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Funniest moment in Alien

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May-19-2012 8:43 PM

Watching it recently, two scenes made me laugh out loud, intentionally. The first is when Dallas, Ripley and Ash are looking for the now missing facehugger. Ripley is walking towards Kane when a loud crash is heard causing Ripley to scream. We then see Dallas looking all meek and embarrassed, having dropped his crap. He just says sorry with a goofy smile. Every time I watch this, I find it better and better. The second is when Parker and Brett argue against landing. Brett says, "We don't know it's intelligent," after Ash has explained any signal from an intelligent source has to be investigated and Dallas has explained that the signal is from some source that is a repeating acoustic beacon signal, implicitly intelligent. Not many light moments in Alien, but these two are great.

16 Responses to Funniest moment in Alien


May-19-2012 11:35 PM

Even though its during a very intense scene, I get a chuckle at the close up of the Xeno checking Jonesy out in his container. I don't know how they manage to make those TEETH so expressive.


May-19-2012 11:37 PM

"I'd rather be eating something else." Took me a while to get it, but when I did it was FUNNY! As a 7 year old, I didn't understand why Lambert looked so scandalized, but still laughed. Later I realized. Same thing with Arcturian Poontang.

Safe? Of course he isn't safe, but he's good!


May-19-2012 11:52 PM

for me it's always been Parker farting with his coffee cup in hand and knowingly doing a "one cheek sneak" and me knowing that Ridley Scott left that in intentionally.


May-20-2012 1:08 AM

I left Parker out because there are just too many moments lol


May-20-2012 1:12 AM

To me it was always when Ripley asked how the motion tracker worked and Ash said "micro-changes in air density" Just the way he said it and the look on his face was like "Why the fuck do you need to know?" I laugh every time I hear it. Also, the fact that he's an android just makes it that much funnier.


May-20-2012 1:45 AM

Wasnt there a deleted scene where the alien was looking at and checking out Jonesy, I guess our feline friend was deemed inadequate and the alien slaps the cage out of its way? I think I saw it very long time ago. That was pretty funny to me.


May-20-2012 1:53 AM

You may have seen this already, but for me it was [url=]in the theater[/url], not on the screen. I have NEVER seen anything this funny on any screen unless it was in [i]Idiocracy[/i].


May-20-2012 3:00 AM

Seconds to Ash and his comment to Ripley. The look Ian Holm gives on camera is the look everyone in the world wishes they could do to some co-worker. Its priceless, I wonder if he practiced rolling his eyeballs out of his head or if it comes naturally.


May-20-2012 3:13 AM

Funniest Moment in Alien: [img][/img]


May-20-2012 8:12 AM

I dont want any heroics from you parker...said it all. the shit stiring and joking comes from the techies. Totally relate to there characters.

Ghaim Overman

May-20-2012 10:33 AM

For me it was when Ripley went down to speak with Parker and Brett and had to yell over all the noise from the steam leak. Then as soon as she leaves Parker just turns it off, amused.


May-20-2012 3:38 PM

I too love Ash's expression when Ripley asks him about the motion tracker, and Ripley's face in response (Wow... why did I ask it?...) I agree with all of the above, about parker, but I'd like to mention another scene that makes me chuckle everytime: when Parker cleans his seat after having politely asked Ash to leave it.

Ridley Scott will eventually tell us how the Queen was born. Right now we have the Deacon; coming soon the Mercury, the May and the Taylor.


May-20-2012 3:40 PM

"Micro changes in air density." Yes. That scene is brilliant. Ian Holm. Enuff said.


May-21-2012 10:10 AM

@MU/TH/UR 6000 I too love Ash's "micro changes in air density" reply, but I also love the follow up when Ripley is looking for the escaped chest burster and mumbles to herself " 'Micro changes in air density' my ass!"


May-21-2012 7:54 PM

I also like when Ripley, Lambert and Kane are trying to figure out where the heck they are. Ripley lets them know that's not our system. Kane looks completely confused about everything, and Lambert gives the F*@k look. By the end of the scene, Kane still is clueless about what happened, Ripley has the Bitch I told you this aint our system why am I trying to talk to someone who is light years away, and Lambert gives that smile and says F-you Ripley I already know that. Classic.


May-23-2012 3:34 PM

I definitely laughed at ripley when she parker and the other pilot were talkin about raises and she got smart because the vent was blowing and they couldnt hear her lol

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