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PROMETHEUS Explained! (Sumerian)

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Jun-09-2012 3:31 AM

This was taken from a comment I saw on another site, and I did a little research and everything seems to check out! : To give some historical/mythological background that may shed some light, Ridley stated the SJ culture was based on Persian Myths. This would be Sumerian/Akkadian/Hindu. This is all taken from the Atra Hasis. Creators - "G"ods- Annunaki - Dragon Humanoids (Naga, Dragon Kings,) Helpers - "g"ods - Igigi - Engineers. (Android like living beings....BIOmechanical humanoid. Key features- Pale skin and large black eyes. Also known as watchers, Grigori, and Archons) (in many summerian texts they are actually referred to as "Pilots". Pretty much the Annunaki Air Force.) When the Annunaki began terraforming the earth, they had the Igigi do the work for them. After a few thousand years the Igigi revolted and went on strike. The Annunaki then decided to create humans to do the work for them. They sacrificed one of the rebel Igigi named Geshtu to use his blood and dna to make human beings, by mixing it with elements native to the earth. (In the movie, this can be explained by the the different oval spaceship at the beginning representing the spaceship of the Annunaki) (It can also be explained by the concept art that leaked from the official book this week) (According to wikipedia it also says this about the Igigi: [i]"Though sometimes synonymous with the term "Annunaki," in one myth the Igigi were the younger gods who were servants of the Annunaki, until they rebelled and were replaced by the creation of humans."[/i] [b]This is reflectled exactly in the concept art below![/b]) [img][/img] [img][/img] Even though the humans were created and did the work, 1/3 of the Igigi still werent satisfied and sought revenge for Geshtu, so they rebelled again against the Annunaki Lords and began breeding/mixing with the human females creating Nephelim. This is what sparked the Prime Lord Enlil to flood the earth. Some humans were saved by Enki, the Lord responsible for the sacrifice of Geshtu and the creation of humans. Enlil and the rest of the annunaki decide to return home and let the humans develop on their own. Enki and his family stay behind. The Igigi are forced to leave earth as well. The remaining rebel Igigi are imprisoned on a planet on the way back to the homeworld and it is said as punishment and as a mark they are altered into a demonic appearance, no longer retaining the Angelic appearance. Enki and his crew are probably the ones leaving the maps for humans to find, along with the ones helping humans advance throughout time. The sacrfice engineer is Geshtu The lone engineer is most likely Marduk or a servant/worshipper of Marduk. The xeno is Mushussu, a creature Marduk fashioned and used as his pet. The "Engineers" we see are trying to destroy Earth are of the Igigi rebels who view earth as their own. They have always despised humans because the Annunaki saw us as more in their likeness than them. IT's possible that the Igigi have long since destroyed or taken over the annunaki and the homeworld, and Earth was like going to claim the prize or spoils. They mustve used to the Xeno's to win this war and through its perfection it has began to destroy and infect the Igigi who manufacture and transport it, creating more Mushussu. the xeno in Alien is most likely an older pilot igigi birthed Mushussu egg crossed with human or a future Annunaki birthed one which would explain the size difference in hosts. It is mentioned in several lesser stories that Marduk created the Mushussu out of using the essence of the Gods' (Annunaki) he killed as a symbol of his conquering and being able to control them... ie the mural. [img][/img]

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Jun-11-2012 5:24 PM

This could make some sense but it's a totally impossible script, no way someone can convey all that amount of facts in even two movies, especially after the first one didn't give any actual clue on this theory and especially after contless other movies in the same universe didn't. I've spent five full minutes struggling to read all this, how are you going to put all that much of a twist in movies like Prometheus where 90% of the time is pure action and all the explanations are carried on with 'educated guesses' of some character


Jun-11-2012 5:34 PM

I wouldnt use the myths/history stated above as the plot to the movie. It is more of a backstory that took place around the time the sacrifice engineer did his thing. It just gives a more detail to what was going on, why humans were created, why they might be destroyed, what the xeno is, and how they "fell out" with the humans.


