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How many times are you going to watch Prometheus?

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Apr-12-2012 3:11 AM

As per title, how many times are you going to watch Prometheus? Just one? Twice? Every day? I think a couple of times, just in case I miss some details the first time. And if it is really mind-blowing, even some more times, so I wouldn't suffer from withdrawal until it is released on Blu-Ray.

Ridley Scott will eventually tell us how the Queen was born. Right now we have the Deacon; coming soon the Mercury, the May and the Taylor.
10 Responses to How many times are you going to watch Prometheus?


Apr-12-2012 3:20 AM

i'll start with once end may. then i'll wait for the Bluray and watch some more times depenidng on how much i liked it, or on stuff i want to review to see more details that escaped from me.


Apr-12-2012 3:25 AM

If it's good, once. If it's great, once and try to sneak in without paying a second time but get scared, lose my cool and somehow end up seeing Madagascar 3. If it's bad, one half. Like I did with Phantom Menace. Walked right out of the fucker.


Apr-12-2012 3:35 AM

Ah, if it's bad I just sleep through it!

Ridley Scott will eventually tell us how the Queen was born. Right now we have the Deacon; coming soon the Mercury, the May and the Taylor.


Apr-12-2012 5:35 AM

I watched each of the LotR-Movies seven to eight times. If I cn find Prometheus in 2D (as I'm wearing glasses the 3D-glasses above them make me suffer a lot) and if I like the movie (as I loved ALIEN) I'll go watch it several times. Especially if the soundtrack and the sound effects are good. I can fully get lost in a movie because of sound, not that much because of optical effects. But it's another 56 and something to wait!

the coming

Apr-12-2012 11:59 AM

if it does a phantom menace once...if it is dark and atmospheric the way I imagine it to be it w il get rinsed more times than alien which I have seen around 40 times


Apr-12-2012 12:37 PM

I'll probably see it at least twice in theaters. I'll buy the movie when it comes out, too. Right now, I only have a DVD player, but that might suffer a catastrophic failure right around the time Prometheus comes out on Blu-Ray. Pity, I'll have to buy a Blu-Ray player...what a coincidence.

Fall down seven times, get up eight.


Apr-12-2012 12:39 PM

i am staying in that 3D Imax theater and watching it over and over and over until they pry the playbill or concession stand type movie magazine from my cold dead fingers.


Apr-12-2012 12:40 PM

I liked this answer too [quote]27 Times.[/quote]


Apr-12-2012 12:41 PM

Twice Stoned...once sobber in 3d of course

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