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The Making of Jurassic World

The Making of Jurassic World

Scified2014-02-19 18:58:29
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The Making of Jurassic World

John Hammond's mansion, March 6, 2010, 5 years to opening.

"Alright guys, I bet you're all wondering why I've brought you here today, aren't you?" John Hammond asked all the men sitting around the table in his personal theatre. One of the men replied, "Yes actually, we are, and what an odd variety of men at that." "What do you mean by odd? I've managed to assemble perhaps the greatest team lawyers, builders, mechanics, clerks and so on." "Yes John, what do you plan on doing with all of us?"

"It's simple. First, your construction workers are going to need to build a few buildings, a lab, a visitor centre, a bunker or two. That sound ok to you, Mr. Hamilton?" "It doesn't sound too bad, what's the deadline?" "About two years, give or take." "Not bad, what's the pay?" "We'll discuss that later, minimum twenty an hour per man." "Not bad, twenty five and you have a deal." "Alright, only because you host some of the world's finest builders. I've always said spared no expense. One last thing you're going to have to build is a garage."

"Alright, with any luck, the garage will be completed first, and then you guys, the mechanics and painters, can get working on the official Jeeps of Jurassic World." "What colours are they going to be, and what model?" "Blue and silver I'd imagine, and Wrangler Sahara, just like the originals, two doors and manual. The only mechanical difference between these and the originals will be the fuel source, these will be diesels." All the painters and mechanics respond with, "Yes sir."

"Now then, for the rest of you fine gentlemen, I'll explain your jobs later, I just needed to know you were willing to work with me." "Well, this seems like a good opportunity to make big bucks fast." "I know Mr. Phillips, but I'm in it to please the people."

Isla Nublar, June 20, 2010, 2 months into construction.

"Alright men, time for lunch!" "Thank you foreman Hamilton, we've been working hard." "You're welcome 2500, we've all been working hard for the last four hours today." "I know, you know what I mean though." "Indeed I do, good work so far."

John Hammond arrives at the site and starts speaking with the foreman.

"So Mr. Hamilton, how's construction going? Looks good so far." "It's going great John, and thanks. Your garage is almost complete." "Excellent. The Jeeps are at my mansion ready to be shipped here, the sooner the better." "I know John, you can't rush these things though." "I know, I just grow impatient sometimes." "I see. Can you tell me what happened to the original park?" "Not now, maybe another time." "Alright." "Well, I'll be off now, don't want to interrupt." "No problem, we were just having out lunch hour. Thanks appointing the chefs, they are amazing." "Spared no expense."

Hammond walks away and climbs into a helicopter. The helicopter flies away with the workers watching, and Hammond is looking out the island.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" "Yes John, it is, especially with the dinosaurs not eating everyone." "Shut up Ian, I know about your experience with Roland on Sorna, and I know you didn't like the park on Nublar." "Roland was the least of my worries on Sorna....... (Malcolm continues muttering about Sarah and Kelly being on the island, and the San Diego incident). "Alright, I've heard enough. Besides, your experience was great considering what happened when Alan Grant went to the island." "Oh? Alan went too? What happened to him?" (Hammond explains what happened). "Wow. I don't know what else to say." "Well good. We've arrived at our destination anyway." "And that is?" "You'll see in a moment."

"John! Nice to see you!" "Nice to see you too Mr. McDonald. How's the surveillance going?" "It's going great, the large Carnivores tend to stay in the centre of the island." "See any of interest?" "Of interest? Hmmmmm, I'm going to say the Tyrannosaurus family that tends to stick to the Northwest section if the island, and the Spinosaurus that sticks to the Southeast." "Excellent. How many Tyrannosaurs exactly?" "Three. Two adults and a juvenile. The adults are forty, forty five long and at least eight tons, and the juvenile is almost thirty feet long and three or four tons." "You measured them?" "No, that's more of an estimate." "So you're not sure, but that's your guess. Sounds pretty good. Now then, tell me about this Spinosaurus." "It's about fifty feet long, about six tons, and I actually saw it interact with the Rex family once a few weeks back." "How did that turn out?" "The female Rex stared at it while the male stayed back beside the juvenile." "Interesting, what else happened?" "The Spinosaurus roared at them, but the female roared back, then they started pushing each other. The Spinosaurus's weight wasn't enough, and he was pushed around rather easily by the female." "Well, I'd imagine so. The female was defending her family." "Exactly, that's the main reason the confrontation took place at all, the female defending her family." "Alright. Well, I'm going back to my mansion, see you later." "See you later John."

