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I considered this alternate actor:Steve Peacocke as a possible actor for Mad Max

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Dec-24-2012 7:25 AM

Do not get me wrong,I very much look forward to seeing what Tom Hardy does as either the 'next generation' of Mad Max or a revamped version of the tried-and-tested character. I equally thought that this actor from Home and Away: Steve Peacocke would have equally been an interesting choice for Mad Max also. He has similarities to Mel Gibson in many ways and he is a pretty good actor as well - and he's an Aussie! Bonus for George Miller! [img][/img] ( A cross-section comparison of different guises of Mel gibsons portrayle of Mad Max as compared with Steve Peacocke as a possible with Tom Hardy at the end for an over-all comparison too! ) I'm supsised that they did not approach him as he has striking similarities for what I have seen of his acting ability and his mannerisms as his character traits in Home and Away as Daryl Brax is quite gritty and often bordering on violent at times which would have been perfect for a bad-ass anti hero character such as that of Mad Max. He's also a relative unknown which may have helped to serve his making the character of the new Max 'his own'. Who knows, perhaps he was already approached and did not make the final audition, it was just a thought and a shame that he never made it as a consideration for the role. Equally, I do think however that Tom Hardy will make a fine portrayle of another gruff and egotistical, almost mystical character. Perhaps Steve Peacocke will find a role in the eventual sequels that will inevitably follow suit as a new updated trilogy of the franchise is planned, so we shall see!

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