Theoretically speaking - New series, I'm slightly Insane. Ep.1

Theoretically speaking - New series, I'm slightly Insane. Ep.1

Scified2014-07-05 19:55:45
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New series.


Why not.

Now, During this series, I'm going to write about If I had a certain job, Or were a certain power... Or If something was "Theoretically" different.


I become a Major world Power- Theoretically speaking

If I were to become a Leader. The world (Or canada) Might be a better place. I set a Drink of Varying Choice aside, Once I finish that, The Episodes done.

Theoretically speaking.

Crime would not be allowed to grow, For, Depending on the Crime, Different Punishments would be Issued. All horrible.

Crime would not be able to start, For at the slightest hint of Bullying, The bully would be Monitored, Or in the worst cases, Enuthanized.

For those Less Fortunate, Or less poor, A lower Tax would be set, As so all could reach the Same Economic Income. Then the tax would be set at a standared Level, Where the Rich would pay more, and the poor would pay less.

For students going on to Secondary, Their would be Student loans, Provided by the Government, Which do not need to be payed back as long as the student is Enrolled. Where the Student does not have to pay for College, The Education is free. 

Teachers Receive good pay. These are the Next Generation. Do you know how many Kids I see coming out of the Chutes So F***ed up, Thats because these Teachers usually don't want to teach. I had a freaking Gym teacher for math, Luckily my Dad was an Engineer, And helped be through it. 

A Better funded Peace keeping Military. Our militray is really lowly Funded. Which is werid, Seeing how we get engaged in Conflict more. If I had control, Our Military would be better then Well funded, With phycoligists to assist them, Resulting in less Veteran Sucides.

Speaking of Veterans, These brave men and women, would be given tax Re-ductions, And Again, Phycoligest check ups as so they don't suffer with the horrors of Peace keeping.

Wrapping up our Military, We'd be overseas, Trying to keep the peace more often. But, It is difficult to keep peace, when there is no Peace to keep.

Remember Alison Reford? She really screwed up big time. Thats been forgiven, But in a government run by me, Something like this would not happen. The Exspense of that Particular Provinchal Government would be Monitored, And watched to the last detail.

Youth Programs would be better Funded. Again, Next generation.

An Eye on Population Counts would be checked.

Every citizen can and should have a job. Government payed, An institution needs to teach you what to do in full to receive a job. 

Aswell, An Increase in Jobs, We need to get these People off the streets. If they put them back on the streets, The Peace officers need to bring them in so they can have a conversation with a doctor on how to bring them back into fighting shape.

Better Education. More ability to Pursue what you want. One on One Tutoring with Students so they know what they need to get there.

Banning things.

This is more of a problem I've got. When ever I see someone on a social network, I kinda feel like I should punch them. I mean, Litterally, You've got friends around you, Just f***ing Talk to them. 

I remember a Day, When people used to share Feelings through Gestures, and Words... Not Selfies and Hashtags.

What the hell happend to our Society, Were all pampered and Babied While only a few actually know whats going on... I mean, Litterally. Stop.

Now lets move more too the Next generation... This is a Really big drink... 

Parents, Cannot give Electronics to their Children. As these Electronics Generate a Laziness, Obisety, And many Problems we've got today. I saw a Five year old walking around with an Ipad... A freaking I pad, I don't even own one! I'm three times his age! 

All of these Teens, Doing drugs and such... Tsk, Thats a problem. Growing up in the Country, I've never really had to deal iwth it... I've had it worse actually. I've never met someone, Who didn't chew Snuff. Not once. (Thats a bit of a lie...) Thats a bit of Pressure. 

A better world...

Thats all I ask.

No more of these Lies, Or dictatorships. None of this Bull shit you call government. Our government in Canada, Isn't the best. It can always be improved. Canadas one of the Top Ten countries in the World in the name of Peace. We could be First. (Americas some where around 100 to 200) New zealand is the Most free country in the world.

Theres more to talk about, There always is...

But my Drinks empty...

So! That ends this Segment of "Theoretically Speaking" Check in Regularly for new Updates. 

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Written by x_paden_xPublished on 2014-07-05 19:55:45
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