The Story of Cleo

The Story of Cleo

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The Story of Cleo


This is my longest, and best story I've done so far. It had some serious setbacks and breaks, but it still is a really good story. I hope you enjoy it


In the Time of the Pharaoh


An egg has just been laid, and we will follow this egg through the course of it's life. The father is named Chase , and the mother is named Clarice, the egg will turn out to be a little female Deltadromeus named Cleo. This is the time before the egg hatches, and the trouble the parents have to go through to ensure the survival of their offspring. Clarice has just laid an egg, and Chase has just brought down an Ouranosaurus, and now the parents are eating. They live in a marsh, with islands every so often. Nile hears a splashing sound off in the distance, a Kryptops is splashing through the water, and is coming to steal the meal. The two adult Deltadromeus roar at the intruder, who, even though it is just as long as they are, is nearly twice as heavy, and can inflict serious wounds to the light Delta. They keep roaring, until Clarice runs in and scratches at the Kryptops's face, blinding it in one eye. The Kryptops tries to headbutt Clarice, but she is too fast. Then Chase runs in and bites the Kryptops's leg. The Kryptops tries to bite Chase, but misses because of the Deltadromeus's speed. Finally, Clarice jumps onto the back of the Kryptops, and starts weighing it down. Then Chase jumps onto the Kryptops's back, and makes it fall because of the combined weight. Then Clarice puts her foot on the Kryptops's throat, and pushes down, killing it. Clarice and Chase then proceed to eat their new meal, having taken it down without any injuries. Several weeks later, it is in the middle of the wet season, and it is raining heavily. Chase and Clarice are eating an Ouranosaurus, when they notice that the water is starting to turn red. They don't think about it, until,they remember that they are a ways up on their little island. They then look around and see that the island is flooding at an alarming rate. They know that the water will reach the nest where the egg that contains Cleo, and drown their only offspring before she is ever born. Clarice runs over to the nest and removes the egg with her jaws and keeps it up high. She now feels water at her feet, the water has already covered the ground. There are only the tops of bushes and most of the tree in the center of the island. Now nothing but the tree and the two Deltadromeus are above the water. Clarice and Chase get very close to the tree, knowing that they might have to climb it if the water gets to high. The water is now up to their necks, but the weight in their feet is light, so they start swimming. That's when Chase notices a Sarcosuchus duck under the water and is heading their way. Clarice notices that too, and she starts to climb up the tree by grabbing onto a branch and kicking her feet. Chase does the same, and they make it up onto the lowest branch. The water is still rising though, and they jump to a branch higher than the last. They see the Sarcosuchus look up,at them, knowing that he can't reach them. The Sarcosuchus sees the dead Ouranosaurus at the bottom and settles for that instead. The next day, the flood waters recede, and Clarice and Chase hop down from the tree they were in. Then Clarice walks over to the base of the tree, and gathers some dirt and leaves, makes a nest, and puts the egg down in it. She then watches it until it hatches. A couple months later, the egg finally hatches, and out comes little Cleo. She looks around at the world, and then at her parents, and finally at the foot that has been placed in front of her. She quickly eats it up, and then practices running around, already growing strong leg muscles. Cleo grows rapidly for the next couple of months, and now she is nearing one year old. Cleo can already run and jump quite well, but still stays at the nest because the water around her is too deep. She is just learning to swim from her father when a large wave hits her and washes her up onto the shore. Another large wave comes, and Cleo runs away from it. More and more waves are coming, and they are getting bigger. The waves are coming from the deeper parts of the marsh, and then the two adult Deltadromeus see what is causing the waves. They only see a glimpse of it before it goes underwater, but they know it is the unmistakeable sail if a Spinosaurus. Chase goes back up onto land and hopes that the Spino is just passing through the area, when its head emerges from the water, and it roars at the Deltadromeus family. That tells Clarice and Chase that it is time to go, so Clarice lightly grabs Cleo in her jaws and runs. The Spinoaurus isn't going to let them go easily though, and it runs up onto the is and follows the family. The Deltadromeus are very fast, but the water is so deep that it slows them down a lot, and Spino isn't a slouch when it came to running either. The Spinosaurus catches up to the family of Deltadromeus and is about to bite down on Clarice when they hit dry land the and Chase and Clarice with Cleo in her mouth bolt out of the way at nearly 40 miles per hour. The Spino gives a deafening roar at them and slows down, letting the family live another day. Clarice and Chase don't stop running until they know that are safe, but now they don't have a territory, and will have to take one another animal if they want Cleo to be safe. They are all okay for now though, and Clarice puts Cleo down, and they wander the forest as a family.


The Delta Runner's Challenge


The Deltadromeus family of Clarice, Chase, and little Cleo are doing just fine. They had got to an unclaimed area, and made a new territory. Cleo is growing very nicely, and is now nearly 10 feet long, and is already hunting with her parents. They are currently enjoying a meal of a large Ouranosaurus, when they hear something coming through the woods. The Deltadromeus start to move away from the sound. They hear something big, and then they see it. It is a Characharadontosaurus, and it wants the carcass. Clarice and Chase start backing up as it gets closer, but Cleo stands right where she is. The giant Allosaur roars at Cleo and her family. Chase and Clarice would have run off, but Cleo doesn't budge. She then runs up to the Charcharadontosaurus and jumps in its side, driving her long hand and toe claws into him. The Charcharadontosaurus roars and shakes Cleo off quickly. Clarice and Chase spring into action as the Charcharadontosaurus walks over to the fallen body of Cleo. Cleo gets up, and starts running away from the Charcharadontosaurus. The Charcharadontosaurus is about to bite Cleo as she runs past him, but feels a sharp pain in his leg. He turns too it and sees Clarice biting down on it. Then he sees Chase jumping onto his back. He shakes them off, and chases Cleo. The young Deltadromeus is running at top speed, but is small, and the Charcharadontosaurus is starting to catch up. The Charcharadontosaurus is very close, when Cleo hits a speed she didn't even know she had. She is running as fast as the Charcharadontosaurus, when she sees a large log in front of her. She jumps up and over the log, maintaining speed. The chasing Charcharadontosaurus just smashes through the log, but it slows him down a bit. Cleo looks back over her shoulder to she the Charcharadontosaurus, a d she doesn't see the small root that she is approaching. Her foot hits the root and she trips. Cleo is rolling very fast, she is going head over heals, now rolling in her side, now bouncing, and they reach a hill. The Charcharadontosaurus has almost caught up to Cleo, and is about to bite down on her. Just at that moment, Cleo feels both feet on the ground, but she knows she will keep rolling if she doesn't take the split second opportunity. She pushes her legs into the ground and is back on her feet running. They are going down hill and Cleo get a very swift advantage over the Charcharadontosaurus. She sees a large tree ahead of her, and sees that, in the huge mess of roots, there is and opening. She darts forwards and gets into the opening, which, in the large tangle of roots, acts as a cave. The Charcharadontosaurus is too big and has too much momentum to stop and plows into the tree, knocking it over. Lucky for Cleo, the roots don't pull up, and the Charcharadontosaurus leaves, having not been able to find her. After making sure the Charcharadontosaurus is gone, Cleo comes out of her hiding place, and then she notices that she is bleeding from many scratches, and also that she is far away from her parents. Several weeks later, Cleo is doing well for a young and alone Deltadromeus in a world with giant predators . She is now very hungry, and is looking for a good meal. In her hunt for food, she stumbles upon a large river. She decides to take a drink from it before resuming her hunt. As she is drinking, she notices two yes staring at her. She backs up form the river and is barely fast enough as a large Kaprosuchus bursts out of the river. It is now on land and Cleo sees it as a great meal, but first she will have to kill it. The Kaprosuchus runs towards Cleo, but she jumps over it. Then she turns around and bites the area right in front of he Kaprosuchus's back legs. The Kaprosuchus has tough skin, and though she is able to puncture it, she loses teeth I'm the process. The Kaprosuchus swings his tail and hits Cleo, causing her to let go. She backs up, and is about to attack again, but the Kaprosuchus whirls around and snaps at Cleo. She jumps out of the way and then bites down on the Kaprosuchus's snout. The Kaprosuchus tries to open his jaws, but just like his present relatives, has extremely weak jaw opening muscles. The Kaprosuchus tries another way to get his jaws free and shakes his head around, managing to dislodge his mouth from Cleo's. The Kaprosuchus is about to bite Cleo, when she headbutts his side, flipping it over. The effect is almost immediate. The Kaprosuchus loses the ability to control himself and freezes up. This lets Cleo slash open its belly with her long hand claws and eat it. The Kaprosuchus feeds her for over a week, and she stays in that area, giving her a good source of water and food.


