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The extended version of alien 3 is a million percent better than the edited vers

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Oct-14-2012 4:11 PM

I recently bought the Alien Anthology which contains the directors cut of Alien, and the extended version of Aliens and Alien3 which are both so much better than the butchered versions that have shown up on cable TV that there is no comparison. I had already seen the extended version of Aliens and knew that the deleted scenes added a lot more to the movie but until I watched the estended version of alien3 I just thought it sucked! Now I actually like the movie. That opening with the Chief medical officer walking along the beach and finding the EEV and Ripley on the beach and not in the EEV is sooooo much better. They also skipped that stupid scene with the egg and the face hugger in the EEV which then gets the dog and insead the alien infects an ox and then dies. As the two prisoners are leaving the room where they hung the ox one picks up a dead facehugger and says "Whats this?" from a distance and then they move on. The viewer sees whats up but the prisoners dont get the significance. Then later they suceed in locking the alien in that storage facility with 6 feet walls but it is released by that crazy prisoner that was locked up in sick bay. All in all it just flows better in terms of the storyline. Why do they always butcher these movies like this. Prometheus had a full hour edited out of it and the result was a lot of viewers confused and wondering what it was they missed until they saw all the deleted scenes. In the case of Prometheus, it was Ridley Scott himself who insisted on trimming it down to 2 hours but in the other cases I think it was either the studio or the stations who edited them. If they are going to do that then they should immediately release the unedited versions on DVD ASAP.

20 Responses to The extended version of alien 3 is a million percent better than the edited vers

Don't touch it!

Oct-14-2012 4:37 PM

....and redo all of the badly done superimposed alien puppetry shenanigans....


Oct-14-2012 4:39 PM

I totally agree with you about Alien 3. IMO the story is completely different, and the characters get a lot more depth. It would'nt surprise me, if at some point in the future there is a proper extended version of Prometheus. After all Ridley did decide to put back the scene with Dallas in Alien in the extended cut. Fingers crossed, but how long we would have to wait is anyones' guess.


Oct-14-2012 6:36 PM

i agree concerning the workprint cut of alien 3. Ive always really enjoyed that film! However, i dont think you can really compare the scenes that were excised from Alien 3 (and later re-cut to produce the "workprint" version of the film) to the majority of the scenes that were excised from prometheus. Aside from the full scene between weyland/vickers towards the end of the film (and possibly one, maybe two other deleted scenes), all the deleted/alternate scenes from prometheus are really sub-par and were cut, in my opinion, with very good reason. but yeah...alien 3 workprint (with completed ADR and Foley) is a criminally under-appreciated film.


Oct-14-2012 7:21 PM

Yeah I don't think all of the deleted scenes in Prometheus should be returned and Prometheus is a special case but I could have stood to have watched a longer movie and some of those deleted scenes would have fulfilled that role. But regarding the other 2 movies Aliens and Alien3 there is absolutely no doubt that the extended versions are far better. I remember before I saw the extended version of Aliens I felt as if there was something missing in terms of content. Then when I saw the scene with Hadleys hope and the remote machine guns I completely changed my opinion of the movie, and now the exact same thing has happed for me with Alien3. I had thought David Fincher was totally overrated until I saw the extended version and now I can see myself watching it over and again like I have done with Aliens. But yeah Prometheus is in a class all of its own.



Oct-14-2012 9:04 PM

i agree with what most of these folks are saying. the long cut of alien 3 was much better because scenes were cut out which probably shouldnt have been for the theatrical version. i have also long been a fan of alien 3. david fyncher is right up there with ridley scott in my book. aside from the supperimposed alien (the alien itself looked really good but it didnt match the film very well) i think that was a visually beautiful film and just really interesting in general. i dont think there should be another cut of prometheus - maybe a really nice long cut could be assembled but like the others here, i agree that most of the cut scenes that we have been shown -while very interesting to see- do not seem to fit well into the film. i do like the conversation between vickers and janek about the installation in his past adventure, and maybe a little bit of the scene with vickers and weyland, but really i think the theatrical cut of the film is great and if people find it confusing, i dont think its because of the cut of the film, but because the film is intentionally unclear about a lot of things. it has a lot of unresolved and unexplained things and its pretty clear that it was meant to be that way, but some of them do have clues and explanations and others are intentionally left unanswered - and probably not because of the possibility of a sequel, but because sometimes thats the right way to do things (not always.) i may be a fool, but to me prometheus is right as it is - although i certainly look forward to more.


