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PROMETHEUS Explained! (Sumerian)

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Jun-09-2012 3:31 AM

This was taken from a comment I saw on another site, and I did a little research and everything seems to check out! : To give some historical/mythological background that may shed some light, Ridley stated the SJ culture was based on Persian Myths. This would be Sumerian/Akkadian/Hindu. This is all taken from the Atra Hasis. Creators - "G"ods- Annunaki - Dragon Humanoids (Naga, Dragon Kings,) Helpers - "g"ods - Igigi - Engineers. (Android like living beings....BIOmechanical humanoid. Key features- Pale skin and large black eyes. Also known as watchers, Grigori, and Archons) (in many summerian texts they are actually referred to as "Pilots". Pretty much the Annunaki Air Force.) When the Annunaki began terraforming the earth, they had the Igigi do the work for them. After a few thousand years the Igigi revolted and went on strike. The Annunaki then decided to create humans to do the work for them. They sacrificed one of the rebel Igigi named Geshtu to use his blood and dna to make human beings, by mixing it with elements native to the earth. (In the movie, this can be explained by the the different oval spaceship at the beginning representing the spaceship of the Annunaki) (It can also be explained by the concept art that leaked from the official book this week) (According to wikipedia it also says this about the Igigi: [i]"Though sometimes synonymous with the term "Annunaki," in one myth the Igigi were the younger gods who were servants of the Annunaki, until they rebelled and were replaced by the creation of humans."[/i] [b]This is reflectled exactly in the concept art below![/b]) [img][/img] [img][/img] Even though the humans were created and did the work, 1/3 of the Igigi still werent satisfied and sought revenge for Geshtu, so they rebelled again against the Annunaki Lords and began breeding/mixing with the human females creating Nephelim. This is what sparked the Prime Lord Enlil to flood the earth. Some humans were saved by Enki, the Lord responsible for the sacrifice of Geshtu and the creation of humans. Enlil and the rest of the annunaki decide to return home and let the humans develop on their own. Enki and his family stay behind. The Igigi are forced to leave earth as well. The remaining rebel Igigi are imprisoned on a planet on the way back to the homeworld and it is said as punishment and as a mark they are altered into a demonic appearance, no longer retaining the Angelic appearance. Enki and his crew are probably the ones leaving the maps for humans to find, along with the ones helping humans advance throughout time. The sacrfice engineer is Geshtu The lone engineer is most likely Marduk or a servant/worshipper of Marduk. The xeno is Mushussu, a creature Marduk fashioned and used as his pet. The "Engineers" we see are trying to destroy Earth are of the Igigi rebels who view earth as their own. They have always despised humans because the Annunaki saw us as more in their likeness than them. IT's possible that the Igigi have long since destroyed or taken over the annunaki and the homeworld, and Earth was like going to claim the prize or spoils. They mustve used to the Xeno's to win this war and through its perfection it has began to destroy and infect the Igigi who manufacture and transport it, creating more Mushussu. the xeno in Alien is most likely an older pilot igigi birthed Mushussu egg crossed with human or a future Annunaki birthed one which would explain the size difference in hosts. It is mentioned in several lesser stories that Marduk created the Mushussu out of using the essence of the Gods' (Annunaki) he killed as a symbol of his conquering and being able to control them... ie the mural. [img][/img]

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Jun-09-2012 10:24 PM

Want to do more research? Are you sure you can handle some mind-blowing theories? Click below to begin your journey: [url=][/url] I read it over a decade ago and had to put it down never to discuss it. The Earth simply is not ready for what very may well be the truth.


Jun-09-2012 10:34 PM

The Earth will be fine my friend ( thanks Carlin ) it's us who seem to have some difficulty with thinking for half a second...


Jun-09-2012 10:46 PM

The second film is going to show that there are multiple types of Engineers and that some have been playing a friendly role with Ancient Humans and some not so friendly. Through out all different cultures, they speak of Gods fighting a mighty battle in the heavens. Could this been two or more different Engineers battling for squatting rights for Earth? The Black Goo. Biohazzardous WMD. What if there were or are other types of Bio-Engineered goo. Some that rapidly advances the evolution of a planet's ecosystem? Check Cambrian Explosion: All of the Engineers look the same. Are they Clones or Androids/Biomechanoids themselves, built by a higher Alien. The Annunaki?