Learning, Fighting, and Surviving


It has been several months since Cleo was separated from her parents, and she has been sticking to one spot for a while. Getting a good source of combat experience as well as food and water. Cleo is hungry again, but she doesn't see any crocodiles in the water. This is a problem for her because they are her usual diet. A couple days pass, and there are still no crocodiles. Cleo is very hungry now, and tries to catch a Petrasaur in desperation, but fails. She looks over at the water and sees , in the shallows, an abundance of fish. Cleo has never seen a fish in her life, but knows that it means food. So she walks over to the water, runs in, and sends her head into the water at such speed, that the fish doesn't have time to react, and it snatches up. Cleo eats the fish, which was fairly big, and it makes a good meal, and good experience for catching fish. A couple years later, Cleo is growing up very well on her diet of fish and crocodiles. She sees something unusual in the water today. It seems to be filled with little red shrimp, but Cleo doesn't know what this means until she sees a large crocodile burst out of the water, gulping down lots of krill. It is a Stomatosuchus,following the passing of shrimp. Cleo sees how big it is, and decides, being nearly 14 feet long and a good crocodile hunter, to go into the water and kill it. She hasn't done much swimming in the past couple years, but has done enough to know how to do it. She wades into the water before pushing off deeper into the river. Se makes a beeline for the Stomatosuchus's stomach, and, coming from below, headbutts one side of it. Flipping the Stomatosuchus over onto its back, and slashes at its belly with her long hand claws. She quickly gets to the internal organs, killing it without much difficulty. She brings it over to the shore and drags it up onto the beach. Her prize has not gone unnoticed. As much as Cleo tried not to get any blood in the water, some did, and it told a lot of Kaprosuchus that there is something big and dead ready for the taking. They start to come up onto the beach, seven Kaprosuchus start walking up to where the dead Stomatosuchus lies. Cleo is eating her kill when she looks up to see the crocodiles advancing on her. She stands on top of her prize and roars at them, but the keep on coming. She runs forwards and slashes one's nose with her long claws, then retreats before any of them can harm her. One runs up to her, but she steps on its snout hard, breaking its snout. The Kaprosuchus retreats quickly, leaving six left. Cleo charges another Kaprosuchus, jumps on its back, and rakes her claws across its back, all the way down to its head, and slashing out its eyes. Blinding it, the blind Kaprosuchus runs away back into the water, leaving five more Kaprosuchus. Cleo runs up to another Kaprosuchus, gets down low, and drives her claws deep into its throat, killing it. One of the Kaprosuchus runs and bites Cleo's leg, but have to twist its body to get into the right position. Cleo shakes her leg, and dislodges the Kaprosuchus. The Kaprosuchus if flipped on its back when it let go of Cleo's leg. Cleo proceeds to claw the Kaprosuchus's stomach out, and kills it. The rest of the Kaprosuchus retreat back into the water. Cleo sustained very little damage, and starts to eat the dead Kaprosuchus. After eating, she looks around her territory and sees her supply of food that would last her weeks. One of the Kaprosuchus start to emerge form the water, but runs back into the water after Cleo roars at it.


The Crocodile Hunter Becomes the Hunted


Cleo is growing older, and now she is seventeen feet long. She is a very successful crocodile killer, an experienced fisher, and a good swimmer. Cleo smells something coming towards her and her territory. She sees an Eocarcharia coming to her. Cleo faces it, and roars at the Eocarcharia. The Eocarcharia roars back, and shows that it is not going to back down without a fight. Cleo uses her speed to get in and slash at he Eocarcharia's nose, then back up before any damage could befall her. The Eocarcharia runs in, but Cleo jumps over it. She then turns around and bites the back of the Eocarcharia's leg. The Eocarcharia runs forwards to escape Cleo's jaws, and he turns around to slash Cleo's face with his claws. Cleo is hit hard, but she quickly recovers, and slams into the Eocarcharia. The Eocarcharia is pushed back and falls, but quickly gets up and bites Cleo on the side. Cleo roars and tries to get free, and she eventually does. After freeing herself, she turns to face the Eocarcharia, and makes a calculated jump onto its back. She then read her long hind claws agains the back of the Eocarcharia, who throws her off. She turns to face the Eocarcharia, but as she does, gets headbutted right in the side, breaking many ribs. The Cleo roars in pain and falls. The Eocarcharia walks over to where Cleo is, and is about to crush her with his weight, when Cleo lashes out with her leg, catching the Eocarcharia's throat. The Eocarcharia backs up, sucking in air. Cleo sees this and gets up. She runs over to the Eocarcharia, and bites down on its neck. She shakes her head up and down, side to side, and sinks her teeth in deep enough to cut open the jugular, killing the Eocarcharia. A couple years later, Cleo is becoming a very good hunter, especially when a herd of Ouranosaurus stop near her territory. She is about 20 feet long, and it is a normal day for Cleo, she caught a few fish, a Kaprosuchus, and now she is hunting a large Ceolacanth. She runs into the water and grabs it with her hands and mouth. As she drags it back to shore, she notices the fish scatter. She doesn't pay much attention to it until she gets to the shore. She still doesn't see any fish in the water. Normally they come back after she leaves the water, but not today. Cleo sees a disturbance in the water, then she sees a snout. An image flashes back through her head. The jaws of a Spinosaurus about to bite her mother, but she also remembers a sail, and when the animal emerges from the water, there is no sail. She does see and adult Suchomimus, and it wants to kill her. Cleo is fast, and has great reaction time, but the Suchomimus is also fast, and before Cleo can react, the Suchomimus is already very close to her and swinging his arm at her. Cleo tries to jump out of the way, but she is still caught by the Suchomimis's large hand claw. She is sent flying and lands hard. She has many broken bones, but this was just the beginning. The Suchomimus is upon her before she can get up, and it bites down on her. The Suchomimus lifts Cleo up in his jaws and throws her very far. Cleo isn't killed by the bite because of the Suchomimus's weak jaw strength, and the landing doesn't kill her either, but she has many broken bones. She gets up in excruciating pain, only to be hit by the tip of the Suchomimus's snout, hard. She is once again sent flying, and lands with a thud. Cleo is seeing spots and barely moving. Her speed and light frame worked against her today. The Suchomims hits her with his arm and rakes his claws across Cleo. The impact if the arm broke most unbroken bones, and the claws cut up bone with ease. Cleo is going in and out of unconsciousness, and now black is taking up more of her vision. The last thing she sees before blacking out is the jaws of the Suchomimus coming closer to her. The Suchomimus is about to bite Cleo, when two angry adult Deltadromeus run at the Suchomimus and jump on its side. The Deltadromeus are not heavy, but they were going so fast that they created a lot of force, and it knocked the Suchomimus over. The Suchomimus landed and broke ribs, but worse were to come to him. The two Deltadromeus tear into the neck and belly of the Suchomimus, and they don't stop until one of the Deltadromeus rips its heart out and step on it. The two Deltadromeus now walk over to their only child, Cleo, and though she is unconscious, Cleo can tell that her parents, Chase and Clarice, are here. A couple days later, when Cleo finally wake up, she sees her parents watching over her, and she looks around to see the dead Suchomimus, and a large piece of meat in front of her. She still has most of her bone broken, but they will heal. Clarice and Chae are there to look over her, and bring her back to full health.