Oct-15-2012 2:32 AM

If you have seen all of the extra scenes from the blu-ray disks then you might be able to find some substitute longer scenes too. I like the story Shaw told about the African story of creation of the sun and man which then leads into the tissue tests on the head, also Vickers talking to David after he cut her off and she is on her way to burn the guy with the flame thrower. I would have liked to see parts of the Engineer finding the room in the lifeboat before finding Shaw thanks to David. I have to admit I also got a kick out of some aspects of the alternate ending like the Engineer asking them why are they here, etc. In some cases you could substitute parts of deleted scenes or alternative versions. Maybe alter the movie to just add similar scenes to some of the ones removed. Say the Engineer comes after Shaw and we get to see him pick up the book and attempt to sound out words in it and have the girl actually playing the violin so you could hear her so he could react to our music, or have some of Vickers classical music playing, perhaps Mozart or Chopin before getting into that fight with Shaw. Kind of like the alternate version of the end. It was also comedic when Shaw in the alternative ending shoves David's head in the bag before he could finish talking but I guess Ridley Scott because he was choosing the edited scenes and not some outsider made some good cuts. I just wanted a few more scenes and maybe they would have to be different than all the blu-ray scenes too....Its a hard call that one and thats why I said its in a class all its own. Regarding Alien3, the use of CGI on the alien was a bit primative but that was before the craft was perfected as it is now. It did seem a little bit improved on the blu-ray extended version though.


Don't touch it!

Oct-15-2012 5:25 AM

nostromo001 The alien in alien3 was a puppet (badly composited) not cgi, apart from when it's covered in lead at the end, which is also badly done..... Shame, that's the only thing that lets the extended version down, I think.

Patient Leech

Oct-15-2012 6:28 AM

@Don't touch it! It's a live puppet even when it running along the ceiling? That looks [i]very[/i] CG. (And very bad, yes).

Don't touch it!

Oct-15-2012 8:18 AM

Patient Leech Yes, that's a puppet too. Really badly colour matching etc. I know waht you mean though; it looks kind of shiny, which makes it look like a computer generated figure.


Oct-15-2012 10:49 AM

Come to think of it you are right. The cracking of the head when the xeno hits the shower after being heated by lead is the only CGI scene. I just remembered from the making of Alien 3. The puppet then must have been green screened? If not how did they get it on to the film image? I know it had sticks attached to the bottom of it. However they chose to present the alien was the only really bad part of the movie, but my praise of it is due to the improved story line and we all know that you can't have a good movie without a good story.


Don't touch it!

Oct-15-2012 11:39 AM

It was a composite image using blue screen and yes it was controlled from below with sticks. Really would love them to redo it.....


Oct-15-2012 3:58 PM

The use Green screen technology not blue. You may be thinking of blue screen as in MS windows major failure. Look it up and you will find lots of info on green screen composite technology, but otherwise I see what you mean. But they will never go back and redo it as we all know. Too bad too. Fortunately it does look somewhat better on blu-ray quality video.



Oct-15-2012 3:59 PM

Correction: "They use green". God I hate misspellings!



