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Zilla Reboot Fan Fic Cast

Zilla Reboot Fan Fic Cast

Scified2014-08-28 10:24:04https://www.scified.com
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Second Lieutenant Peter Ryans (Liam Hemsworth) Main HUMAN protagonist, 25 years old, love interest is Gwen Andersons


Gwen Andersons (Emma Stone) She is 23, and a student studying nuclear physics. She suspects that Peter has a crush on her.


Major John Ryans (Chris Hemsworth) Pete's older brother, 2nd in charge of Petes squad


Lieutenant Colonel Mason Maivia(Dwayne Johnson) Leader of Petes squad, a nice guy to know but can be serious if he wants to


First Lieutenant Terry Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) Petes friend in his squad, the joker, even in the most serious of situations


Captain Vincent Parker (Jay Ryan) The third in charge of the squad, serious mostly but cheers up a little around his wife. 




Zilla [Jr] : A 255 ft tall, prehistoric creature. A great, great, great, great, great grandfather of the modern iguana. He weighs 64 567 tons to be exact. He is a rare sub-species of normal Zillas, he is larger and more closely related to Godzillas. Do far only 2 members of this sub-species have ever existed (Zilla Jr and his mate) 567 ft long (head to tail) [170 meters]


Unknown Kaiju [I havent thought of a name yet]: An iguana that was mutated by the Bikini Atoll Castle Bravo bomb. It is a quadreped but does occasionally walk like a biped. 200 ft tall when quadrepedal, and 255 ft tall when bipedal. It has acid-breath that can burn anything, just like when gas is on any object, it can still burn, however it has to be careful how long it can use it for, because he can die from using it too much or too long. The reason LegendaryGoji hasnt gone after it was because it wasnt disrupting any balance, just hunting fish and whales, it had also knew Godzilla would come after it if it was disrupting balance. However after LegendaryGoji had fought the MUTOs, returned to the sea to heal his wounds, He knew he could be roam a bit more freely now. He then started attacking boats for fish. One day, however, while a ship was throwing out ots anchor, anchor landed in its eye, it eventually got it off and attacked and destroyed the boat. He started to go on a quest to destroy cities in revenge of his lost eye. On the way there it defeats Zilla Jr's mate and destroys all but one of their eggs, so Zilla jr goes out in revenge


So thats it for now, criticise me all you want for some of my crazy ideas.


Written by Godzilla316Published on 2014-08-28 10:24:04
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