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Jon Spaihts' Original Draft unleashed?

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Oneironaut 717

Nov-07-2012 4:49 PM

According to SeeSpotBite, they/she/he is possession of the Mr Spaihts' original Alien Prequel (Prometheus). [url=]See it here[/url] Could it be another hoax? possibly! Oh maybe just maybe it could be the real deal!

16 Responses to Jon Spaihts' Original Draft unleashed?


Nov-09-2012 8:00 PM

somebody sent me this: [url][/url] [i]*link fix by Feebs*[/i]


Nov-07-2012 4:51 PM

Possibly, I know his script is out there so this might be it.

Oneironaut 717

Nov-07-2012 4:55 PM

i want to get my chocolate coated mittens on it!


Nov-07-2012 5:09 PM

We've had quite a few scripts sent our way. There might be a twist with the damon lindelof script we received the other day. Spaihts did tweet to us that his script was said to be "out there". Who knows.

Oneironaut 717

Nov-07-2012 5:16 PM

[quote][i]'There might be a twist with the damon lindelof script we received the other day'[/i][/quote] [b]???[/b] Please do tell! How does one go about finding these scripts?

Oneironaut 717

Nov-08-2012 9:57 AM

I know, I've been scouring the internet for that version, but I keep coming across a hentai porno version, with a sexually frustrated Terraformer (alternate name for Engineer), David8 is utterly clueless , they're on a planet called Zeus/Zues? Shaw's a virgin, Dr Ford is called Mudow??? plus two pointless mechanics called Ray and Joshua!


Nov-08-2012 6:54 AM

Every script goes through multiple versions in the pre-production environment so that may be "many" versions of Spaihts work out there, so to speak.

In Space, no one can hear you fart.

Cerulean Blue

Nov-08-2012 9:27 AM

The 'explanation of a few things' has me very interested in reading it!


Nov-08-2012 8:40 PM

Who the hell is SeeSpotBite and just reading that they have a copy of the Jon Spaihts' original script does us absolutely no good. We have no way of verifying any of the list of claims made by SeeSpotBite so it winds up just being a total mind f**k and source of frustration. Now, where can WE get this copy. Obviously not at the link we were sent to! Anybody?


Oneironaut 717

Nov-09-2012 5:43 AM

I just received an email from SeeSpotBite: [quote][i]'I work in film and a friend passed it along. Not a fake, but I can't give it to anybody else.[/i] [i]Sorry'.[/i][/quote] Urgh, not fair!


Nov-09-2012 12:35 PM

sounds like BS to me why bother advertising the fact you have the orginal script and then turn round and say they cant release it.

Oneironaut 717

Nov-09-2012 12:40 PM

tsk! I know, such a tease - should never have posted if he/she/they had no intention of sharing!


Nov-09-2012 10:37 PM

Havisham, This looks like the real McCoy. I am halfway through it and it is consistent with interviews by Jon Spaiht and Ridley Scott. It also does explain things that SeeSpotBite said the script he read would explain which makes me think it may also be the same script that SeeSpotBite was referencing. Its highly interesting for those of you who have not yet read it. I am going back to it to finish it. BTW it takes place on LV426, which is also consistent with early concepts according to Jon Spaiht and others.



Nov-10-2012 3:23 AM

Yeah I think for anybody interested Havishams posted script at, this is probably one of the earlier Jon Spaiht scripts. If it is, and there are many consistencies between this script and everything I have heard in documentaries like Furious Gods and other ones like I stated above, then I thank the hell for Damon Lindelof's modifications because while this one starts out kind of like the theatrical release of Prometheus, it seems that the writer lost imaginative steam halfway through it and it ultimately becomes a rehashing of the original Alien movie including facehuggers, LV426, the exact same eggs, another synthetic gone haywire with hidden protocols and an alien chestbursting its way onto the ship - sound familiar? It also turns Vickers into a 100% villain with no redeeming qualities. It just gets worse as the story progresses and you wind up with the classic evil corporation Weyland and all the rest. Too bad too because at first there were enough differences from the released Prometheus to make it enjoyable to read and did provide some insight into why Melborne and Fifield get lost when Fifield is supposed to be the mapping expert, for example, but if you do read it you begin to see the studios wisdom in this one case for bringing on a more experienced script writer and its not just because one with a name will sell better. If this is an actual early Jon Spaiht script it baaaaaaadly needed rewriting! Otherwise none of us would be here debating and discussing this film at all and this I promise! Its that bad.


Oneironaut 717

Nov-10-2012 8:18 AM

@ Havisham, you are a star! Thanks for sharing XD


Nov-10-2012 9:32 AM

Agreed Havisham. SeeSpotBite teased us and just frustrated us like we are supposed to take his/her word for why the script explains things without evidence!

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