Oct-15-2012 5:23 PM

I just saw the very beginning where they run the credits and they still do show some stuff I wish they had just skipped. The part that doesn't make much sense is how the damn alien egg got on board the Sulaco and managed to get placed right near the stasis pods. The queen never had time to lay any eggs and couldn't since her egg laying portion had been torn off by her after Ripley blew the hell out of it with the grenades. Then regarding the EEV, I think what they are showing is the pods go down a ramp to the EEV? and from there get evacuated from the mother ship? Thats the best I can come up with to account for how they started out in a very spacious area with all of the stasis pods side by side and then only 4 of them are evacuated in that EEV. Yes there are definitely some problems with the script even with the extended version. I really wish they had just done a rewrite from the beginning to end frankly but I still think the extended version is a bit better.



Oct-17-2012 1:47 PM

It's a shame that Alien 3 isn't as loved as the first 2, then we might have got a CGI alien in the extended 'Anthology' version. I have just bought a ps3 & the Alien anthology & Alien 3 theatrical version is my second favourite in the series. I do hate that shot of the egg on the Sulaco as it makes absolutely no sense. The super facehugger should've been the only one shown to the audience. That way we can surmise that it was born directly from the Queen without an egg & that it lays two embryos, one queen & one drone. There was plenty of time when the Queen was off-screen & a facehugger could easily drop from the Queen & scamper off. I honestly don't understand why the studio made such dumb decisions on nearly every part of the production. If it wasn't for David Fincher Alien 3 would've been a disaster of epic proportions, with absolutely no redeeming features. Oh it also has the best soundtrack of the series (Elliot Goldenthal) IMO.


Oct-29-2012 11:24 PM

I like both aliens versions but imo there is no denying the cut version is much more slick and fast moving. In general more entertaining.


Nov-03-2012 8:24 PM

Now that a month has gone by and I have seen more documentaries and commentaries, I think it was a mistake to make an alien movie by destroying the relationship that so many viewers and James Cameron created between Hicks, Ripley and Newt. I can see how it wasn't practical to continue them since they probably waited too long and Carry Henn was getting too old (kids age quickly in that stage). The whole idea of cryostasis is that no matter how long the person is under drifting through space, they don't age much. Look at Ripley 57 years later in Aliens. The script writers had a major problem on their hands to overcome. But killing them just sucks as a solution, and that gets the story off to a depressing start. Then the real problem with the special effects revolving around the alien begins. I'm surprised that they went forward with that after seeing the results during the editing process. But without a doubt, the bigging problem was how the egg got on board and convienently located right next to the now reduced number of cryotubes. Its also like they used a totally different cryodepartment. The 17 cryotubes were shown on the first shots of the Sulaco, and 'Superior Firepower", the documentary of the making of Aliens discussed the mirror effect that was used due to the lack of funding. They only constructed 4 tubes and then used the old 2 mirror effect as we all know. However, was doesn't compute is how that long cryocompartment got turned into an EEV unless as I mentioned above they showed the 4 affected tubes ejected, but if that is what they showed it is not clear. Anyway..........



Nov-05-2012 3:50 AM

The Alien 3 workprint has extra and alternate scenes that are not present in the Assembly Cut. Some scenes are also edited differently and arranged better. To be honest I like all three cuts of Alien 3.


Nov-08-2012 1:50 AM

Well alien and Aliens were the best. Then alien3 suffered from writing and special effect problems which I have already gone into above. To say something positive about it, the acting was very good. Regarding the direction, David Fincher was a bit dark for my taste, but his other movies demonstrate his talent well enough. I was very disappointed to see Hicks and Newt die at the beginning as I stated above. The green screen technology was premature at best and the biggest errors were in the script writing particularly at the beginning where the egg magically appeared right in the cryodepartment followed by a quick shot of someones chest beginning to turn red with blood suggesting a chestburster, but who was the victim of this first facehugger? If Ripley, then she would be dead the whole movie. This brings me to the second facehugger which by either cut gestated within a dog or ox but had no egg?!! This script makes absolutely no sense from the beginning. Also the grasshoppers are not lice and even if they were, they just succeeded in grossing me out and added nothing constructive to the story line.

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