Jun-09-2012 10:48 PM

I dunno about Annunaki but I like the notion of a higher Xeno cult of some sort, now I'm going to listen to AC/DC...


Jun-09-2012 11:26 PM

Yes this is what I was looking for. Thanks for posting this.


Jun-09-2012 11:42 PM

Love it, Thanks, for the find!


Jun-10-2012 12:09 AM

This is very similar to the theory I came up with about the film and how it could relate to Genesis as well. Geshtu and Adam would be one and the same- creating mankind. Some faction among the Engineers wanted to warn humanity through a story about Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge (don't seek the truth about your origins), as sin would be created. The sin of course being the bio-weapon and the Face-hugger/Alien. Elizabeth Shaw is the films stand in for Eve, wanting to discover the origins of mankind. David is the stand-in for the Snake, causing through Holloway ingesting the black goo and impregnating Shaw for Sin to be born. The vases would therefore be the fruit from the tree of knowledge. This would give a deeper meaning as to why Shaw is devout in her faith and the interactions David has when seeing her cross.


Jun-10-2012 1:14 AM Lots of interesting reading here, about the Gods, Demi-gods, etc... I can easily see this mythology as the starting point for the themes in this movie/series. Enjoy


Jun-10-2012 2:10 AM

Excellent stuff and great background! I really appreciate your great effort, mertber. It makes perfectly good sense and is very well researched and presented in a simple and straight forward manner. Thanks again!


Jun-10-2012 5:43 AM

This makes the most sense of any breakdown I've seen. From what we saw of the Engineers in the film there is no way that one of them would commit suicide to seed the Earth. It was a death sentence by a higher life form.


