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Spaiths' original script (possibly one of many) found - for all your reading ple

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Oneironaut 717

Nov-10-2012 7:28 PM

For those of you who are still interested/haven't read Mr Spaiht's original Alien Prequel script please continue reading: I found a lead via [url=]SeeSpotBite[/url] - who said they had received a copy of it - but was unwilling to share it. Many thanks to the resourceful: [url=]HAVISHAM[/url] - who managed to get their little mittens on it. It corroborates with some of the script excerpts shown briefly in [i]The Furious Gods: Making of Prometheus[/i] As well as discussions from Scott/Lindelof/Spaiths who briefly mention certain points from it. As noted by [url=]NOSTROMO001[/url] [url=]Enjoy it here: Alien: Engineers - Jon Spaiths[/url]

15 Responses to Spaiths' original script (possibly one of many) found - for all your reading ple


Nov-10-2012 8:17 PM

By George, good stuff!


Nov-10-2012 9:23 PM

OOH TYTYTYTY!! You rock Oneironaut!!


Nov-10-2012 9:32 PM

Neat! I'm gonna Tweet Jon on Twitter and see if he can authenticate this for us. Thanks for posting! :)


Nov-10-2012 10:43 PM

This ... this is amazing *faints*

This is my forum signature.



Nov-11-2012 2:53 AM

nice post...thanks.


Nov-11-2012 6:04 AM

Good post Oneironaut. Now folks who have been asking only have to click on your link to get to HAVISHAM's referenced script. Having read it we can now use it as a most likely legitimate source. There are way too many correlations to known aspects as seen in the posted documentaries including the Furious Gods but other documentaries that came with the DVDs and Blu Ray discs (there is a shorter additonal documentary in that material). After I read this script I was so relieved that they brought in Damon L. to polish and make changes and I greatly suspect that RS had alot to do with the changes too. Now that I have trashed it on its own lack of merits, it does explain the origin of various events that wound up in Prometheus in altered form. Like why did Fifield get himself and Melbourne lost when he is the mapping expert? Melbourne left the map reader behind! Jon Spaiht said in interviews that this story was supposed to be about lovers, i.e Holloway and Shaw this time around instead of Family and motherhood, the theme of Aliens, or rape the theme of Alien. In its final incarnation Prometheus is still about lovers as vectors for the introduction of the alien to the story, but in a more complex way. Also David does pull some shenanegans but is far more complex as a mixture of positive and negative personality traits, unlike the fully evil version in this 'early script' (I'm placing it in quotes as there is still a little doubt regarding authenticity). Vickers is similarly much more complex and toned down in Prometheus compared to the wholly evil version in this script. This bears strong resemblance to exactly what it claims to be: a rough draft by Jon Spaiht. Either that or it is one very clever well researched hoax, which I seriously doubt.


Oneironaut 717

Nov-11-2012 8:23 AM

SeeSpotBite teases us even further - he/she/they claim they have received a copy of Lindelof's draft of Prometheus, and no - they don't want to share! [url=]Read what they found here![/url] it's only a matter of time before we get our hands on it!


Nov-11-2012 10:37 AM

I think this had some great elements that could have improved the final. Thanks for posting.


Nov-11-2012 2:09 PM

That swine! He could have at least gone into detail about those key moments that were full of complexity and nuance. Now we are left tantalized on the outside. god I despise Hollywood people.



Nov-11-2012 7:53 PM

My hands and nose are pressed all the way up the fogged up window as I look wide eyed staring and open mouthed....saliva dripping....


Nov-11-2012 10:55 PM

I'm somewhere in the middle portion of the script and, in some instances, there are fascinating moments, but, overall the results as shown in the movie is what I am attracted/enthralled by, of course, with additional scenes in several instances to make it coherent/cohesive(?)


Nov-13-2012 9:48 AM

Hmm, a rather darker and gorier vision. And one hell of a costly job to film, Id' have thought (as well as being very very long) Watching the DVD has made the film grow on me somewhat, after the hurt of seeing it in the cinema- but there are things in this I'd like to have seen.


Nov-13-2012 5:48 PM

Ohhh so much potential... Really dark and scary. To bad the film ended up the way it did. THIS version would have been awesome. I like how he gets theese marines there, like in Aliens. No matter what brute force you have, it's pointless. And also more of the Alien vs Humans thing. I think trying to get close to theese two first films is a very nice way to create some sort of Big Idea. That beeing said I really liked Prometheus but... Mmm... If some more of this script had been there maybe Mr Scott actually would have scared the living daylights out of me as he promised.


Nov-14-2012 3:47 AM

Gah I had it up and was reading it and FireFox crashed and now there is a note stating Fox had it taken down. LAME.

Some day we will touch the stars.
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