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I'd laugh if it wasn't so sad

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May-28-2012 1:46 PM

Now, I remember why I stopped going to the movies (until June 8th). They are f***ing remaking Carrie and, no, no, no, The Exorcist? I wonder if they will have a hot actress playing Carrie White? Maybe it will be the winner of one of these American Idle shows? F***ing awesome! I can't keep up the joke about it anymore. The Exorcist is the final insult. But it is as TV show, so it's okay. It shows more originality, right? Just like the Carrie miniseries that was intended to be a tv show. They are still shopping it around so maybe it will not be picked up. But even attempting this crap is worthy of having a chestburster and an ass climber attack you at the same time. No more "well, we've been telling the same stories for eons, it is what we do as humans . . ." bs that I have even tried to use myself in a vain attempt to make it seem ok. This is just freaking pathetic. Do people people pay to see this? People actually put down their hard earned money to watch Rob Zombie remake a movie where the only suspense is how many times they will say the word "fuck" before the closing credits? It's their money, I guess.

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May-28-2012 1:53 PM

"People actually put down their hard earned money to watch Rob Zombie remake a movie where the only suspense is how many times they will say the word "fuck" before the closing credits?" SO's depressing.....

Forever War

May-28-2012 2:02 PM

These days are why it is very rare for me to go to a theater anymore..the last time I was waiting like this was A.I. I feel that movies are a sunset industry and although they have certainly felt threatened in the past, this time it's for real...I think what will survive are these film experiences on a grander scale which cannot be duplicated in the home. Just as the music industry profitablity got washed away by the arrival of easy to use digital tech, so shall the movie industry evolve as well.


May-28-2012 2:04 PM

You know, Craigamore, I am going to go into Prometheus with no expectations, whatsoever. Maybe I am fooling myself and am expecting greatness based on past success, but I am going to try, at least, to not demand that from Scott. I am going to let the movie just wash over me. And if it is great, wonderful. If it is not, at least it will have been an attempt to do SOMETHING new with a familiar universe. But it will probably be the only movie I have paid for since 2010. And no plans to put money down for anything else in the pipe either!


May-28-2012 2:09 PM

I think you said it perfectly, Forever War. Maybe it is inevitable. Maybe gaming is the new art form. I don't know. I must admit to letting it totally go right by me, but I remember a Bradbury story about the connection of movies and gaming. Either way, there are so many great movies, I, for one, will never tire of.


May-28-2012 2:13 PM

Agreed on all fronts


May-28-2012 2:34 PM

I don't really understand what the OP was trying to say or what the connection to Prometheus was. From what I can gather, he is angry that there are remakes and people pay money to go see them. I do not belong to the camp of people who get angry about remakes. If you like the original then don't go see the remake. Many people like to have the original and then also see someone else's take on the subject many years later. I do not think movies are some sacred thing that need to be guarded from people who want to make remakes or TV shows from them. Alien Resurrection was a big-budget original film, are you seriously telling me you wouldn't have rather they took those resources and made a big-budget remake of Aliens or Alien?


May-28-2012 2:47 PM

The OP isn't talking about Prometheus, he posted this in the Community section, which doesn't pertain to Prometheus. I'm ok with some remakes but some aren't a good idea. They have already re-made Carrie, and there are all sorts of Exorcist like movies. I don't think you could make The Exorcist any better. Now some older movies that didn't do so well like Dune would be cool. An example of a good re-make IMO was Dawn of the Dead. The first was just corny, but I enjoyed the second one.


May-28-2012 3:01 PM

speaking of [i]the exorcist[/i], actually I liked [i]Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist[/i], I mean the Paul Schrader version ..I dunno if it hit the theaters in 2005 big or it was only released as DVD, but..nice. Or [i]Omen[/i], a REAL classic, with Gregory Peck..fantastic..also the second part, [i]Damien[/i] . This were the films that went under my skin as a teen.. BUT they had to do Omen 3..and the new versions.. arrghhhhh..[i]we were wrong..[/i]


May-28-2012 3:09 PM

As the OP, I can tell you what I mean. 1. This is the community section so there need be no connection to Prometheus. Read the homepage. 2. People can see all the remakes they want. I wasn't expressing anger at people seeing remakes, but genuine befuddlement. 3. Movies aren't some sacred thing. Neither is music. Neither are tv shows. So I won't get into some "movies are art" argument as you don't seem to feel that is worthy. I'll just stick to the consumer side of things. And if movie prices are going to keep going up and if I have to sit through tv commercials on top of paying 16 dollars, then, as a consumer, I feel free to complain about the product. I am not going to be fed a clump of crap and told it is chocolate ice cream. But just because it is a remake doesn't make it crap, right? Right. But when there is virtually nothing BUT remakes coming out, it is akin to going to a car dealership and being told I can pick any car, so long as it is black. And a Ford. 4. On a side note, I do think great movies are art. And if one is to remake them, one should have a very definite reason, a new take, apart from studio execs thinking this could be a hit again, just with younger prettier faces. If someone were to remake Michelangelo's David, we would all laugh, I think. Or Leonardo's Last Supper. Maybe say, nice copy, but what else can you do? I think remaking The Exorcist is as worthy of laughter. But I guess because it is a movie, it is different.

Forever War

May-28-2012 3:28 PM

Remakes and sequels are not my thing at all, but I have to admit that the re-imagining of "Sleepy Hollow" and "Planet Of The Apes" were not all that bad..."Sleepy Hollow" existed for me as the Disney version...there are others in that category as well that I thought were good efforts. But some things were made true to the material the first time around and to remake or sequel them smacks of pure easy greed considering they are already properties of the people who redo don't have to pay anyone to write something new. I don't think Prometheus was that case, however, I feel it was more Fox wanting a prestige director attached to their studio....and considering their bottom line, the prospect of Ridley making a Blade Runner sequel must have great appeal. And Fox also has the film rights to The Forever War and I believe that is the ultimate carrot Fox held out in front of Ridley But I go and remake something like "SlaughterHouse 5" would be a's fine just as it is.

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