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Burger King JP 3d toys

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NoobMember0 XPMar-17-2013 7:20 PMnow this wont be one of the MOST exciting things that ill have posted but oh well for the re-release of jurassic park 3d burger king is teaming up with the franchise to provide us with some sort of toys (in there kids meals) but if its like the first jp or TLW they'll as hammond once put it "spared no expense" so by my bet is we'll get jp cups,jp burger wrappers and something else... but they've had that jp logo on there website ( ) for some time now heres what some of the other fan sites had to say jp legacy member _Veritas_ said "That's right folks! For the first time since The Lost World: Jurassic Park in 1997 Jurassic Park is hitting the fast food market! Seen on the Burger King BK Crown Website is the Jurassic Park logo (the same one that we have been seeing for some number of years now.) No news yet as to what is to be expected, but it can be assumed that it will coincide with the release of Jurassic Park: 3D. Jurassic Park was previously supported/promoted by McDonald's in 1993 during the original release of the film. During the release of The Lost World: JP promotion switched switched hands to Burger King and they had a set of collectors watches that were sold to the public. Stay tuned for more updates!" no news on what the toys (they MIGHT go with something from one of the pass movies" are but they could be watches or "Dino battlers" or something else? heres what jp toys member Carcharodontosaurus had to say "We have received word that Burger King will also add a little something (hopefully toys!) to their kids meals for JP:3D. It seems that Burger King keeps up their tradition with JP, so keep a close eye on them! Also check out their homepage for the Jurassic Park announcement! Also in other news, JP:3D toys by Hasbro have been found in a Toys "R" Us in Malaysia! Does this mean they are not entirely North America exclusive? Check your local Toys "R" Us and let us know if you found anything!" ill keep you all posted if i find anything else. -x_paden_x

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