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Zilla Jr: Earth's Second Defender - Chapter 1

Zilla Jr: Earth's Second Defender - Chapter 1

Scified2014-08-28 10:36:11https://www.scified.com
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The whole fan fic takes place in California

This Chapter is most just Pete and Gwen meeting for the first time and talking, enjoy :)

-Dammit, not again- says John

-Pete, Pete wake up- screams John

Pete wakes up in a shock

-What happened?- asks Peter

-You passed out again-says John

-Dang man, you should stop doing that sh*t, if scares the hell out of us- says Terry

-Take the rest of the night off- says Mason

-I could give you lift- says Vincent

-I'll find my own way home- says Peter

Peter walks out of the club, while everyone seemingly forgets about him collapsing and continues dancing.

-I shoulda accepted his offer, where am I gonna find a cab?- thinks Peter to himself

-Hey, you ok?- says a blonde lady walking up to him, she was young, and really beautiful- Name is Gwen, I know First Aid so I would've helped until that guy came over- says Gwen

-Yeah im fine, he's my older brother- says Pete

-Do you need anything?- sags Gwen

-Sorry, I dont want to bother you at this time of the nig..- Pete is cut off

-No, No, its fine, my friends say im too kind because I usually help strangers without second thoughts, they say someone will mug me one day but I dont care- says Gwen

-No need to worry about me, Second Lieutenant Peter Ryans, that was my squad back there, im on leave- says Pete

-Ok so I guess im safe- says Gwen

-I just need a lift back to my hotel, no cabs around at this time- Pete

-Sure, follow me- says Gwen

(He follows her to her car)

-Did you really believe me when I said im in the army?- says Pete

-I can tell when people are lying- 

(They get inside the car, with Pete sitting next to the drivers)

-How old are you?- asks Pete

-23, im studying nuclear physics-

-Im 25, my dad always wanted my brother and I to join the army. He died in 1999 years ago. He was killed by the Janjira Power Plant failure. He was off duty and went to Japan with my mom. He was passing by the plant to see his old friend when the place collapsed and he got trapped under rubble-

-Sorry no its fine-

[I know he didnt say which hotel, and I didnt research hotels in California but just use your imagination to which he said where it is]

-We're here- says Gwen

-Thanks for the lift- says Pete

(As Peters about to get off)

-Hey Gwen, would you um... like to....- 

-...Go on a date- she finishes his sentence-Sure. Anytime. Here is mynumber [I dont know how USA numbers are formatted so use your imagination]

-Thanks- says Pete


Dont think im crazy for this lovy dovy scene but.. my sister says she loved how Gareth added human drama, so she was inspired and since I aint the romantic scene type guy, she said she would do most of the scenes. I help her with what they sorta say like I told her to write about how his father died in the Janjira failure. I also told her to write the "I dont know about thenumber formatting" stuff, in South Africa its like this: 079 654 3846 ( I dont think this is a real number, I just made it up so you get the idea of how its set up). 

Written by Godzilla316Published on 2014-08-28 10:36:11
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