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black goo and david

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Sep-11-2012 11:32 AM

just wondering what would happen if the white flued in david mixes with the black goo could it change him in to somthing else and giving him acid for blood?

1 and 2 had a race 1 1 1 and 2 11 2. gigity
15 Responses to black goo and david


Sep-11-2012 11:37 AM

Not sure... I would doubt it as i think that the Substance only affects living tissue and organisms and not synthetic.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-11-2012 11:42 AM

shame cos if it did would be cool to see what it would do to him or change him in to :}

1 and 2 had a race 1 1 1 and 2 11 2. gigity


Sep-11-2012 11:52 AM

Yeah but thats only a theory by me, and based on how David did not seem to have no effects in spite of contact with the substance. Then again the Engineers are masters of Bio Mech and so maybe they could find a way of making David part Organic and Synthetic. I think this could be a interesting thing to do in Prometheus 2, his master wanted to be immortal and maybe David may want to like Pinoquio? I would love the Elders to reward David and make him more Organic, and then they find out Davids motives that he wants to not just be more Human and that he wants to be Godlike as well and then the Elders punish him by then doing something to him. If the Engineers can grant David more Organic and thus Human qualities they could then punish him with the Black Goo and boy would i love to see the result of that. I think this process could had been used as the creation of the Xeno.... But Ridley had hinted this occurred a long time prior to Prometheus and the clues in Prometheus seem to indicate that the Xeno predates Prometheus by thousands of years.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Sep-11-2012 12:08 PM

yeah was thinking about the xenos the other day i ways thought that the 1 in aliens was the 1st of its kind to come from another thing going around in my head is what if the 1 from lv426 had been to the xenos homeword to terrorform it but get done over in some way and what if and a big IF it the xeno have been at war with the space jocks and was useing lv223 to find a wepon to use to fight them

1 and 2 had a race 1 1 1 and 2 11 2. gigity


Sep-11-2012 12:41 PM

A lot of people, including myself, initially thought that David would get infected (either by accident or more likely by infecting himself) and birth the first Xeno, because of it's biomechanic nature. Couple of old posts, (there are tons more if you look) really fun theories: [url=] DAVIDS INFECTION [/url] [url=]Big infections have careless Davids.[/url]


Sep-11-2012 12:49 PM

nice 1 thanks

1 and 2 had a race 1 1 1 and 2 11 2. gigity


Sep-11-2012 1:00 PM

Well, anything's possible I suppose. But why would it tamper with David's design? For what purpose? It can turn a human into a raging zombie – useful for causing trouble – but humans are organic and have organic brains that work, presumably, in a similar manner to that of the Engineers. But an artificial brain and body? Not exactly the kind of raw material that's useful to something geared up to messing about with DNA. We don't know if David has any DNA at all, but I doubt that he does. I don't see that David has any need for DNA.

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Sep-11-2012 1:02 PM

@zzplural; No they don't have DNA, they are 100% synthetic. The white liquid is latex, which serves to lubricate the internal parts. There are quiet a few discussions on the site about that subject, just post "David" in the search function provided if you want to read them. :) Here is a link to a really awesome site that explain everything about the Androids of the Alien universe: [url=]Best site for info on the Androids of the Alien universe[/url]


Sep-11-2012 2:06 PM

Remember, David had a blob of that black goo on his finger and NOTHING HAPPENED TO HIM. He is impervious to that crud.

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Sep-11-2012 3:19 PM

i dont think its possible, davids white fluid was just for function, it's like petrol in a car, or the liquid they put in brake's.. it would however... explain where megatron origionated.


Sep-11-2012 6:04 PM

Yer I posted something similar too - maybe he has biological parts but I feel it wont happen now...

 "It's almost as if they are making it up as they go along" :D

Indy John

Nov-16-2012 6:38 AM

Rlating to this thread I at first wondered if David might be affected by the goo has he handled ittather casually...but judging by this thread there doesn't seem to have any chance. To me this is what makes robots a perfect manipulator of the goo considering that everybody in our story can be infected by the substance, Why wouldn't the Engineers see the same thing and use robotic creations to handle the it..move it ect. They are the advanced race of beings trying to bio engineer a substance that they could control so why not use a android worker who could reduce theur risk In other words use their brain power rather than muscle. Getting back to David being if not infected,,then at least a carrier.of goo. Who is to say that goo might influence some of David's synthetic,,blur his vision so to speak. Maybe even cause his thinking process/programming to be not be quite as sharp..or as clear in it's thinking. I just think a David On Goo storyline would be interesting.

Be choicelessly aware as you move through life


Nov-16-2012 7:03 AM

isnt his hair real though? cos he had to bleach it to get highlights.... mind you mutant zombie hair not so drastic lol


Indy John

Nov-16-2012 7:13 AM

The hair is one possibility Can we be sure that all fluids are synthetic.manmade? The ahir dying is a curious storyline. Other than quotes from LoA were there any other movie charactoristics that David might want to include? Putting out candles with his fingers..dressing nn flowing robes heck even a hoodie might be a nod to the Peter O'Toole movie. THe hair is start and all I am suggesting is that in the entire David build sheet there is not one iota of DNA , perhaps by the builder of David himself might be around, .and could be host for the goo.

Be choicelessly aware as you move through life

Indy John

Dec-28-2012 10:05 AM

"..Remember, David had a blob of that black goo on his finger and NOTHING HAPPENED TO HIM...." On a recent watching of the leaking urns scene it is curious what david actually does the goo from the leaking urns. When Shaw sends out the call to clear out and head back to the ship David want to squirrel away an urn to take back to the ship. My question is which urn would you seek out to take with you? He took a non leaking urn. But as a scientist would the leaking one be of more intrerest since was clearly active?

Be choicelessly aware as you move through life
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