The Ultimate Battle of Jaws Vs. Claws
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The Ultimate Battle of Jaws Vs. Claws

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready, for a fight that I don't think has been posted before. It's the Ultimate Battle of Jaws Vs. Claws. Now let's meet the competitors.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Tyrant Lizard King. We already know a lot about this beast, so simple info. Up to 18 000 PSI bite, extremely tough, binocular vision, strong smell, serrated railroad spike teeth.


The Sailed Lizard. Same as Rex, simple info. Large claws, conical teeth, good vision, preferred fish.



The Shark Toothed Lizard. Simple info. Strong bite, large claws, steak knife like teeth.


The Southern Lizard. Simple info. Similar to Carcharodontosaurus, slightly larger.



A Giganotosaurus is on the hunt. He hasn't eaten in a few days, and he's getting hungry. He is unaware that he is being hunted by something else. A Carcharodontosaurus was watching him, and when the time came, he attacked. He ran in and bit the Giga in the leg. The Giga turned around and slashed the Carcharodontosaurus, causing him to let go. They look each other in the eye and walk in circles.

Meanwhile, a T-Rex is on the hunt. Much like the Giganotosaurus, he hasn't eaten in a few days. He came across something of interest though, a Spinosaurus. He roared a challenge to the Spinosaurus, and the Spinosaurus knew that the fight was going to be to the death. He roared in response, and they started walking in circles.

The Rex was the first to attack, and they got into a pushing match. The Rex, being slightly heavier and closer to the ground, pushed the Spinosaurus through the forest.

Meanwhile, the Giga and Carchar are still fighting, and after they got into a shoving match, the Giga started pushing the Carchar through the forest.

All four super predators collided, only the Tyrannosaurus and Giga still on their feet. They looked at each other, and then attacked. The Carchar and Spino were both standing up shortly after, and they looked at each other, and then the Rex and Giga. The Giga realized he couldn't last much longer against the Rex, so he backed off, and turned to the Carcharodontosaurus.

They nodded at each other, forming an alliance. They both ganged up on the Rex, and quickly overwhelmed him. The Spinosaurus attacked the Giganotosaurus, causing him to let go. The Rex managed to fight off the Carchar, and then he turned to the Spino. He looked back, and they both nodded, forming their own alliance.

They stood shoulder to shoulder and roared in unison, scaring everything off but their opponents. The Giga and Carchar did the same, and then attacked. The Giga went for the Rex, while the Carchar went for the Spino. They were biting and slashing at each other, and the Rex caught the Giga's arm in his jaws, biting down with enough force to bite his arm clean off above the elbow. The Spino caught the Carchar's arm in his jaws, but the Carchar slashed his face, making him let go.

All four went to walking in circles, and none of the broke eye contact or blinked. The Carchar attacked the Spino without warning, and managed to knock the Spino to the ground. At that moment, the Giga attacked the Rex in an attempt to give the Carchar enough time to finish the Spino. The Rex sidestepped, bit the Giga's neck, and used him as a weapon to hit the Carchar, sending him away from the downed Spino.

The Spinosaurus got up, seeing that he was just saved by the Rex, and went for the Carchar. He slashed it and bit it's neck, holding it in place, but not killing it. The Rex saw that, and quickly threw the Giga down and went to help the Spinosaurus. He bit the top of the Carchar's head and pulled, his one tooth getting caught in the eye socket and ripping a chunk of its head with the pull. The Carchar dropped dead, and they both turned to the Giga. They repeated the action with the Giga, and them looked at each other.

They nodded again, seeing each other as equals, and having too much respect for the other, both having saved each other from death.

Winners...... Tyrannosaurus Rex and Spinosaurus

Giga and Carchar are close, while Rex and Spino could use the other's strengths to their own advantage.

Written by Lord VaderPublished on 2013-12-15 18:31:01


2KMember2674 XPDec-17-2013 6:39 AM

I love it!

Cool site MrHappy

UCMP 118742

NoobMember0 XPJan-10-2014 2:41 PM

Again, amazing work by you, i especially liked the twist where they teamed up on each other, seeing (reading) my two favorite dinosaurs teaming up on two dinosaurs that are both in my top ten list was truly mind-boggling, most people just see them as arch-enemies, but you put a whole new spin on their relationship


NoobMember0 XPJan-15-2014 10:15 PM

Holy sh**!!


That was amazing!


NoobMember0 XPJan-22-2014 5:55 PM

HEY BUDDY this was amazing i mean it i really like this the best thing i ever read and im being honest it shows how rex and spino are equally (still think spino is bettter personal opinion) and love the twist where rex and spino teaming up this actaully got some adrenaline pumping for me you should write novels or books or something

Sci-Fi King25

2KMember4297 XPMar-31-2014 2:10 PM

Hopefully we can use this to bring down the 13-year-old debate of RvS.

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