The Race for Survival


Cleo, under the help of her parents, has made a good recovery. She gets up for the first time in a long while, and she starts walking around. She starts doing a bit of running to get her legs back in top condition because running is very important to the life of a Deltadromeus. She goes over to the carcass of an Ouranosaurus, and starts to eat from it. She savors every bite because she hasn't had an Ouranosaurus in years, eating only fish and Kaprosuchus for a long time. She looks over to her parents, who are looking into the woods. Cleo feels that something is wrong, and she looks into the wood with her parents. A large Bahariasaurus walks into view and roars at the family of Deltadromeus. Clarice and Chase roar back at it, not going to back down. The Bahariasaurus, very similar to Deltadromeus, runs forwards, and just as it was about to slam into Chase, Cleo jumped onto its side. Toppling it, and breaking many of its light bones. As Clarice and Chase go over their usual attack by opening up the belly and throat, the Bahariasaurus lashes out with its leg, driving its toe claws deep into the nearest Deltadromeus, which happened to be Clarice. The Bahariasaurus gets up, but Chase is in to attack it. The Bahariasaurus swings its arm and hits Chase dead on. Knocking him to the ground. Cleo comes in to attack and bites the throat of the Bahariasaurus, but is quickly shaken off. She recovers to see the Bahariasaurus, angry at her, running towards her. She runs away at top speed, but the Bahariasaurus has a light body frame, and stronger leg muscles, so it is faster than Cleo. just not by much. Cleo is running at top speed, but the Bahariasaurus is slowly gaining. Chase and Clarice don't want to lose their child again, and chase after the Bahariasaurus. It is a very hot day, and Cleo is already starting to feel the effects. Her body temperature is rising. She sees a tree up ahead, and moves to the left. The Bahariasaurus follows. Cleo keeps on running, but she is getting very hot. He can't stop because if she does, the Bahariasaurus will get her, no her parents are nowhere to be seen. The Bahariasaurus is right behind her now, but Cleo give off a burst of speed. She is overheating now, and starting to see spots, but she keeps on going. Cleo inside is on burning. Her internal temperature is becoming dangerously hot, and of she doesn't slow down soon, she will have a problem besides the Bahariasaurus. Suddenly, the Bahariasaurus drops to the ground, lurching and gasping for breath. It had the same problem as Cleo, but he is bigger, and makes more heat faster. The edges of Cleo's vision is turning black, and she lays down. The Bahariasaurus stops moving, and Cleo can tell, it is dead. The heat got to it, and Cleo dangerously hot too. She sees a large river nearby, and she musters up all her strength, painfully stands up, and walks into the river. Relief is almost instantaneous. The water is only slightly cold, but Cleo is so hot that the water felt like ice. She bolts out of the water, shivering because of the sudden temperature change. Her heart has calmed down her and her temperature returned to normal by the time her parents showed up. They had to take breaks every once and a while so their temperature doesn't rise too high. Cleo Chase and Clarice decide to take the area by the river as their new territory. Having lost their old one as they chased the Bahariasaurus.


The Kill


A couple months after the incident with the Bahariasaurus, Cleo and her family are doing very well. The are looking for food when they hear a large crashing sound. They go towards it, and find, in a large plain, a herd of Aegyptosaurus. They would ignore it, but they see a young one about 30 feet long alone at the back of the herd. They are hungry, and in a small pack, so they decide to attack the sauropod. They all rush to the herbivore, and jump onto its sides. Cleo and her family drive their claws deep into the sides of the Aegyptosaurus. The sauropod tries to shake the Deltadromeus off, and eventually succeeds. Chase is thrown off, followed by Cleo and then Clarice. Cleo bites the back leg of the sauropod, and claws at it, leaving deep wounds. Chase tries to bite the sauropod's front leg, but it rears back onto its back legs, and crashes back down, landing on Chase, and killing him. Clarice sees her mate being killed, and a wave of anger surges through her body. Clarice jumps onto the sauropod's back and bite its neck. In her rage, she doesn't notice that the mother of the sauropod had come over to where she is, or the tail swinging through the air until it is too late. The mother Aegyptosaurus hits Clarice dead on, and sends her flying. Clarice lands hard, and is killed. Cleo just stands there as she sees her parents get killed. The mother sauropod, with her child, walk away from the scene, completely forgetting Cleo. The anger and loss hits her hard. She looks at the sauropod that killed her mother. Her conscious tells her that it is suicide to attack the sauropod, but her anger wins her over. Cleo screams bloody murder at the sauropod and charges it. The sauropod turns to face Cleo, and swings her tail. It hits Cleo, and she is sent flying. Then everything goes black. Cleo wakes up several weeks later to find that she is not dead. She is on the ground, and she can tell that, once again, most of her bones are broken. Luckily for her, only a bit of the tail hit her, and it wasn't enough to kill this Deltadromeus. She slips back into unconsciousness, and doesn't awake up for several days. She wakes up to see a battle between the mother Aegyptosaurus, who apparently hasn't left the area, and a Charcaradontosaurus. She watches as the Charcaradontosaurus slams into the Aegyptosaurus and knocks it over, then proceeds to kill it. She notices that she was knocked into some bushes when she was hit by the Aegyptosaurus, and hasn't been found by anything yet. She is tired, and healing takes a lot of energy, so she goes to sleep. She wakes up about a week later to find a searing pain in her torso. Cleo opens her eyes to find she is being carried the same Charcaradontosaurus that killed the Aegyptosaurus, which had already been eaten. She screams, and the Charcharadontosaurus is so surprised to find her alive, that it drops her. She lands, and finds her legs are mostly healed. She runs away form the Charcaradontosaurus, who just stands there, paralyzed from the suprise. Cleo runs until her legs practically give out. She is really hungry and walks off to find a river to fish from.