Jun-10-2012 7:14 AM

I really like the association with the sumerian myths but I don't think the film is a literal interpretation because of the complex nature of the goo and it's role in creating the xneomorphs. I don't see it as a biological weapon because that wouldn't explain what actually happens in the film. My take is: The prologue: Engineers are ancient benign 'creators' who have either developed, or have custody of a substance that initiates evolution. They identify barren planets amenable to life then travel to the planets and 'seed' key water courses with their DNA during a ritual sacrifice in which one of the 'holy order' ingests a substance at the top of a key river/waterfall etc so that his/her dissolved DNA is distributed effectively. The 'substance': The substance is an extreme DNA attractor catalyst whereby the DNA of any host it inhabits seeks new types with which to recombine. If none are available it just breaks the host down into composite parts ready for recombination when other organic molecules are available. On barren planets over millennia this 'forced evolution' would result in many types of organism, some of which became self sustaining through non-destructive forms of reproduction, and because the original substance does not reproduce itself, over a large enough area the original molecules would become dilute enough to be selected out. However, this only works if the original seeding begins at very elemental levels and the parasitic procreation occurs within single and simple multi-cell organisms. Setting the cycle up with fully functional complex bodies creates a transformation that wreaks reproductive havoc (see below). The transformation: When the humans enter the sealed chamber and starting breathing organic microbes all over it (we know it was sealed, or at least pretty pristine because the dead engineer's head is undecomposed despite having been there for 2000 years) they introduce bacteria. The substance, already 'sweating' out of the vials in dilution, (possibly due to solid state movement over 2000 years) and activated by the water in the atmosphere the humans let in immediately reacts with the foreign contaminants and multiplies into highly-reactive bio-goo. The humans' footsteps have disturbed the soil of the chamber and worms are beginning to surface (these worms may also have been brought in on their boots from the soil outside into the chamber). The organic goo reaches the worms and is absorbed by their porous skin. Because worms can reproduce asexually the substance triggers the reproductive process. The result of combining the DNA mashing catalyst with the reproductive capabilities of fully functioning complex organisms is the gestation of a super-efficient 'embryo' that seeks to enhance it's continued evolution as directly as possible. The worms therefore spontaneously give birth to a new organism, which, having stripped the best DNA of the genetic code available from the parent bacteria and worm genes, turns out to be a proto face-hugger, i.e. an aggressively mobile and hyper developed independant sex organ that instinctively 'heat seeks' a new host in with which to impregnate the exomorph embryo. The xenomorph itself continues the DNA seeking process, grabbing the most aggressive strains from the host body during gestation. Doesn't matter that the host is killed because the DNA is already off doing it's business. The faith of the 'engineers': The 'seed' ships are a holy order based on a pristine rocky planet, in what were originally pyramids, but have since been eroded into mounds by violent silica dust storms. Their task is very ancient and venerable, so strains of the substance are kept in a vacuum sealed chamber watched over by a giant sculpture of the engineer's head, presumably a depiction of the 'Godhead' that this species believes itself to be, with murals depicting versions of the ultimate life they worship and aim to (re?)create. The engineers tasked with seeding from this pyramid were in their sleep chambers about to set off to earth when some how the rank and file staff were infected with the substance - not the alien-inducing goo but the pure substance itself. Maybe it got into the food. Realising what was happening some of them, having a deep fear for and respect of the holy code, rushed to the vaccuum chamber in attempt to maintain the sacrificial ritual by dying in the presence of the Godhead. Only one of them made it, possibly the door was shutting as part of emergency procedures or one of the others shut it from fear of besmirching the holy chamber. The substance in the dead engineer's head was kept at bay until the scientists came and reactivated it. The others died where they were, but the substance had no carriers or reactors so it died with them. The journey to earth: Benevolent view: The engineers were setting off on a routine check on their way to seed other planets, and would again be patiently explaining who they were and what they were doing. They'd then bugger off again for another 2000 years and our future selves would be deciphering the depictions of beautiful milky humanoids and their incomprehensible star maps on archaic media such as digital video. Non-benevolent view: they'd decided that this evolutionary process had f****d up by coming full circle to create an exact match for their own DNA, which was no good to anyone because they were interested in creating the ultimate life form, not the same old same old. Especially when that species resembled a set of self-destructive idiot cousins. So they were headed back to reinfect the planet and start anew.


Jun-10-2012 10:13 AM

What you say sounds really nice. For example: "Helpers - "g"ods - Igigi - Engineers. (Android like living beings....BIOmechanical humanoid. Key features- Pale skin and large black eyes. Also known as watchers, Grigori, and Archons) (in many summerian texts they are actually referred to as "Pilots". Pretty much the Annunaki Air Force.)" Because, oh my, the engineers in the movie had pale skin and large black eyes! But I can't find a single source saying the Igigi have these characteristics. Do you care to point to any source that mentions the characteristics of the Igigi (since, as you say, you 'did the research, and it was all true.')? And this source better not be a wacko-website. It should be from the texts themselves or from graphical depictions from the Sumerians themselves. In other words, it shouldn't be a baseless assertion from an ancient alien fanatic. Also, your rant is basically just a bunch of foreign words thrown in that seem to have no connection whatsoever. For example, you start calling a weapon 'xenos', which as far as I know is just a Greek word for "stranger." This, of course, gives your rant an official feel - Hey! He has an official word for secret alien weapon technology that seems to have come from Sumeria! - But it is instead just a crock of unverified shit. Shame on all of you posters for claiming that this post makes sense without actually verifying a thing - because if you had even Googled the slightest detail, you would have uncovered the shit within his post.


Jun-10-2012 10:18 AM

This is a great theory! The idea of the engineers as synthetics or created beings makes sense and explains a scene in the movie I felt was odd in a meaningful way. Right after the remaining engineer was woken, David speaks to it (we don't know what he says), the engineer pets him in a sympathic or recognizing manner. Of course this is before he rips off his head. But he does not show any of the humans the same affection, only the android. Just something to think about.

