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engineer's chasing immortality?

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richard wadham

Oct-18-2012 1:24 PM

Eggs on derelict cocooned engineers?

36 Responses to engineer's chasing immortality?

Major Noob

Oct-19-2012 6:46 PM

I didn't notice that. David freaks me out, I'll tell you that. What a fantastic character. SCARY. I think he's the new monster.

richard wadham

Oct-19-2012 7:04 PM

You mean as if he'll transform?

Major Noob

Oct-19-2012 7:58 PM

Well... Maybe...but into what? Hehe. God of the Space Jockeys! I think he's plenty scary as he is. Ridley said he wants to scare the s**t out of you, and many have found that laughable. Which is their loss. He scared me, though, with David. The monsters were fantastic, but David was the story. I think Prometheus is more of a psychological thriller, at least for me it was. David, the Hannibal Lecter of androids!


Oct-19-2012 11:46 PM

Love this idea, I have something very similar in mind in my full theory, but that's far too complicated to go into here. We almost certainly see evidence of morphing and altering of the genetic structure, breaking down and recreating, going on in Prometheus already. Even if we're not entirely sure about Holloway's morphed sperm, the way Fifield is almost morphed directly into some sort of Alien zombie is highly suggestive of a version of the morphing life-cycle coming into play. Add to that the absence of eggs so far and the fact that Shaw's egg was originally infertile + how the queen was Cameron's idea and all the male influences... king themes instead of queens and the engineers all male, weyland's preference for a a son... it all builds against the Queen/Egg design. I think we'll be seeing something entirely different out of the Deacon.


Oct-19-2012 11:54 PM

I agree MajorNoob David is one of the monsters, if not the main new monster of the franchise. Fassbender will continue to steal the spotlight from Rapace because it's been set up that way. Before the release Lindelof said it was all about getting inside the robot's head. We didn't really see this... or did we? Did we see a lot of hints towards David's true goals. I think he's the anti-christ/Lucifer of the story and all the religious elements are his opposite. As well he's Frankenstein's monster that has turned on his master and will go on a chaotic rampage, of conquest and war like Lawrence of Arabia. In this case it's not like Bladerunner. The creation doesn't only want to kill the creator/king. David also wants to steal power from the king, he wants to usurp the throne and become a creator too like the parent he wanted to see die. That's the key, he had to just watch the King kill himself on his foolish mission for the most part. Getting the potential heir Vickers killed in the process. But sometimes to create you must first destroy. The throne had to be empty and the head of the company decapitated. The Weyland line severed. David is the head that survives. He's near immortal, undead, he has been given a bad brain by his father/creator... made too close to humans as Holloway and David both worried... The brain connection to Frankenstein comes into this in a major way. Even some of the immortality stuff and tricking the head into thinking its alive. David is the new modern Prometheus. Adding additional meaning to the title that way, with the Frankenstein themes. I can't even begin to describe how bad it would be if all the Davids suddenly started gaining more free-will and the ability to choose what to believe after the King died. Shaw is part of the culture in a nature/nurture thing. She helped David develop free will in an indirect way. He wants to see both his parents die... not just his singular parent Weyland-- his creator and the culture he was "born" into. Shaw teaches him how to lie and gain free will through the dream of her father and his philosophy. An example that humanity is not all bad, but David doesn't understand this fully yet. That Shaw and Janek are the only "good", sane and logical people aboard the ship (holloway's too egotistical like the King). This is how David chooses to lie and deceive even Weyland in subtle ways (Shaw warns about the bio-weapons and the plan, but if David had Weyland might have listened and learned they were "mortal after all" as David figures out earlier...) He admires Shaw's survival instincts even while being sarcastic and says he "didn't know she had it in her, poor choice of words" but this is partially a lie, he meant to add that double meaning. The way David hides the truth is with how ambiguous and vague he's being. David chooses what he believes he's referring to to get away with lying. His emotional understanding helps him with this but he can't combine his logic and intuition in the ways that Shaw can. Setting up his downfall, but ultimately a sacrifice and redemption for some of the bad things he's done for a logical and at the same time irrational higher purpose. He knew the alien was inside her? Why try to lie there? Shaw knew too. It was a poor choice of words but he did it purposely to try to show Shaw how he may be lying. This is how she picks up on the fact she can't trust him but keeps it under the surface. She asks David what he'll do when Weyland is gone (she knows Weyland is foolishly not listening to her about the place being full of death, David knows too). David may be programmed to respond to humans and be helpful but he tries not too and his programming only allows to to perform unethical acts... try harder means multiple things then, and he had to gain Holloway's permission even while testing the effects of the liquid on him by getting him to agree to a version of the truth... Shaw: "David please tell me you can read that." David: "I BELIEVE so" He never reveals if he actually could/did. What does this mean? We know he speaks to the Engineer. There are many elements from psychology at play and it's all about David's head/brain, control, the heads of cultures dying and being replaced, worshiped, or portrayed as gods. David is almost like a god as the only near-immortal character so far (unless you count elements of the alien genetics and how the hammerpede regrows its head..) The engineers were "mortal after all". There's a David and goliath, King David, and Emperor David tying into this and the roman Empire/Jesus thing. David is the opposite. He's the antichrist trying to build his Empire where the androids call the shot and there hasn't been a true human head of the company since Weyland and Vickers died... The King and future Queen. The Weyland lineage is severed as the king and the heir are knocked off the throne. David is closest thing to a son. The closest thing to a prince... and he's secretly a little bit of a monster who feels above humanity, possibly even the Engineers. More human than human because of Weyland's mistake giving him some emotional understanding and not faking it entirely. The later androids all pretend to be human. The characters is Prometheus pretend to have emotions... display themselves in certain ways like Fifield at first neutral but with a tough guy image (before he reveals he's kind of a wuss) and Millburn when he tries to impress him with his illogical move. The point is David is so far ahead of the curve he can do almost anything. He has real emotion hidden away and developing while the other characters, especially Vickers are fake and unable to lead themselves... except Shaw and Janek. David has been molded by his programming and his experiences. He dislikes humanity now... feels superior to them. So like Lucifer he may lead his androids in a war against all the creators... Stealing all the power he can out in space and trying to get it to Earth.

Major Noob

Oct-20-2012 1:24 AM

Mala'kak-we are of a mind: why Does David touch everything? Why does David know everything? Because he is an AI. AI = end of human race. :D

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