The Next Generation


Cleo is very hungry after she ran away from the Carcharadontosaurus, and is looking for a good river to fish from. She keeps walking, but her legs are still healing, and every step hurts. She is wandering large rock when her legs give out from under her. Cleo falls, but she is not hurt. She looks around and sees a rock that she can hoist herself up with. Cleo puts both arms on it and tries to push herself up. No luck, she is just too heavy. She tries again, but this time pushes her legs into the ground. This combined with the stability of a rock is enough to get her up onto her feet. She stands all the way up, and starts looking once again for any kind of food. A couple hours later, she wander upon a dead sub-adult Paralititan. Knowing whatever killed it couldn't be far, she starts eating very quickly. She then notices that there are very little injuries in the sauropod. She is curious about this and looks over the its head. Its neck was in a very distorted angle, obviously snapped by something powerful. She feels the ground vibrate as something big comes near. Cleo turns around to see a Spinosaurus staring down at her. There is blood on its teeth, and she can see that some of the have been slightly bent, most likely from twisting the Paralititan's neck. Cleo had already had a good share of food, and the Spinosaur is much bigger than her, so she just runs away at top speed and avoids any fights. The food revitalized her, and after slowing down, she returns to wandering for a constant food source. A couple years later, it is mating season and Cleo is finally old enough to mate. She only has a few months to find a mate, so to make it easier to find her, she gives off loud mating call, and her skin has temporarily changed to a bright red yellow and green color. She keeps giving off loud mating cries, but no one is responding. It is the last week, and she needs to find a mate soon. Finally, she hears a response, and she gives another cry as she runs to where she herd the response. Another cry comes, and it is closer now. They are homing in on each other. Cleo and the other Deltadromeus, named Draco. They go over a mating dance to ensure there bondage. A couple weeks later, a batch of eggs are laid. Which only two eggs will survive. It is almost time for the eggs to hatch, and Draco is out hunting. Cleo is watching the eggs expectantly, but when her mate doesn't come back for some time, she goes off to look for him. Only minutes after she leaves, a lizard comes to eat her eggs. At that same time, two of the eggs hatch, and out from the eggs emerge a boy and a girl Deltadromeus. The boy is named Luke, and his sister Reyna. After emerging from their eggs, they look around, and see a lizard eating their un-hatched siblings. They instantly huddle together, even though they haven't seen a lizard before, but instinct tells them it is an enemy. The lizard sees them, and decides to attack, being twice their length. It charges Luke, but he has lighting fast reflexes and jumps out of the way. The lizard turns around in time to see Reyna run at it and hit its face with her short yet sharp toe claws. Neither Luke or Reyna know what they are doing. Their body is on autopilot, and it is telling them to attack the lizard. Luke now runs at it, and also hits it with the only claws he has, his toe claws. The lizard is confused and bleeding. It decides the fight isn't worth it and just runs away. Unfortunately for it, the Deltadromeus's autopilot downs want it to get away. Cleo and Draco come back from their hunt. Carrying a huge Stomatosuchus that just one Deltadromeus can't move alone. They stand where they are when they see what's going on. Luke and Reyna are chasing the lizard around, and every time they catch up to it, they claw at it, making it bleed even more. Finally it stops because of exhaustion and is quickly overrun by the two baby Deltadromeus. Luke and Reyna look over to their parents without fear, even though they don't know who they are until Cleo goes over to her children and puts down scraps of food for them. After eating, Luke and Reyna go and play fight. Already becoming like their mother.




Luke and Reyna are now 10 feet long and growing well under the supervision of their parents. Cleo and Draco have laid another batch of eggs, which only three have survived. It is the time of year for the floods, and it is already raining heavily. The nest with the eggs are under a tree, and Luke and Reyna are huddling under it. It is raining so hard, that Cleo can't tell that the water level is already up to her ankles. It could be over her head for all she can feel. The water is slowly creeping up the island that the Deltadromeus family is on. The after reaches the nest, with the eggs and Luke and Reyna. Luckily for them the nest floats, and it has enough buoyancy to bring them afloat. Unfortunately for them, the waves start to push them away from the tree. Luke calls out to his parents, but it is raining to hard for them to hear. He waves push the nest out of under the tree, and rain comes pouring down on them. The nest is soon into the real marsh, not just the floodwater on the island. The nest is thrown around in the waves, but the open part still stays on top. Water is getting into the nest, but is also exiting the nest. After several hours, the storm calms down, and the floodwaters recede. Reyna and Luke have been sleeping, for some of the trip, and now wake up to find that hey are nowhere near their parents. Cleo was sleeping thought the storm, and has just woken up. She looks around to find that Draco is sleeping too pass the storm by too. She then looks for her eggs, and sees that the nest, and Luke and Reyna, are gone. She calls for them, no answer. She calls again, still no answer. By now, Draco has woken up to find his mate in a panic. Calling out to her children in vain, they are too far away to hear her. Cleo is in a panic, running around the island squawking. She goes out ingot the marsh, and then Draco notices his kids are missing. He too starts panicking. They run off into the marsh in opposite directions, calling for their children. Luke is hungry, and so is Reyna. The two young Deltadromeus look around them, and find a lizard. In a quick burst of speed, they get to the lizard, and quickly tear it apart with their claws. The lizard was a big lizard, and provided a good meal, but it wasn't enough to satisfy the hunger to two young and growing Deltadromeus. Reyna goes back to the nest and looks at he eggs. There is only so much more time before they hatch, and then the young Deltadromeus will have to feed three more mouths, all of which can't hunt. While Luke is off looking for something to eat, Reyna is at the nest looking after the eggs. Reyna hears a snap behind her. An large Erectopus has just stepped on a stick. Reyna turns around to face the new threat. She hasn't seen an Erectopus before, but she recognizes it as a threat. The Erectopus is as long as Reyna, and is much heavier. Reyna calls out to Luke to help, but he didn't hear her. She brings her attention to the small Allosaur. The Erectopus knows he can take down one Deltadromeus, but when he hears Reyna calling, he knows that there is another one, and that he should kill Reyna quickly. The small Allosaur runs in and tries to bite Reyna, who easily sidesteps. The more experienced Erectopus planned that she would do just that, and already has his body into position to headbutt Reyna. The Erectopus slams his head into Reyna and knocks her over, breaking a few ribs. The Erectopus puts his foot on Reyna's side and is about to bite down on her when she gives a very vicious kick to its side. The kick is so powerful that it cracks Reyna's shin. She was on the good side of the kick though. The Erectopus is sent flying, its ribs broken. The kick killed it instantly, and it sent practically snapped it in two. The flesh hasn't torn all that much, but its spine has contorted into a position that is just unnatural. It is so bad that Reyna winches at the corpse when she sees it. Reyna gets up, and then she realizes her leg has been slightly hurt. It is very painful to stand on it, but she need food, so she just limps over to the dead Erectopus. Just then, her brother runs into the clearing where the nest is with a panicked look on his face. Reyna sees something emerge from a large bush, and for the first time, she is scared.




