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Zilla Jr: Earth's Second Defender - Chapter 3

Zilla Jr: Earth's Second Defender - Chapter 3

Scified2014-08-28 10:37:35https://www.scified.com
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(Petes Hotel Room, 10:52)

-So what do we do today?- says Vincent

-Yesterday we all whipped Terry's candy @$$ on Call Of Duty- says Mason

(Terry is still upset by it)

-Lets go squatchin- says Pete

-Chasing some 9 foot ape around in the forest at night, sorry im out- says Terry

-Come on, dont be a sissy Pearce, they wont hurt you- says Mason

-Fine, but meanwhile we gotta kill some time, its only 10:52- says Terry

-Lets play some more games, what else you got Pete?- says John

-Besides COD, only single players, Batman AK, Just Cause- says Pete

- By the way, I can understand Pete playing video games, but why are we playing video games when we all over 30, especially you Mason, your like52- says Terry

-First of all, im 42, second of all, men never outgrow video games, the only reason we havent played them in a long time is because for the past 9 months, we've been looking for giant monsters- says Mason

-If im the only one in the squad who is mature enough to not play videogames, why am I the only one single?- says Terry

-Just because you play video games doesnt mean your immature and secondly, you are not mature enough to maintain a relationship- says John- you see Terry, everytime you think you say something smart, you end up saying something stupid

-Hey what about Pete, aint he single, or is he?- says Terry

Peter draws his knife and says- If you start again Terry, I swear I will..-

-Woah, woah, keep it cool, keep it cool- says Mason

-I wasnt gonna stab him anyway- says Pete

-Yeah right- says Vincent sarcastically

(Everybody laughs)


(Meanwhile, under the Pacific Ocean, near Hawaii)

Amblygon is wondering around. He swims close to a ship. He sees a school of fish, and decides to hunt them. He settles down and camouflages himself like a real chameleon. The ship then drops it anchor, unfortunately, the anchor is directly above Amblygons right eye. Amblygon doesnt see it coming, and it lands on his eye, piercing it and damaging it so badly that Amblygon cannot see through the eye anymore. He screeches out in pain and gets the anchor out his eye. He looks up to the source of it and heads to the ship. He swims straight up into the boat, ploughing it and breaking it in half. The crew are shocked and 3 had fallen of the ship. Amblygon then sprays his acidic breath on one half of the ship, melting it in seconds along with all the people on it. Then he just batters the other half of the ship. He thinks to himself, "Those pests, I'll make them pay, every single one of them". He then goes underwater to travel to the nearest city... California. As he is travelling underwater, he sees another figure, similar to his size, but very different in looks. Its Zilla Jr's mate, she looks like she is protecting her eggs. Amblygon roars our to her, telling her to get out of his way. She refuses, simply requesting him to swim around her. As she turns around, he attacks her full force, breaking one of her scutes, and crushing all but one of her eggs. She pushes him away, and she roars at him. Amblygon roars back at her, but then notices, her scutes are beginning to emit a green glow....

Written by Godzilla316Published on 2014-08-28 10:37:35
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