Nadia le Roux, Theron's Stand-In Speaks of Fury Road Experience

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NoobMember0 XPDec-29-2012 8:46 PMInterior designer and mother [b]Nadia le Roux[/b] has relished walking in [b]Charlize Theron's[/b][b][b][/b][/b] dusty boots. She also got to wear the leading lady's leather pants while working as the stand-in for Theron's character, Furiosa, during filming of [b]Mad Max 4: Fury Road.[/b] [center] [b] Nadia le Roux[/b] [IMG][/IMG][/center] Le Roux, 29, was hired for two weeks to pose as Theron in scenes for the Australian action movie, which is being filmed in [b]Swakopmund, Namibia[/b], and at [b]Cape Town Film Studios[/b]. On set she exchanged greetings with British actor[b] Tom Hardy[/b]. Le Roux also fooled around with[b] Zoë Kravitz[/b], daughter of singer Lenny; [b]Riley Keough[/b], the granddaughter of Elvis Presley; and Transformers actress [b]Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.[/b] "Basically, as Charlize's stand-in, my job was to do all her movements before she arrived on set, so that the equipment is ready and adjusted when she gets there," said Le Roux. "For example, I would put on goggles and hold a rifle as she would, so they can check the lighting and see how to fit the props into a frame." Le Roux is about 1.8m tall and Theron 1.77m. "Apart from our height, our measurements are very similar. One day I even had to wear Charlize's leather pants and boots," she said. Le Roux said interaction between shoots was governed by a strict social hierarchy. "There's a pecking order. I couldn't just go to the actors and talk to them but, if they approached me, it was OK to respond. "Not just anyone would approach the big-name actors like Charlize or Tom for a chat." The brunette beauty wrapped up filming late on Wednesday, after featuring in a gruelling sandstorm scene. "There was a huge fan with sand blowing everywhere ... the vehicle was shaking and it really was quite frightening." Theron made headlines when she shaved her hair for the film. Le Roux was asked to do the same but refused, and the movie bosses relented. She was appointed Theron's stand-in just two days after her engagement to sales rep Gareth Nel. "It's such a happy time for us," Le Roux said. "My fiancé just loves my hair, so I asked the film's people if I could please keep it." Nel was allowed on the set on Wednesday. He said: "Initially, they said no family, but we managed to get a visitor's pass on the very last day." Le Roux grew up in the fishing village of[b] St Helena Bay[/b] on the West Coast. Her father, Pieter, was a mechanic at a seafood factory and her mother, Karen, managed the local hotel. She matriculated at [b]Augsburg Landbougimnasium[/b] in [b]Clanwilliam[/b] and has a five-year-old daughter, Karelize, from a previous marriage. The brunette beat hundreds of Theron-wannabes just weeks after joining[b] S&L Model Scouts[/b] in [b]Brackenfell, Cape Town[/b]. Agency owner [b]Lizelle Meyer[/b] told how she had persuaded Le Roux to sign with the company. "Nadia brought her little girl, Karelize, to register with our agency. We were in awe of how beautiful Nadia was herself, so I convinced her to register as well. Two weeks later she went to meet with the assistant director of Mad Max and was confirmed on the movie." Le Roux took a fortnight off from her interior design job to double for Theron. The modelling agency also provided three male actors who featured as "war boys" in the movie. One of them,[b] Jean Freysen[/b], 24, from [b]Brackenfell[/b], said he still had carpet burns after filming. "The war boys live to fight and to die in glory," he said. "We were made up for about an hour before filming, where fake scars and loads of sores were applied. We did a lot of action scenes ..." Both Le Roux and Freysen were impressed by the baddie, [b]Nathan Jones[/b]. Jones was sentenced to 16 years in prison for eight armed robberies before he turned to professional wrestling and eventually acting in Australia. He famously fought Brad Pitt's character, Achilles, in the film [b]Troy[/b]. Freysen said: "Nathan Jones is a huge guy, we were all actually very scared of him! But he was really friendly and ate with us regular people in the common tent. He did have, like, two plates of food at a go." Now that filming is over, Le Roux's next quest is to get her Christmas shopping done. But, she said: "Nothing will be as exciting as this movie again." [b]Resource:[/b] [url=]Article found here at[/url]
[url=]Visit the Mad Max: Fury Road Forums today![/url]
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