Cleo is running and shouting at the top of her lungs. She is trying to call her children, but they are still to far away to here her. She runs into another marsh and instantly a Kaprosuchus attacks her. The Kaprosuchus grabs hold of Cleo's belly, but she slashes at it with her claws and it lets go. It is about to submerge when Cleo reaches under it and shred the skin under it, letting all the intestines fall out. She moves on, not even bothering to take a bite of it, or even wait until it is dead. Draco is still on land when he passes into the territory of an Eocarcharia. It roars at him, but Draco ignores it. The Eocarcharia lunges at Draco, who turns on it and hits it with his hand claws. The Eocarcharia was hit hard, and it gets the idea. Draco keeps on moving. Cleo is now out of the marsh, but has stumbled onto a herd of Aegyptosaurus. Remembering the fateful day of her parent's death, she is about to move on when she recognizes something. She momentarily forgets about her childeren and just stares at the leader of the herd. The memory of the day is still in her head in great detail. She compares what she saw that day to what she is seeing now. The young Aegyptosaurus that killed her father is at the leader of the herd. She knows it is crazy, and will most likely get her killed, but once again in her life, the feeling to avenge her parents surfaces. She throws caution to the wind and charges the bull Aegyptosaurus. The herd of Aegyptosaurus start moving their young ones away from Cleo, but otherwise show no sign of fear to the small predator, their first big mistake. Cleo jumps on the Aegyptosaurus and sinks her claws into it, barely making it through the skin. She tears at he large sauropod, and manages to get her claws pretty deep. Now the herd is panicked, and it trying to hit Cleo with their tails, their second mistake. Cleo is almost hit by one, and she decides to play a little game. Every time a tail hits the alpha Aegyptosaurus, it is hurt. As tails come at Cleo, she moves to the side with surprising speed seeing that she is on the side of a sauropod. She is making small gashes in the sauropod's side, and the constant tail whippings aren't helping. The herd decides to leave the bull Aegyptosaurus and let him handle himself, their third mistake. Cleo sees the the herd move away, and now she is alone with the sauropod. She jumps up onto its back and rakes her long toe claws across it. The Aegyptosaurus tries to runs, but is very slow, and the ride is smooth. Cleo is causing little gashed in the Aegyptosaurus's skin, and they are bleeding. She never hits one spot twice, and always draws blood. Soon the sauropod's back is covered by the little nicks, but the combined amount of all of them is causing a lot of bloodloss. Cleo jumps of off the Aegyptosaurus s back, and starts attacking the legs. She isn't causing deep wounds, but this time, she works on opening one specific area. She then moves onto the back leg on the same side. She tears at the skin with her jaws and rips off some hide that goes all the way to flesh. That leg is lightly bleeding too, but Cleo jams her hand claws into it. She was doing this while the Aegyptosaurus was walking, and it took a great deal of timing and concentration. Finally, the wound is deep enough, and Cleo runs away, kicking up dirt in the process, and getting it in the deep back leg wound. She then picks up a rock in her jaws and tosses it into the hole in the front leg of the Aegyptosaurus. Then Cleo runs away to return looking for her childeren.


Death of a Giant


Back with Reyna and Luke, a large Rugops has just stepped out of the bushes. It is 23 feet long, and to the two young Deltadromeus, very menacing. The Rugops knows that an adult Deltadromeus is more than a match for a Rugops, and it sees two young ones, and three more eggs. Its brain goes into fight mode, it will kill the Reyna and Luke, and they know it. The Rugops charges forwards and headbutts Reyna, sending her flying, and breaking most of her ribs. She lands hard, but quickly gets up. The Rugops swings his body and hits Luke. The blow sends Luke sliding across the ground, hitting every rock and stick, but luckily Luke's scales protect him form any cuts, just not from broken bones. The Rugops runs over to Luke and is about to bite down on him when he feels a searing pain in his leg. He turns his head and finds Reyna biting the back of his shin. The Rugops turns on Reyna and grabs her back in his mouth. Now it is Luke's turn to save his sibling. He gets up and jumps onto the side of the Rugops and sinks his claws into its side. The Rugops lets go of Reyna and shakes his body, eventually throwing Luke off. The Rugops bites down on Luke, who hasn't gotten up yet, and Luke screams. Off in the distance, Cleo hears the scream, and she can tell that her son is in trouble. She runs at top speed, and arrives in a clearing with an awful site. The Rugops has a barely moving Luke in his jaws, and it looks like Reyna has passed out. The Rugops sees Cleo, and sees the rage in her eyes. Every dinosaur knows not to mess with an angry mother, and now that passes through the mind of the Rugops. He knows that he is dead, and if the Rugops tries to kill Luke, it will just make his death that much worse. Knowing that he couldn't kill Luke in the time it takes Cleo to rip his throat out, the Rugops just puts the young Deltadromeus down and gives a low growl as to say "make it quick." Cleo has no intention of doing that whatsoever. She runs at the Rugops and slams into him, knocking it over. She then breaks both if its legs to make sure the Rugops can't get up. Next she rips into the body and pulls out its liver. The Rugops is in agony, but isn't dead. Finally Cleo hacks at the Rugops's body with her hand claws and makes several deep, very painful gashes. Cleo lets blood loss and hunger slowly and painfully kill the Rugops. Making sure his last days are in absolute agony. A couple days later, the Rugops dies, and Luke with Reyna are ready to walk. Cleo, Luke, and Reyna all pick up one egg, and the young Deltadromeus follow their mother, who is following a scent trail. The trail leads them to an Aegyptosaurus, the Aegyptosaurus. It is nearly dead, and can't walk. Several other Deltadromeus family's have come to feats, but a Carcharadontosaurus has also come. Cleo puts down her egg and roars at the Carcharadontosaurus. She really hates them, and she knows that if she can rally up the other Deltadromeus, the least she could do is drive the large Allosaur away. One by one, the other Deltadromeus roar at the Carcharadontosaurus, who starts to worry over the sheer numbers of the Deltadromeus. It roars back, but it is no use. The gathering of Deltadromeus have formed a temporary alience to kill the Carcharadontosaurus. Fearing for its life, the Carcharadontosaurus runs away. Cleo wanted to chase after it, but the rest of the Deltadromeus weren't going to do that, and Cleo can't take on a Carcharadontosaurus alone. The next day, the sauropod is dead, and Cleo has the pleasure of taking the first bite if the animal that killed her father and led to the death of her mother. The rest of the Deltadromeus soon follow eating the carcass.