Jun-11-2012 6:57 PM

@Tuvok in this day and age it's a given that people are going to read in and around the script and the story. I mean, look at this place. It's testament to that fact


Jun-11-2012 11:12 PM

great read. after having read my bible and getting a good dose of 'ancient aliens' from netflix, this explanation seems legit. just wanted to throw in my two cents concerning the 'engineers were goin to destroy humans for killing jesus (one of their kind)' talk. i'd like to think that the reason some of the igigi rebelled was because they were upset that the igigi sent humans "redemption/salvation" through jesus christ. his death showed humans self-sacrifice/salvation (prometheus fire), which angered the other gods/aliens. they werent upset with the fact that the humans killed him; they were upset with what he represented... they then rebelled against each other and attempted to destroy us in order to take back their (fire).... or something like that. what do y'all reckon?


Jun-12-2012 3:34 PM whole crap READ RIDLEY"S COMMENT!!!


Jun-12-2012 3:51 PM

the original text written for the old testement says nothing of Christ, it has been altered for an Ecclesiastical view around 2-300 AD. if you read the book The Rise and Fall of the Nephilim: The Untold Story of Fallen Angels, Giants on the Earth, and Their Extraterrestrial Origins [url=]link[/url] you will see that Moses had a contract with an Annunaki , an engineer and spun of his own Religion! And like me this author IS a Christian!!! several other references support the Sumerian take on the events of our Sudden Awakening and separation from the other Primates some 200,000 years ago. And not all of the references are from Pseudo Science people... While Von Daniken's book Chariots of the Gods is a leaping off point, I can list several books and available reads to help one along this line of truth. in January, I started this journey unbeknown to this film, I am happy to see it attempt to purge the barriers placed from Christian and Pure Science Dogma... please read: Message of the Sphinx,- Hancock Underworld Hancock The Canon - Sterling The Orion Mystery Fingerprint of the Gods Sitchin's Earth Chronicles its called Comparative Mythology.. they are all telling the same stories! Read about Gnostic Dualism, the Egyptian, Dualism, read the Mahabharata, read - I Enoch, (and several other bible books removed from Canon in 2-3 AD) the book of Enosh was written on Sumarion tablets, predates even Moses books of Wisdom!!!!


Jun-12-2012 4:44 PM

Thank you, that fills in so many gaps. And hey, you taught me something new.

Coal miners daughter

Jun-12-2012 6:02 PM

The true story can be found in revelations 12. The original Xeno is lucifer (fallen angels) still bitter and jealous lashing out in rage against the bloodline that brought forth the one who cast him out in the first place. (sending cargo of eggs to earth 2000 years ago ) interrupted by divine intervention (Ripley,Shaw) All done by with the help of their offspring (Nephilim) space jockeys Truth is lucifer had foreknowledge of all this.Spread and corrupted the Truth before Moses wrote it down.

Coal miners daughter

Jun-12-2012 6:08 PM

He will always make himself out to be the victim. Still a whiner. Notice how he always try's to erase the truth.


Jun-12-2012 7:05 PM

Doesn't the story of Vickers and Weyland also play into this theme? Weyland creates David, who replaces Vickers, his real daughter, as the chosen one.


Jun-12-2012 8:04 PM

David should have had the name Attila if youve read the books the writers basterdized the books but the movie has been left wide open for more good thing develop the mythos


Jun-12-2012 7:54 PM

it is also interesting to note the child trying to replace the father in the stories and the movie. david 8 mentions this in the movie, about the child wanting to kill the parent, charlize therons character wanting father to step down instead of finding immortality, if the mural is related to persian myth than it too is about the younger trying to replace the older gods(or demi gods trying to replace gods) also side note this makes me wonder what david 8 said to the engineer before he went ballistic, given what he said about the 'killing fathers' thing... and if the engineers were robots, would that mean humans were robots that made a robot to translate to their creators that were also robots for another creator? would that mean we are a shell of a shell of god that tried to create a shell of us? ok no more inception moments i promise :)


