lots of face-hugging though which certainly appeals to 'Alien' fans.

In Space, no one can hear you fart.


Nov-12-2012 12:48 PM

@ Necronom 4: I have seen Prometheus about 10 times and my interest is not fading away at all. You are of the opinion that the Pilot is now cheapened and no longer mysterious and spooky by arriving at the mystifying thought that he has been turned into a 'money making blockbuster' (Utterly baffling rationale that you have there, you do realize the genre that you're into, do you not?). Dan O' Bannons and Ronald Shusett's 1979 'alien' possesses mystery, awe, wonder, terror elevating a B-type movie because of the very specific talents that came together and got involved, despite studio interference. Ridley Scott's Prometheus possesses the revelation of said mystery and goes beyond the original premise and expands with implications of the natures of creation, of the powers to create, of contempt, an ongoing Matryoshkda doll, if you will. You have not actually explained anything of your rejection of Prometheus other than mere declarations. Not good. Back that up with reasons. Alien and Prometheus do not undermine nor undo each other, each possesses the value of mystery, awe, terror, bewilderment and wonderment in their own right. You have not provided any purpose to your point of view, therefore, an opinion in want of substantiation.


Nov-12-2012 12:49 PM

Very little dialog in this version - is that because dialog is written 'on the fly' so to speak? Lots of face-hugging which will appeal to the 'Alien' purists.

In Space, no one can hear you fart.


Nov-12-2012 12:51 PM

Err, my apologies for the double post.

In Space, no one can hear you fart.


Nov-12-2012 1:51 PM

(Ferdinand) Magellan, eh?

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Indy John

Nov-12-2012 2:53 PM

I am about half way thru the script and enjoy it very much. It is surprising how many of the scenes,or dialog appear in the film...but in different parts of the script... As a poster has mentioned there is not as much diolog as the movie,,but it fine for what it is, I believe there is such a thing which is called a 'shooting script'..which would be more detailed used during the film process. It is probably not fair to be reading the script and compare it to the finished movie distracts the mind from one to the other,,but I could not help it. With added descriptions of the pyramids I can now understand why posters consider the bee hives atmosphere generation plant. Many post have suggested this but the film does not detail this storyline.

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Nov-12-2012 3:32 PM

Here article from the topic:


Nov-12-2012 3:57 PM

Yes Freeze we all enjoyed reading J Spaihts' script, but are you saying that you prefer this to Prometheus, as shot? I loved seeing the evolution of the script and thats why I reeeeeeeeally want to read D Lindelof's script too, and we are all certainly thankful for J Spaihts' involvement and willingness to authenticate this for us, but having read it I can see many flaws in it too. He invented many of the characters but overdid it on David and Vickers it seems. Both too one-dimensional and 100% evil. Vickers is the typical corrupt corporate monster to the point of even bringing a goon squad with her and devising the level 2 protocol. But David just straight went so far 'off the reservation' as Spaihts put it that he was just out for himself even if it meant risking the human race. The rationale was there explaining his method of overcoming his programming but I am getting tired of always having the synthetic be the bad guy. Bishop was a refreshing change! David in his final incarnation as he appeared in the movie was a complex mixture of unethical and human-like responses and the viral Happy Birthday David 8 video supports his behavior throughout the movie so it all makes sense. Turning him into a one-dimensional villain just ruins his character and turns him into a cartoon character from a comic book. I did like the explanation of why Fifield and Milburn got lost, so that was insightful. What are others saying about the script now that we have all had a chance to read it?


Cerulean Blue

Nov-12-2012 4:19 PM

IMHO - Spaihts' script is a good read, but that is all. It is just another Alien slasher film. I am much more pleased with the actual theatrical production that was chosen. I still say it is all about the Engineers, not the Aliens!

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