Meet Kate, Terry, and Roman


At the sauropod carcass, the families of Deltadromeus are mingling. The children are playing with each other, and there is a continuous supply of food. Reyna and Luke are play fighting with each other, when a Deltadromeus named Theo comes over to them. Theo is around Reyna's age and very lean, but not scrawny in the least. He joins the siblings play fighting and it becomes apparent that he is better than either one of them. Cleo's eggs haven't hatched yet, but they are very close. Draco has returned to Cleo and they are one big happy family. Right now, Cleo is greeting another family of Deltadromeus when a sentry yells out. Cleo turns to the sound and sees a lizard near her eggs, about to steal one. Cleo'slegs are already in motion and before the lizard has time to react, Cleo has it in her jaws and is shaking it around. When Cleo is sure the lizard is dead, she throws it over to her playing children. Most of the carnivores have stayed away from the carcass because of the large cluster of Deltadromeus, but as the days go by and the sauropod loses more and more meat, the carnivores become more and more daring. Once, a Bahariasaurus ran in at top speed and grabbed a chunk of meat. The adult Deltadromeus where on it in an instant. The sauropod is around two thirds of the way gone, and Cleo is watching her kids play when she hears something. It is very quiet, and sounds a bit like a cracking sound. She looks to where the sound is coming from and finds her three eggs are moving. Then, one by one, the heads of three Deltadromeus pop out of the egg. There are two girls, Terry and Kate, and one boy, Roman. They look at their mother, who goes over to the sauropod and tears a chunk off it. She then puts it down in front of the three new hatchlings. Luke and Reyna come over to investigate their new family. Luke looks at his brothers and sisters, and then goes over the carcass of the sauropod and takes a bite out of it. Reyna follows, the then the three baby Deltadromeus go over to the carcass to and try to take a bite of it, without success of course. Reyna and Luke look at each other and think "are they even related to us?" Theo comes over to see what is distracting his friends and sees Luke's new siblings. Terry hisses at Theo, and so does Kate and Roman. Cleo pushes Theo away, not wanting to upset her new children. Luke looks at Reyna, and Reyna looks at Luke again, then they both look at Theo. The three young Deltadromeus go off to resume playing. They run off to an area without many Deltadromeus around, and once again start to play. An Eocarcharia is watching them from the forest around the three playing Deltadromeus, thinking they would be an easy meal.


The New Member


While play fighting, Theo gets hungry and starts to go towards the carcass. After he is gone, the Eocarcharia finds an opportunity to attack. It runs forwards and grabs Luke in its mouth. Luke screams and Reyna attacks. She jumps onto the side of the Eocarcharia, but it just slammed its side into a tree, squashing Reyna. Theo is coming back when he sees what's happening. He has been fighting all his life since his parents died while he was just a kid. Theo runs in and jumps at the Eocarcharia's face. He rakes his claws across the big Allosaur's face, and blinds it. The Eocarcharia lets go of Luke, who falls to the ground. Theo is pushing the Eocarcharia back into the woods. He is jumping at its face and and has mostly disabled all its senses. Cleo comes over to where all the noise is coming from and sees Theo battling the Eocarcharia. The Eocarcharia swings its arm randomly, but it manages to hit Theo, sending him flying backwards. Theo gets up, but he didn't need to. Cleo is attacking the Eocarcharia and giving it a real beat down. Cleo is tearing at its throat with her jaws, ripping chunks of meat out. She gets to its spine and trachea, then drives her hand claws deep into it. She punctures the trachea, and makes a good gash in the Eocarcharia's spinal cord. The Eocarcharia roars in pain, and Cleo, being very daring, sticks her arm in its mouth and rips open the bottom of its jaw. As soon as she stuck her arm in there, she pulled it out, using her lighting fast reflexes to her advantage. The Eocarcharia is blind, can only smell blood, has blood gushing into his ears, is short on breath, can't move most of his body, and is in extreme pain. Death comes quick now. Cleo gives a little jump by Deltadromeus standards and is right above the neck of the Eocarcharia. While in mid air Cleo kicks out, and snaps its neck in half. Newton's third law comes into affect and Cleo is pushes upwards as she hit the Eocarcharia's neck. Cleo does a flip and lands on her feet, showing off her amazing grace and agility. The sauropod carcass is now has been stripped to the bone, and now the Deltadromeus go their separate ways. Theo goes off on his own, and Cleo sees that. She feels sorry for him, and then remembers how he saved Luke and Reyna from the Eocarcharia. Cleo calls out to Theo to come over to her. Draco looks at Cleo, confused. Theo comes over, and instantly Roman Kate and Terry start hissing at him. Cleo gives a little growl to her youngest kids to be quiet, and then she does a friendly growl to Theo, as if to say "come stay with us." Theo is shocked, for most of his of his life, he has been on his own. Cleo waits to see how he reacts, and is happy to see that he will come along.


The Family Challenge


It has been a couple years since Theo joined the pack, and the three oldest Deltadromeus are all teenagers. Roman, Kate, and Terry have had a pretty good life. Not having having to fight much, and having lots of food. Right now, Draco is off hunting. He stops by a big river to take a drink, unaware that he is being watched. Out from the river explodes a Sarcosuchus. The giant crocodile gets his jaws around Draco and bites down as hard as it can, killing the Deltadromeus. After a few hours of Draco not coming back, Cleo gets worried. She decides to go look for him, and leaves Reyna in charge of the pack while she is gone. Cleo follows Draco's sent trail to the river. When she gets to the river, a horrible site befalls her. Where Draco's sent stops, one of his limbs remains. She can tell that her mate it dead, and from that moment on, there will be a part of her that has been lost forever. When Cleo returns to the nest in a bad mood, the other Deltadromeus can instantly tell something is wrong. Then Luke growls and in Deltadromeus language, it means "where is dad?" The question no one wanted to ask. Cleo responds just by nodding her head, and the others got what happened from just the head nod. Roman lets out a mourning cry, followed by Kate, then Terry, and soon the rest of the family is crying, even Theo is crying. Over the next few years the family stayed alive, but always had to use everyone in the hunt, and small fights would break out. Theo, Reyna and Luke have grown up to adulthood, and Theo preformed a mating dance to Reyna. He did it with perfection, even though he didn't have too. Luke, on the other hand, is still lonely, and is becoming more and more short tempered. One day, an adult female Deltadromeus wandered near the pack. Luke could tell this and got very excited. He and his family went to go great the new Deltadromeus, and Luke started to preform a mating dance. The female watched him at first, but then her eyes drifted over to Theo, who is both bigger and slightly stronger than Luke. Reyna sees this and growls very softly, but with a clear message " don't even look at him, he's mine!" The female walks away as Luke is doing his dance. Luke is confused, and then angry, but he is not sure what to be angry at. The next time, two females come, and Reyna is left home, and once again, the females look at Theo instead of Luke. This time, Theo lets out a little growl that says, "I'm taken," the two females stick around for a bit more, and then decide to leave, not being able to look at Theo for long. Once again, Luke has been dumped, but this time, he knows why. Luke turns around and growls at Theo. Theo doesn't respond. Luke is angry, but he can't take it out on Theo. After all, Theo has saved his life once, and he considers him family. He can still show his annoyance and frustration by giving Theo a very angry growl. Twice more this happens. WhetherTheo is there or not, the females can tell he's near, and want Theo over Luke. Finally, after another female lost, Luke turns on Theo. Reyna is with the her brother and mate, and can tell this is going to turn into a fight. She wishes Cleo were here and not hunting with her youngest childeren. Luke gives Theo an all out roar and charges him. Luke slashes at Theo's face, leaving large gash marks. Theo roars and bites Luke's snout. Luke gives a shake of his head and dislodges Theo. Reyna tries to intervene, but is pushed aside or ignored. Luke and Theo are clawing and biting each other. Cleo comes back form her hunt and sees what is happening. She gives a growl telling them to knock it off but is ignored. Cleo is a mother of five, nearly thirty feet long (longer than any other Deltadromeus has ever been), and is not about to be ignored. She runs in and grabs Luke by the back if his throat. She throws Luke nearly ten feet across the nest, but she is not finished. Cleo slams into Theo and sends him flying just as far. Cleo broke many of the two Deltadromeus' bones, but she doesn't care. Cleo knows that they will heal, but ignoring her is a very bad idea, and now all her children know it. Roman Terry an Kate drag back a large Stomatosuchus, and then start to eat. Then Cleo walks over and takes a bite, followed by Reyna. Luke gets up very painfully and walks over to eat. Cleo growls at him and is saying that he is going to be punished. She does the same for Theo, and they don't eat that night.


