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The Top-Grossing Fantastic Films 2020

The Top-Grossing Fantastic Films 2020

Scified2022-01-05 15:35:44
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Everybody loves watching movies without any exception. But why is sci-fi so popular today? There are plenty of reasons to explain this phenomenon of fantastic movies being at the top of the ranking. Such films as The Vast of Night or The Midnight Sky can be a great escape for someone searching for hypothetical situations in movies that they most probably won’t have in their lives. What really can attract some of us in this pastime is intrigue and curiosity about life’s big questions. Moreover, the innate human thirst for mystery and satisfaction that they gain while solving it is the main reason why we all love watching films of this genre. 

Isn’t it wonderful to come back home from a hard-working day, grab some tasty food and get on your comfy couch to enjoy the most exciting movie of 2020? Delving into the world of fiction supported by science is one of the best ways to open the door to new worlds through aliens and time travel. And more importantly, every good movie has a particular lesson to teach us, especially if you can read hidden messages behind the plot.

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Would you like to escape the real world for a trip to the best fantasy movies of 2020? Keep yourself entertained with the top-grossing fantastic films at home, which you can rewatch as many times as you want because they are really worth it.


The movie, which was released during the COVID-19 pandemic, first brought a lot of arguments about whether it would be appropriate to show people the possible outcome of the situation. We can follow the stories of different people in the film and sympathize with each of them more than ourselves as their circumstances are more exaggerated and make them feel desperate with inevitable things they have to encounter. Thus, we can speculate two lovers who get to communicate with each other through closed doors and FaceTime. Some people struggle with the imminence that suddenly fell on their lives, while others try to benefit from those trapped in such circumstances or get sick. This science-fiction thriller film won’t leave anyone indifferent, especially after what we all have gone through. 

Love and Monsters

The very fact that the movie was nominated for the year 2020 Best Visual Effects Oscar category implies that it would be a great choice for those who like such films as Zombieland or enjoy the creature from Mysterious Island and Tremors. You would find the plot very unstructured and inconsistent. However, it doesn’t spoil the picture and the sequence of actions. On the contrary, it makes the film more exciting and intriguing, especially with the robot inserted into the scenes from time to time. Love and Monsters film is perfect for both adults and teens so that you can watch it together with your family. Once you start watching the movie, you will realize how fast it drew your attention and made you dive into the exciting world of fiction and clever animations. 

Sea Fever

Are you looking for more thrills in the movie to make you want to crawl down under your couch and make you speculate the rest of the film from under your blanket? Or you may probably be missing such masterpieces as Alien or any other well-acted sci-fi thriller. Then, this movie is perfect for you as it offers horror elements for your imagination to work to the fullest. It tells the story of a solitary marine biology student in the deep Atlantic. And here, she encounters the unfathomable life-form that infects the crew. Before everyone gets lost, Siobhan tries to figure out what to do and combat a strange infection produced by unknown parasites.

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The Old Guard

The Old Guard is based on a comic book about superheroes with the same name. It turned out to be a good action movie with its fantastical side, making the picture both grounded and entertaining. You will get a proper storyline and remarkable actors, and stitching them all together makes a great well-choreographed movie that will definitely entertain you with its action scenes. However, you will probably be surprised to know that it’s not just an action film with lots of blood but also a deep look into what might happen if scientific pursuit blends with capitalist greed. So, you’ll find the movie pretty broad in meaning with the immortals endowed with female energy, which drives them forward. 

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2022-01-05 15:35:44
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