Mr.Yutani (Detective Hudson)

Jun-10-2012 10:27 AM

You have just solved the mystery behind Prometheus.


Jun-10-2012 1:06 PM

I was worried for the sequel due to how complicated and possibly silly throwing in another group of humans from earth would be like, especially when Shaw could simply tell them to turn the hell around. As human viewers, we need something human like to relate to on the screen to get emotionally involved, thus the dilemma. How are more people going to get dragged into Prometheus 2? After reading this thread, it seems only natural that if indeed Shaw does go further and end up on another planet with engineers, or annunaki, that there will be a slave race of humans as well.


Jun-10-2012 1:29 PM

@Tedbradley WTH are you talking about? These myths are taken straight off cunieform tablets. the term xeno is a term used to describe the alien we all know. The sumerians didnt use the word xeno. Everything thing in the post about the sumerians is "factual" going by the stone tablets. You talk about not doing research? Obviously you have done none.


Jun-10-2012 2:46 PM

@Tedbradley I largely agree with Galzu. By "largely" I mean that Sitchin, Pye and others have interpreted some of the original Sumerian texts liberally in support of the broad "Ancient Aliens" theories and assertions, but at the core, this is where the reference mythology comes from, from Sumer. The research is solid. [i]Idle were those of heaven above, they had the Igigi toil under the corvée. They were digging canals, irrigation ditches for the gods, the life of the land. The gods toiled under the corvée night and day while debating and cursing, while complaining in the excavation: "Come on, let's confront our chamberlain, so that he will abolish our heavy corvée from us![/i] Corvée is essentially "indentured servitude."


Jun-10-2012 3:09 PM

There is nothing new unde the sun. King David said that. I quoted him because the premise for the movie has been retold over and over. This time space is being used as the stage. The human species knows nothing about its past. We are o ignoran to the truth. To our origin. Maybe a movie like Prometheus will bring up questions that have to be asked. What is mans true origin. Maybe we are just experiments gone wrong. The mo Prometheus is a combination of facts and ideas from men like Erich Van Danick, and HP Lovecraft. We are not alone my friends.


Jun-10-2012 7:34 PM

This offers a great angle to the story. A question that I am trying to tie into this all is that there appears to be two different types of engineers. At the beginning we see a more humanoid version give life to the river, while the discovery of the one in the facility is covered in more exoskeletal features. What's more is that these exoskeletal features, in my opinion, do not seem to be a suit worn (as can be compared to the engineer suits seen, actually the figure line released by NECA help illustrate this). Rather, it seems to be almost crossed with xeno features at a genetic level. Could this tie into the dragon-like humanoids of the annunaki or is there two separate factions worshiping separate biological superiors? Something else entirely? Death and life? I have no idea.


Jun-10-2012 8:30 PM

@Galzu I asked for a simple reference to and quotation to the cuneiform texts. I didn't ask for your reassurance that it comes from those texts. @sukkal No, the research is not solid. I asked for Sumerian texts that describe the Igigi as having pale skin and bold, black eyes (which would be rather stunning). I didn't ask for some text about the Igigi working in farms and then rebelling against their bosses (which is rather unremarkable and doesn't verify any of the stunning claims). And you didn't even name the piece of literature from which your quotations come (even though they themselves do not justify the imaginative story-telling in the OP). So I'll give you the challenge again: Tell me which (and where in it) Sumerian text describes the Igigi in such a way that matches with the humanoid aliens from Prometheus so exactly. If you can't verify nearly the first fact stated, I can't really trust any of it.