 Backstory, and Cleo's Revenge


Luke woke up earlier than the rest if his family. It is still fairly dark, but he makes his way over to the carcass of the Stomatosuchus. After stuffing himself, he looks at his sleeping family. Then he starts walking away. When Cleo wakes up, she finds that, once again, Luke is gone. She growls to herself, and that wakes up Reyna. Reyna groggily gets up and finds her brother is not here. She calls for him, but he is too far away to hear. Theo is now awake, and despite the fact that Luke tried to kill him, he calls out for him too. Roman, Terry, and Kate wake up and start calling for him too. Cleo knows it is useless. Luke would have stayed with the family if he wanted to, and it is apparent he doesn't plan to return. Luke couldn't have picked a worse time to leave the family. Summer just arrived, and it is hotter than it has been in centuries. The watering holes dry up. Rivers that survive summer every year evaporate, and plants are very quickly. Herbivores are scare, and female Deltadromeus have become very rare for Luke. Luke is very hungry and hasn't eaten for a week. He just has a drink of water when he sees, and smells something. He sees a dead Sarcosuchus on the banks of the river he was drinking from. He also smell something very faint, very old, but still unmistakable. It is the smell of his father. He looks over to the Sarcosuchus, and his brain tells him that it is the one that killed his father. Luke wishes the Sarcosuchus was alive so he could kill it personally, but he takes the meal as a change in his luck. He goes over, and starts scraping the scales off. After exposing a little area of flesh, the smell of food washes over Luke. It is a great smell, and he is very happy. Luke just stands there for a little bit, taking in the great smell. After doing a bit more smelling, Luke takes a bite out of the carcass, then another, them another. Soon he is full, and is about to go to sleep when he feels tremors in the ground. Luke looks up to find a Carcharadontosaurus walking into the clearing where Luke is. Luke gets up and roars at the Carcharadontosaurus. The Carcharadontosaurus is surprised to see the little Delta roaring at him, acting like it is brave. In truth, Luke is terrified, and is about to turn and run. As he goes to do that, the Carcharadontosaurus runs for Luke. The Deltadromeus indulged himself in to much food, and is too tired to run very fast. As Luke is running, he is suprised to see how slow he is, and thinks that if his mother were here, she would be scolding him for eating so much. He wasn't regretting it to much until he felt the jaws of the Carcharadontosaurus start to close around his back. A sudden adrenaline rush sends his legs into running mode, and he shoots off. He isn't going fast enough. The Carcharadontosaurus swings his arm and hits Luke, sending him flying. Luke lands hard, but he gets up. Unfortunately for him, the Carcharadontosaurus swats Luke with the side of his head. Luke is in great pain, but as the Carcharadontosaurus nears him, his body goes into autopilot. The Carcharadontosaurus is about to bite him, when Luke jumps over the head of the large Allosaur and lands on the other side of it. Before the Carcharadontosaurus has time to react, Luke turns around and bites the neck of the Carcharadontosaurus. He holds on and starts to claw at it, making long gashes in the skin. The Carcharadontosaurus lifters his head up and starts shaking it around with Luke still on it. The Carcharadontosaurus finally manages to throw Luke off, and when the Deltadromeus lands, he blacked out. The Carcharadontosaurus is about to kill Luke with a bite to the head when he hears something. The Carcharadontosaurus turns around to see Cleo, standing in all her glory. Recognition dawns on both of the two predators face. They met after Cleo's parents died, and Cleo had woken up in the jaws of the large Allosaur. Hatred passes through the face if the Carcharadontosaurus, and Cleo feels the same. Cleo and the Carcharadontosaurus charge each other. The two dinosaurs collide and it becomes a pushing match. The Carcharadontosaurus at first gets the upper hand and pushes Cleo back a good distance, but Cleo is a lot stronger than she looks, and she pushes back as hard as she can.


