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The sci-fi world in Minecraft

The sci-fi world in Minecraft

Scified2019-10-01 18:13:46
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Generation of maps and tinkering them with presets to make unique layers and to structure distribution is fun. However, allowing another person to do all the work for you and build cool structures is also fun. Presets and seeds allow generation of worlds with the matching DNA or similar settings but the download of a map allows you to access every existing structure and the customizations. That means that even though you will not attain the mastery over Minecraft you desire, you will enjoy the many fruits of master designers and builders.

Thousands of individuals create and share Minecraft and post them on and many Minecraft lovers use them. Most of the builders spend thousands of minutes to create wonderful and elaborate maps and that is one of the beauties of downloading custom maps. Whenever someone shares seeds with you, you will receive the blueprint for the land map. In other words, you will get the rivers, ravines, villages and the caves. And when an individual sends a Superflat preset to you, you will get the map’s DNA. You will get the same things such as strata composition, large villages and the same level of in-game material.

The available maps for Minecraft

As we have stated, Minecraft is fun. However, the real joy in the games involves creation and exploration. Minecraft provides you with the tools you need to make a world. Many players spend years creating worlds that defy logic, gravity and copyright laws. Here is a list of the player-created maps for people who want to enjoy fantasy and sci-fi genres.

  • The death Star

Many players worked hard to come up with the Death Star. You will realize that the Minecraft is very close to the original Death Star you watched in the Star Wars documentary. The map is detailed with control rooms, hangars and trash compactor. Very many Bothans died to create the scale model. You can use it today.

  • Cyberpunk Map

You will know that a map creator is dedicated after he/she asks you to download particular texture packs for use with your map. That is what happens with the Blade Runner inspired Cyberpunk Map. As you might expect, the Cyberpunk Map is a reproduction of a cyberpunk world. It is also awesome.

  • Hogwarts

If you are planning to try Hogwarts in Minecraft, you will have many map creation options. If you are on a budget, Hogwarts is the best choice – especially because of the detail and scale on the outside shine. After entering Hogwarts, you will find the Great Hall, Chamber of Secrets and many other locations. Like other Minecraft maps, Hogwarts is a recreation of a movie set. Minecraft creators like having visual aids.

  • King’s Landing

It is hard to find complete memorable fantasy worlds matching A Song of Ice and Fire, from George RR Martin. It is also hard to find impressive complete Minecraft maps than the King’s Landing. It brings the capital of King’s Landing, by Westero, to life. Even more, the build draws on visual mediums, TV for this case. It is time to get there and recreate the scenes if you are ready to do that.

  • Hunger Games: Catching Fire Arena

The Hunger Games series will be appealing to you if you are a map builder for many reasons. You find a large variety of Hunger Games-style arenas on the internet but some will be closely related to the book series than others will be. It is among the faithful reproductions from Catching Fire Arena and it is ideal for player server vs. player.

  • Narnia

Narnia offers many maps for Minecraft that boast Narnian settings such as Cair Paravel complete with remarkable details. One of the things that make the map great is its attempts to capture all that Narnia offers in a single giant map. You will also get a story to play along as you walk the map and read the signs. You can trade in terms of details and scale, but your ability to move from one location to the other takes the map to a higher level.

  • Minas Tirith

On, you will also find Minas Tirith. Middle Earth is among the cool fantasy locations. Therefore, it is not a surprise that people noticed that Minas Tirith (the capital of Middle Earth’s Gondor), would make a cool Minecraft map. They chose to light the beacons and called for guidance over the Planet Minecraft. After a short time, the team had created an incredible map for Minecraft-lovers to enjoy. The map is massive and consists of bells and whistles from White Tree of Gondor to the sewer system of the city. The dark army of Sauron is not included.

Written by ChrisPublished on 2019-10-01 18:13:46
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