Jun-10-2012 9:38 PM

Even though this is a theory/mythology thread, Tedbradley insists on turning it into a history lesson. The sumerian tablets to refer to are the Enuma Elish -creation story and the Atra Hasis-uprising story. Most of the physical evidence of the Igigi are only in pottery of figurines and cave paintings with huges black eyes. The written account of their appearance is best found in the Book of Enoch. In it, God explicitly explains to Enoch that the Watchers (Angels/Igigi/Archons) appear to be alive but are not. They are not of earth, and each specializes in a certain task or discipline. They are replicas of the Gods not created through childbirth. They are "grown" and not born. Taller than men, Fair (white) skin and large black eyes. They are androids. They are called "watchers" because of their task and their most defining feature is their unusually large dark eyes. Humans on the other hand are BIOLOGICAL replicas of the Gods. The best current day correlation to them are descriptions of Grey aliens (Greek Archons). In many credible abduction accounts, females are taken more than men, their is something going on that has to do with reproduction, and the "teams" usually consist of one "overseer" large grey (IGIGI) and a team of smaller dimunitive greys thats do all the "work" (clones) Sounds alot like the fallen igigi trying to be the "gods" to me. Even doing the same things they did that caused the deluge in the first place. its funny the burden of proof is placed on others in a "theory" thread by you, when you couldve easily researched this yourself.


Jun-10-2012 11:26 PM

@mertber, interesting thread and I agree to the possibility that the engineers are only workers and soldiers. On the other hand I do not think they are androids, because Shaw took DNA samples from the head and came to the conclusion that had the same type of DNA that they are organic beings. But if they created us then who created them? Well, maybe the true Gods as you say.


Jun-11-2012 1:21 AM

To clarify, Akkadian, Sumerian are Semetic not Persian. For all the research you did, I'm surprised you'd make such a glaring mistake. No matter, the movie was terrible, regardless what mythology they used.


Jun-11-2012 3:57 AM

Couldn't this also explain the "Engineers" reaction to finding out that David is a robot/android? If the Engineers are the slaves/former slaves/artificial life that the Annunaki made, and humans are the biological versions of the Annunaki, seeing us creating artificial slaves just in the same way the Annunaki did with the engineers, might that have been what set him off?


Jun-11-2012 5:23 AM

Maybe the Predators are the devotional 'dog' in a more evolved form? I loved this. The more I read about the Annunaki, the more it rings true to some very deep part of me. Speaking of depth, this movie was very deep. Which is why I'm afraid it won't do very well.


Jun-11-2012 9:39 AM

Oh, that's it.. interesting huh! Prometheus [url=]1[/url], [url=]2[/url], [url=]3[/url], [url=]4[/url], [url=]5[/url], [url=]6[/url], [url=]7[/url].


Jun-11-2012 10:29 AM

Best explanation yet!


Jun-11-2012 10:43 AM

Very good theory and one that does fit all the peices of the puzzle.... Shaw will find a different race than the Engineers, the Engineers are something they created to perform Engineering/Gardening and Terraforming... Only one band of Engineers took it upon themselves to create mankind without the concent of the higher cast/Gods.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-11-2012 12:32 PM

All life on Earth from single-celled to modern humans shares a common ancestral DNA. If the engineers seeded life on earth as in the panspermia theory, they would have done so approximately 4 billion years ago. This means the opening scene with the Dr. Manhattan/Voldemort-looking alien took place 2-4.5 billion years in the past in order for his DNA to have seeded all life on Earth. Fast forward to when the engineers all died or went into stasis a mere 2,000 years ago. Why does their species appear EXACTLY THE SAME? They haven't evolved at all, while humans meanwhile have evolved from simple life forms into mammals, higher mammals, apes, primitive humans, modern humans and now have advanced technology and are capable of space travel. Meanwhile, the "engineers" haven't aged a day and their technology is roughly the same as it was thousands, millions, or billions of years ago. Also, when Dr. Shaw analyzes the DNA of the dead engineer, the computer says the DNA is a "match." If the engineers only visited Earth much more recently (tens of thousands of years ago in the cave paintings) and created humanity with DNA identical to their own, then modern humans would look identical to the Dr. Manhattan/Voldemort aliens. If the DNA matched completely, humans would HAVE TO look just like the aliens. No way around it.


Jun-11-2012 1:09 PM

@MolokoPlus— [url=]Sumerian[/url] is not Semitic [i]per se[/i]. It is/was an [url=]isolate[/url]. Though due to extended contact, a pragmatic [url=]Sprachbund[/url] between the two is assumed.

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