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Negative Nellie

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May-19-2012 1:10 AM

So I just have to get if off my e-chest. The part of the trailer where Shaw says, "If we don't so and so we won't have any earth to go back to . . ." or something along those lines, makes me cringe. The line and the delivery are just so unintentionally goofy. May work in a Michael Bay flick or something. Damn I hate that part. Only thing about the trailer I hate. Everything else is gold.

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May-19-2012 1:20 AM

Yeah, hear what your'e saying there. Kinda poor dialogue, but there's others too....


May-19-2012 1:23 AM

The line is "if we don't stop it, there won't be any home to go back to" I take it as a VERY BIG decision is being made (crashing their ship, their only way home into the juggernaut) for the preservation of Earth. I don't have a problem with the line myself.


May-19-2012 1:28 AM

dammitimadoctor, I hope very few others. One of the great things about Alien was the in the moment dialogue. And so much silence. I wonder if we're going to be pounded with heavy portentous sentences and "here comes a scary part" music. But now I am getting too negative. Great name, btw. McCoy is the man.


May-19-2012 1:31 AM

Cinefan, You say tomato and I say potato. or is it potatoe? Better get Dan Quayle on the horn or we won't have any potatoes left to go back to.


May-19-2012 1:31 AM

Are you talking about the way she says it or the line itself? Because if you're talking about the way she says it, I've actually heard two voiceovers for the line. One of them sounds corny as fuck and I hate it, and the other sounds kind of cool. Either way, it seems like good dialogue to me if it's delivered right.


May-19-2012 1:32 AM

Interesting how someone brought this up. It's about the only thing that hit me with a baby-palm sized slap of mediocrity... It DIDN'T SOUND lame...More like, the words were... Meh...Nothing to worry about. After Prometheus is released. Uncle Sam is gonna want Michael Bay *finger pointing toward person looking @ poster*... To eat a D*CK! This movie will urinate all over the generic, incomplex ****pile that is Transformers... Another hyped/commercialized steaming pile of POOP, if you ask me. SLIGHTLY watchable...But... Meh... Nothing that i'd EVER watch again. Even if someone paid me. Ridley Scott is the reason why i watch movies. To convey imagination, and pure entertainment. And to take me to a belieavable world... Just, pure entertainment. Simply, put.


May-19-2012 1:36 AM

I just thought of Scott saying this is like 2001 on steroids (again). I can only imagine Bowman turning to Poole and saying, all sombre and wide eyed, "we better turn HAL off, or there won't be any earth to go home to." Or something like that. But I am just being picky.


May-19-2012 1:40 AM

@Muthr I think it is mostly the delivery.


May-19-2012 1:40 AM

Sometimes lines sound cheesier when taken out-of-context and thrown into a trailer. I'll wait for the full film and proper context to decide how this one's played. :o)

Bonus Situation

May-19-2012 2:32 AM

I love that line from Shaw. It gets right to the point. It is exactly what I would say if I knew what she knew.


May-19-2012 2:55 AM

The next member to lash out at another member is getting banned. I'm sick of this childish behavior over the simplest things. I JUST updated our rules thread with a code of conduct which I expect everyone here to follow. Failure to abide by these simple guidelines will revoke your right to enjoy and contribute to this website. For those involved - [url=]REFRESH YOUR MEMORY ON OUR FORUM RULES AND CONDUCT AGREEMENT[/url]. I won't lock this, but keep negativity to yourself. Thank you.

Alien: Covenant | Predator 4

David 1

May-19-2012 6:41 AM

From an aesthetics point of view, that line Shaw says is a bit goofy - Not What She Says, rather THE WAY she says it -, but it's a rather short part of a longer sequence. The first impression I had - and it sticked - was "overacting". I don't know where or who or what Shaw is looking at but her facial expression and her eyes seems somewhat empty. But, then again, how can I judge a shot without the rest of it's momentum?

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May-19-2012 4:06 PM

I don't understand the nitpicking. The line is fine, the way Shaw delivered it (frightened, determined - nowhere near "empty") is fine. Never got the appeal of dissecting one line of a movie. I know the first clip of Avengers (Widow tied to a chair, fight scene afterward) had people complaining about three lines of dialogue - three lines that sounded perfectly appropriate for the scene and character. Yet, fanboys screamed CHEESY, and CLICHE. Sometimes I wonder if people like complaining more than praising?


May-19-2012 6:12 PM

It is just an observation about the trailer. I would say one can do just the opposite and pick out every second of the trailer as a work of genius as many have done. I guess that makes me apostate, lol. But on a larger note, I think the dialogue of Alien is so naturalistic and never equaled or even attempted in the sequels. I just put "naturalistic/conversational" dialogue as one of my forlorn hopes for most American/US produced flicks. When it happens, I usually, not always, but usually like everything else about the flick.

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