Jun-12-2012 11:01 PM

Image of some Ural Pictograms found in Russia. They are compared side by side with modern chemical compounds: [img][/img] Obviously, Prometheus has done, on purpose, just given us a small glimpse of what may have happened with the origin of Human Life and also, Ancient Aliens role with the advancement of Humanity thousands of years ago. Ancient Man. The movie is like another theory. Whether using Greek, Christian, Persian, Mayan, Cambodian, Egyptian motifs, or otherwise. I like the movie for those qualities. But, I don't like the movie for: Smart Scientists becoming all of a sudden, dumb, (oh, a serpent like animal hissing at me, I think I'll pet it).


Jun-13-2012 7:15 AM

Why does that engineers pet in the mural look like Watto from episode 1? Because they couldn't hire H.R.Giger to do a proper design.


Jun-13-2012 4:36 PM

excellent synopsis! although a Sitchin fan myself, I didn't immediately make the potential connection..however, you rarely hear people mention the different ships...which led me to believe there were 2 types of "engineers'..ones who create and ones who far as why they wanted to destroy earth and the humans, who knows..perhaps the engineers were disappointed w/ their creation and the military ones at the base were commissioned by them to carry out the task when something went wrong w/ their bio-chemical goo? or perhap there were 2 factions fighting over the fact that the military sj's wanted to destroy the earth? only the sequel will tell us, if it touches upon that that is


Jun-13-2012 7:03 PM

This seemed vaguely familiar and I decided to go through my sci-fi movie vault and I came across The Fourth Kind where the aliens spoke ancient Sumerian.


Jun-13-2012 8:31 PM

Only time will tell if this Persian parallel holds up and I plan on doing some reading along these lines but for now, Mertber has helped connect a lot of dots that seemed way too far apart. Very well done!


Jun-13-2012 8:42 PM

@plotholepuncher Just because the DNA is a match doesn't mean we would look exactly the same. There can be very small differences in our DNA that changes appearance in the human species but it's still human. Also the "engineers" are designed to be the way, they are perfection. Humans didn't evolve the way they have because of chance, there's a blueprint in the DNA of the sacrificed engineer and the black goo. Whoever created the "engineers" created humans. I don't even like calling the space jockeys engineers because they created nothing. I keep reading post from people who still think the engineers created humans. There is a higher power then the space jockey. God>angel>human even with normal alien mythos reptilians>grey>humans. Greys/angels are slaves. They also look alike and it has been said that Greys are clones. There is no diversity. Humans for some reason are hold the gods interest more than angels/Greys. The gods like us but not because they love us it's because we are more valuable for some reason yet to be explained than the space jockey/grey/angel. Sorry I don't feel like engineer is the right name for the jockeys anymore and spreads false information because Dr. Shaw was wrong, so wrong. Sorry for the ramble but I hope I contributed something.


Jun-13-2012 9:06 PM

Watch David explain the plot gaps of Prometheus: (funny parody!)


Jun-14-2012 4:10 AM

Hi stuff awesome stuff thanks - this might also be of interest


Jun-14-2012 8:41 PM

Has anyone said this is a trilogy ? .How about its just a bad film that has baffled us all ? Why do sad sci fi nuts have to try and patch over the plot holes retrospectively? are you all so devastated by this insult of a film? .Why isnt this story in the story if it is true ?.Did thousands of others and I miss something ?


Jun-14-2012 11:43 PM

the Xenos are "God". "Paradise" is "God's" home planet. Engineers are slaves used to seed the galaxy/universe with the fertilizer/hosts for the "Gods".