 Final Days


Cleo gets a step forwards, and then another, and is slowly pushing the Carcharadontosaurus back. He legs are used to carrying her ton and a half body at over forty miles per hour. Whenever Cleo got her bones broken, especially if it is a lot of bones, then when they come back, they come back thicker and stronger, not to mention heavier. Her legs are working overtime to keep her ground against the Carcharadontosaurus, but her size difference is really hurting her right now. Cleo's legs are burning, but she keeps fighting back. The Carcharadontosaurus is also tiring, and wants to end the pushing fight soon. Cleo is about to give up when the Carcharadontosaurus reaches out with both its arms and grab on to Cleo. The Carcharadontosaurus twists its body and shoves one and hard into Cleo. This makes her fall, but before the Carcharadontosaurus has time attack, Cleo is up. The Deltadromeus circles around the Carcharadontosaurus when she sees Luke. At first she was fighting to get back at the Carcharadontosaurus, by seeing her lost son on the ground like that just made it personal. Cleo roars and jumps onto the side of the Carcharadontosaurus. She drives her claws deep into its flesh, and the Carcharadontosaurus roars in pain. It shakes Cleo around, and eventually sends her flying. Cleo lands on her feet and runs at the Carcharadontosaurus. She slams into it, and the large Allosaur staggers back. Its the Carcharadontosaurus's turn to hit is enemy and he rams Cleo, sending her across the battle field. Cleo gets up, but the Carcharadontosaurus is charging her. It stops only a few feet away and swings its arm. Cleo does the same and they collide in midair. The Carcharadontosaurus swings his arm again, but Cleo has curled her neck into an S shape and lashes out like a snake when the Allosaur's arm get close enough. Cleo shakes the arm in her jaws, but the Carcharadontosaurus swings it and gets it away form Cleo. The Carcharadontosaurus now swings his head and smacks Cleo into the water. Cleo stands up and gets an idea. She roars at the Carcharadontosaurus and swims into deeper water. The Carcharadontosaurus follows her into the water. A Kaprosuchus swims by Cleo and then dives under. A moment later, Cleo feels a searing pain in her leg. The Kaprosuchus is biting her. Cleo jerks her leg out of the crocodile's mouth and kicks down. The kick has so much force that when it hit the Kaprosuchus's snout, its skull completely imploded. Cleo is a very good swimmer, but the Kaprosuchus gave the Carcharadontosaurus time to catch up to her. The large Allosaur is walking in the bottom of the river, but is now barely touching the ground, and to chase Cleo, he will have to swim. A freshwater shark sees the Carcharadontosaurus in the water and decides to eat. The shark swims over to the Allosaur and bites down on its side. The Carcharadontosaurus gets angry and starts thrashing in the water. The Carcharadontosaurus manages to shake the shark off and he swings his arm. The Allosaur hits the shark dead on the gills and manages to cut them open. The shark swims away, bleeding heavily. The Carcharadontosaurus pushes off of the bottom and starts swimming in deeper water, following Cleo. Cleo makes it to the banks and turns around. She is surprised to see the Carcharadontosaurus still swimming after her. The Carcharadontosaurus makes it to land, but doesn't see Cleo. All of a sudden, Cleo jumps from the bushes onto the Carcharadontosaurus's side. She digs her claws deep into the flesh of the large Allosaur, but this doesn't do much more than enrage the Carcharadontosaurus. He thrashes about, trying to shake Cleo off, but she holds firm. Finally, Cleo is shaken off, but she gets up almost instantly. The Carcharadontosaurus charges at Cleo. As he gets close, the Carcharadontosaurus lowers his head to bite. At the last minute, Cleo jumps up and uses the Allosaur's head as a springboard and catapults herself across the Carcharadontosaurus full 40 feet of body. Cleo,lands and turns around. She then bites the back of the Carcharadontosaurus's leg. The Carcharadontosaurus roars and turns around, sending Cleo flying away. Cleo lands hard and brakes many bones. Cleo tries to get up, but she finds that her legs are broken. Cleo is in great pain, but she fights through it and gets up. Se got up too late. The Carcharadontosaurus headbutts her and she is sent soaring across the battle field and hitting a tree. Cleo has broken many bones and is in agony. Cleo slowly gets up, but the Carcharadontosaurus is already on her. He swings his head and slams it into Cleo. Cleo is once again sent flying. Cleo's legs are broken, and she is trying to get up. On the other side of the river, Luke is starting to get up. He has many broken bones, but he saw Cleo fighting the Carcharadontosaurus. Luke knows her mother, and he knows that Cleo can't beat the Allosaur. He is determined to help his mother fight the Carcharadontosaurus. Luke is up and sees the fight on the other side of the river. Luke has never learned to swim, but he still goes over to the river, and starts to wade into it. Instantly, the bleeding freshwater shark swims over to attack Luke. The shark grabs onto Luke's side and tears off a large chunk of meat. Luke jerks his elbow back and hits the shark in the gills. The shark starts to swim away but Luke turns and slashes at that same side of the gills. The shark's gills are cut open, and it starts bleeding very heavily. The shark has already lost a lot of blood and this new gash loses the rest of the precious liquid, killing the shark. Luke is bleeding heavily, but he swims awkwardly across the river. Cleo is on the ground, but when she sees Luke trying to help her, she feels a surge of energy and stands up just in time to dodge the Carcharadontosaurus charge. Cleo steps to the side of the Carcharadontosaurus, who had lowered his head to headbutt Cleo. Cleo jumped onto the side of the Carcharadontosaurus and sinks her claws all the way into his ribs. The Carcharadontosaurus roars, feeling his ribs being scraped by Cleo's claws. The Carcharadontosaurus shakes around and finally shakes off Cleo, and starts to look over to where she landed. As the Carcharadontosaurus is turning, he feels a sting on his leg. Luke is biting the Allosaur's leg. The Carcharadontosaurus roars as Luke tears a huge piece of meat off of the Carcharadontosaurus's leg. The Allosaur quickly turns and grabs Luke in his jaws. Cleo is starting to get up when she sees Luke get grabbed by the Carcharadontosaurus. Luke screams, but he soon becomes quiet. Cleo realizes that her son has just been killed. She screams and the Carcharadontosaurus turns to look at her, with Luke still in his mouth. Cleo roars at the Carcharadontosaurus, who throws Luke away. Cleo charges the Allosaur and slams into him so hard that the Carcharadontosaurus is knocked over. Cleo starts to attack the Carcharadontosaurus's belly, but the large Allosaur kicks at Cleo and hits her hard, sending her flying away into the river. Cleo is in great pain, but she manages to swim to shore. The Carcharadontosaurus walks over to Cleo while she gets to her feet. Cleo sees the Carcharadontosaurus as he comes over to her, and she prepares to jump. When the Carcharadontosaurus gets into range, Cleo jumps and lands on the Carcharadontosaurus's shoulder and digs her claws deep into the muscle, and scratches the bone. The Carcharadontosaurus roar and throws Cleo off. Cleo gets up and jumps on the Carcharadontosaurus's side. The Carcharadontosaurus shakes around, but Cleo stays on the Allosaur's side. Cleo keeps digging her claws into the side of the Carcharadontosaurus. She does this until a large section of meat was off and the Allosaur's ribs showed. Cleo holds strong as she attacks the bare bones, and the Carcharadontosaurus roars in pain. The Carcharadontosaurus shakes even more violantly, and finally shake Cleo off. Cleo lands hard, but despite her great pain, the rage that her dead son gave her overpowers every other feeling in her body and she just wants to kill the Carcharadontosaurus. The Carcharadontosaurus swings his large head at Cleo but she jumps out of the way and then proceeds to jump onto the Allosaur's back. Cleo kicks, claws and bites at the Carcharadontosaurus, leaving deep, painful, and bleeding wounds. The Carcharadontosaurus roars in pain. He is getting tired from the fight and bloodloss, but he is not going to give up just yet. The Carcharadontosaurus runs into the water with Cleo still on his back and instantly they are swarmed by Kaprosuchus. They investigate the Carcharadontosaurus, who is thrashing in the water, trying to shake Cleo off. One Kaprosuchus sees a chance at a meal and grabs Cleo's tail. Taken by suprise, Cleo lets go as the Kaprosuchus pulls her into the water. More Kaprosuchus swarm her. They bite her legs and tail and start swimming downwards. Cleo gets one final breath before going beneath the surface. The Carcharadontosaurus feels a sharp pain in his tail and spruns up out of the water. A Kaprosuchus has clamped its jaws around the Allosaur's tail, but the Carcharadontosaurus slams it against a tree and it lets go. Cleo is trying to swim upwards but the Kaprosuchus keep pulling her down. She is struggling but the number of crocodiles are just overwhelming her. Cleo is running out of air, and her lungs are hurting. The Kaprosuchus are dragging Cleo even deeper and Cleo is really running out of breath. Her lungs are in excruciating pain and

Written by DeltadromeusPublished on 2013-11-23 16:31:16
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2KMember2674 XPJan-10-2014 5:27 AM

Really great story Delta!

Enjoyed reading it! :)

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