Tipping the Cap to a new Cap! Potential replacement for the Star-Spangled Man with a Plan

Tipping the Cap to a new Cap! Potential replacement for the Star-Spangled Man with a Plan

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As many of you know, Avengers, Infinity War will making its debut as far as we know on May 4th 2018. Many of us Marvel fans are excited to see so many of our favorite heroes together on the big screen at once. There is one small dilemma though; there are rumors that this/these films will be the final films for some particular actors. The main focus of these rumors is Captain America, played by Chris Evans (Before we Go/Captain America: The First Avenger/Fantastic Four).

Now for portrayal of characters in super hero movies, few actors can master a role so well that we as fans think of them as soon as the character name is said. Jackman had Wolverine, Downey Jr. had Stark, and Evans most definitely had Steve Rogers. It will be difficult to think of the idea that he could potentially have to give up the red, white and blue to someone else, but unfortunately this is indeed inevitable if you have read the comics. 

The main reason so many people are getting the feeling that Rogers will be killed off is that supposedly Chris Evans only has one film left on his contract with Marvel; ergo either he has to renew the contract (which is yet to be revealed) or the more realistic choice is going to be that they follow the comics and have Cap killed and replaced. 

Now as much as parts of the MCU have been pretty close to the comic story line, Marvel and Disney have been showing that they are willing to be lenient in story progression compared to how things actually went down in the comics. A good example of this was the film Captain America: Civil War; which in reality was a full comic series starring copious heroes and villains across the Marvel Universe. Instead though they had eighty percent of the Avengers (Hulk and Thor are off doing Thor Ragnarok) and they fought on an airfield. 
Needless to say, it was lacking from the main story that was Civil War. This gives us the fans a notion that most likely if Cap does die in Infinity War, it probably will not be from a single sniper-shot from Crossbones (read "The Death of Captain America" comics). This also doesn't work since Crossbones was killed in Civil War, so they'll need to find a different execution method anyway.


Now just because Steve Rogers may meet his demise soon doesn't mean we won't have a Captain America leading the Avengers. There have been quite a few who have dawned the shield in honor of Cap. Though most likely seeing how Marvel films have been going so far, the title for the next Captain America will probably fall between the two most popular known characters to have done so in the comics.
Ironically they are both best friends to Steve Rogers.

It will most likely be a toss-up between Sam Wilson The Falcon, and James "Bucky" Barnes, better known as The Winter Soldier.

Now both these characters have been Captain America when Steve was out of the picture, but the question is; who is more qualified to dawn the vibranium shield and be known as the new Cap? Let's look at the pro's and cons for each individual.


Pros: Sam Wilson is known for his acrobatic fighting skills both on the ground and in flight with his Falcon tech. He is a strong leader and has a genuine good heart which makes him connect well to his team which would make them a stronger unit. Being a soldier before becoming an avenger makes him understand how to make the tough decisions at war;ensuring that keeping his team safe as well as accomplishing the mission are his top priorities. He is a damn good soldier and a genuine hero.

Cons: Unfortunately if you take away his tech, Sam is just a normal human man. He has no powers, no healing factor, nothing. As much as he does bring a lot to the table with military know-how and strategy, he is still not the Super-Soldier that Captain America was. 
Now if they can manage to recreate the Super-Soldier procedure and use it on Falcon, then we may have something here.


Pros: Bucky had fought alongside Cap when he had become The First Avenger. He was already a strong, intelligent soldier; capable of aiding Steve in his fight against Hydra.

Later on after Bucky's supposed death, he resurfaced with a bionic arm and a modified version of the Super-Soldier serum given to Steve. In this he became The Winter Soldier.
As the Winter Soldier, not many can match Bucky's fighting skills. He is nearly pound for pound as strong, fast, and intuitive as Captain America. He is extremely tactile and knows war better than most, making him a valuable asset in any Avenger mission.

Cons: Due to the mind games and mental programming from Hydra, Bucky's mind is in fact corruptible which can be brought out if the right person knows what to do (Civil War) which makes him a wild card and very dangerous to both himself and his team. Due to this he is paranoid, not trusting of himself, and will usually look out for only himself like an animal and run when things get tough. If Bucky is meant to take Steve's place, he needs to conquer his demons or else he will do more harm than good.


Needless to say, both characters have their reasons why they should and/or should not take on the role of Captain America. However, it will be very interesting to see the take that the writers pull if Steve does in fact pass the torch. Also, if you paid close attention in Civil War, you'd notice their slight but noticeable dislike of each other.

There seems to be a silent rivalry as to who is the true friend of Steve Rogers going on here. One is his long lost friend from the war, the other is the new best friend that bonded over combat. It is pretty evident they both deeply care for Steve and feel a jealousy for each other as to who is truly the friend Steve can count on. This could make for a very intriguing confrontation between Falcon and Winter Soldier as to who they think Steve would deem as his second as Captain America. Since Marvel has shown that they enjoy to pin heroes against each other, it wouldn't be surprising if they went down this road. 

Until we know more about Infinity War, all this is speculation. But if correct, this could change the MCU in a way that may do wonders, or hinder it greatly. We will just have to wait and see, and who knows, maybe our one-and-only Steve Rogers may not be down and out and could make a return. Right now nobody knows. 

Let's see what happens. Bring it on Marvel. 

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Written by Lupine RoninPublished on 2017-07-01 08:55:19
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