Jun-15-2012 8:21 AM

Ridley said that 'Chariots of the Gods' by Von Daniekn was a huge inspiration. I thin think the Sumerian explanation is just the tip of the iceberg. Here's an article that goes through Von Danniken's theories and the connection to fallen angelic beings, nephilim, etc. [url=]Your text to link here...[/url]


Jun-15-2012 4:30 PM

Westy, do some research. The Greeks would not have their pantheon of Gods if not for the Sumerians. The Sumerian texts are found all over the Engineer structure. I sensed that Scott may have borrowed a bit of their mythology here and there, but this new theory, if it's true, means he's using it wholly and that is exciting the conspiracy tin foil, geek/nerd in me. I first remember reading about the Annunaki and the Nephilim in Jim Marrs, "Alien Agenda" book in 1999. After that, I tried to find out as much I could about it, as it is the seed mythology that feeds all others; Greek, Egyptian, Roman, Christian, Judaism, Islam, Hindu, etc. If you are truly interested in fleshing out more of what's to come, find Zecharia Sitchin's books. He is one of the few people who can read Sumerian and has produced many books interpreting and re-interpreting many of the old writings. It has you looking at ancient texts, including the Bible, in a new, scientific light. Understand, all texts were the products of long oral accounts, using primitive root assumptions and non-scientific vocabularies, especially the old Testament, which started as long, memorized, strictly verbal accounts till the written word could be used in some cases. Back in the day, there were special people who could memorize these accounts, such as the Epic of King Gesar. I am still ambivalent about the film, it's script, logic, overly pretty casting, but cannot help, but be fascinated at the notion that, Sir Ridley Scott may be presenting the general public with what may be the most important and misunderstood tales of humankind's over-arching creation mythology. It makes the Bible look like a poorly constructed, parable-ridden, black market, Chinese boot leg of what we are & where we may come: over-glorified hybrid monkeys from a test tube.


Jun-16-2012 7:44 PM

@tedbradly The OP was referencing, (in a condensed form) the myth of Gilgamesh. Of which, our Judeo Christian tradition absorbed elements during their time in Mesopotamia and gave us the myth of Noah. The OP then goes on to tie in mythical stories of "The Fall" (From the non-canonical biblical texts of Enoch I, II, III, Jubilees, The Apocalypse of Abraham, and the Book of Giants) when he discusses the nephilim. If you're even a casual observer of ancient mythologies, you wouldn't be so quick to punish the OP.

Charles Austin Miller

Jun-17-2012 11:15 AM

****SPOILERS****SPOILERS*****SPOILERS*****SPOILERS Actually, I didn't see any of that Zecharia Sitchin/UFOlogy baloney in the film at all. Didn't it make you wonder just a little why the film kept focusing on the girl's necklace, bearing a Christian Cross? This says to me that Ridley Scott is deliberately evoking Judaeo-Christian mythology, as well as the very similar aspects of Greek Mythology (as demonstrated in the title of the film). No doubt, MUCH will be explained in the sequel; however, MUCH is fairly obvious from the first film — such as the differentiation between the Engineers who seeded humanoid life across the galaxy and the LATER Engineers who are attempting to eradicate humanoid life across the galaxy. If you know your Judaeo-Christian mythology, you are acquainted with certain cosmic conflicts that immediately followed the creation of Mankind. Supposedly, the Archangel Lucifer took exception to God showing such favoritism toward lowly Mankind; so Lucifer staged a major coup against God, resulting in a Heavenly WAR. As you probably know, Lucifer and one-third of all the angels in Heaven were defeated and KICKED OUT of Heaven — they were cast down to the Earth, actually. Lucifer thus became better known as Satan, whose dominion is Earth, and the cast-out angels became his demonic minions. Although it doesn't expressly mention Satan in the Garden of Eden, the Old Testament book of [i]Genesis[/i] explains that "a serpent" (generally assumed to be Satan) contaminated Mankind and passed godlike awareness to Man, which just INFURIATED God. That's the Tree of Knowledge story with Eve and Adam eating the "forbidden fruit," right. [i]Genesis[/i] also mentions "giants in the Earth" that were, supposedly, the offspring of humans and the cast-out angels. Interestingly, there are OTHER mythologies like this, describing a divine being deliberately passing godlike awareness and knowledge to humankind, which just totally pisses off the ultimate Creator. One such mythology is that of Prometheus, the Greek Titan who passed along the secret of fire to Mankind, which INFURIATED Zeus, right. Are you starting to see where this is going? In the film [i]Prometheus[/i], giant beings are depicted in very ancient cave art all around the world. These giants of old seem to be pointing to their place of origin, a star cluster far off in the sky. Right. You're getting it now, eh? The giants depicted in the cave paintings were the fallen Engineers (angels, Titans, whatever you want to call them) who were CAST OUT from the greater Engineer civilization and who CONTAMINATED Mankind with godlike awareness. Fast-forward a few tens of thousands of years, and Mankind is using this godlike awareness to create such advanced technology that we can now SEE and even TRAVEL to the home star system of the Engineers. In short, the film [i]Prometheus[/i] finds humanity traveling to Heaven, where God resides. Or to Mount Olympus, where Zeus resides. Little do the spacefarers suspect that Mankind, contaminated as it is with Lucifer's/Prometheus' forbidden knowledge, is NOT WELCOME in Heaven (or Mount Olympus, or whatever you want to call the Engineers' home). In fact, the remaining Engineers (angels, whatever) seriously intend to EXTERMINATE these bastard children of the gods. So, when they awaken one of the Angelic Engineers and he realizes he's looking at the contaminated offspring of Lucifer — the mutant human children of Prometheus — the Angelic Engineer goes berserk on them. But I mean, this much is obvious in the first film; undoubtedly, it will be more fully explained in the second.


Jun-18-2012 12:10 PM

Charles, you obviously have not read much of Sitchin's work nor seen the photographs of the tablets and cuneiform with text. Much of the Christian Old Testament which comes from the Hebrew texts, which come from Egyptian, and on, obviously stem from the Sumerian texts. The script from the Sumerian texts are all over the walls and doors within the mounds in the film and David is seen in the film reading, studying and pronouncing words from the ancient texts. Mounds? Enki & mounds: Christianity is a shadow cast from the monument of what the Sumerian creation tales represent. Ridley Scott speaking about his inspiration coming from Daniken "Chariots of the Gods": "Are you starting to see where this is going?" For those not familiar with Sitchin's work; a brief wiki write-up: His actual site: "Right. You're getting it now, eh?" Disregarding the importance & inspiration of the Sumerian myths, Daniken and Sitchen's work and ideas, but pushing forth Christian biblical notions of this film is like trumpeting hip-hop while fumbling past jazz and blues.


Jun-18-2012 12:13 PM

Scott seems to be actually punching holes through Judeo-Christian mythologies with his inclusion of their symbols and referencing Christmas and beast's birth.


Jun-19-2012 5:53 AM

I think some people are taking Zachariah Sitchin's [b]work way too seriously[/b]. He has been DEBUNKED by serious academics over and over again. Here is a website with articles by actual professors in ancient Semitic culture that debunk the Anunaki, Nibiru etc. [url=][/url] And here is a youtube on him if you prefer video. [url=]Sitchin debunked.[/url]

amon ra

Jun-19-2012 5:35 PM

I heard the sequel will be called paradise, since ridley scott said " the paradise is not what you may not expect to be", hence their homeworld which Shaw and David is heading. And as for the mala'kak (aka space jockey/engineer) I just realized (just me) that they are biologically immortal (yes there is a such a thing) since sir Scott said that there're godlike, and I wonder if they'll put the Annunaki, but since they both share a slight similarity, like the cuneiforms, hieroglyphs, and well size. This is just an example -> (Kinda like the predator and the super black predator in the predators) or maybe there're gonna take a different direction. I hope that sir Ridley Scott will direct a sequel. :-p

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