Malcolm and Hammond climb back into the helicopter and fly away. A few minutes later, Malcolm broke the silence.

"John, what do you have planned for Sorna?" "I have to get dinosaurs from somewhere." "Yes, but Isla Sorna has some nasty carnivores." "I know, but they can easily be spotted and tranquilized from a helicopter." "You have a point. What do you plan on doing with the Rex family?" "I plan on them being the main attractions, obviously. Everyone loves T-Rex." "I guess. We're headed for the mainland now, right?" "Yes. Why do you ask?" "Just wondering. I'm done for the day anyways, so I want to go back to San Hosè."

Isla Nublar, June 2013, 2 years to opening.

"Hello Mr. Hamilton." "Hey John, didn't expect you to be here so soon." "That's fine, how are the roads coming?" "They're going great. We've got the walking path from the North end to the East end done, and we're working on the one from the East to South. We plan on having a monorail that runs right through the heart of the park from North to South, and from East to West." "Excellent, I love those ideas. Still two years before the park is scheduled to be open to the public." "I know John, and I'm looking just as forward to it as you."

Hammond was driving one of the Jeeps. He had said that he was taking it for a test drive, but he wanted to see how progress was being made on the entire island. He eventually reached a point where the paved road stopped, but he saw tracks from heavy equipment, so he went to check it out. He put the Jeep in four wheel drive and continued down the trail.

Some construction workers were starting the first paddock when they heard the rumble of the diesel engine, and they waited for Hammond to stop.

"Hey, what are you guys doing?" "Just working on the first paddock. We have a solid start so far." "Good job. What material, and how thick?" "Plexiglass, and about twenty four inches." "Excellent. What is going into this paddock anyway?" "Looking at this park map that was planned out, the T-Rex family." "Ok. Right at the centre of the park. Good." "We thought the same thing." "Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm John Hammond, founder of InGen." "We know who you are, you're the big boss here. I'm Chris Chapman, but everyone calls me 2500." "Why's that?" "See that big truck over there? The Cummins." "Yes, I do." "Well, that's my truck. It's a Ram 2500 heavy duty Cummins." "Makes sense. Well, I was just wondering how you were doing." "That's fine, it was nice to meet you."

Isla Sorna, June 2014, 1 year to opening.

Hammond's helicopter landed at the airport that was built on Sorna. Most if the island was untouched, exempt for a spot where large carnivores rarely went on the Southwest corner of the island. An airport was built, and the area was fenced off. There was little room, barely enough for an Apache helicopter to land, but Hammond's landed with ease.

"Mr. McDonald, how's it going?" "It's going great John. We've been tracking the dinosaurs' every movement since we started." "How's that been?" "Very good John. We have found that the Tyrannosaurus family rarely travels outside a ten square mile section of the Northwest. They seem to stay pretty close to the centre. I think they would manage in a five square mile paddock." "Really? That's it? We have a seven square mile one built already, so this is great news. An extra two square miles won't hurt." "Of course not. The Spinosaurus tends to stay near the river in the Southeast section. We could likely get away with three square miles as long as there is a river, and maybe a small lake." "I'll look into that. We will probably put him near where the original Baryonyx paddock had been." "Sounds good. I love my job." "I bet you do. Well, see you next week."

January 2015, 6 months to opening.

Most of the island is complete. Some work has to be done on the paddocks to secure them, and a few roads need to be finished. Work is expected to be done in a month, and then programmers have the last five months to work out any bugs in the system while the dinosaurs are being transported from Sorna.

Hammond is driving the Jeep to check up on the progress being made on the paddocks by 2500 and his crew. Hammond has claimed the Jeep as his, and JW 01 is only driven by Hammond and anyone who has his permission.

"Hey 2500. What exactly are you doing on the paddocks? I know you said that you finished placing them, so what's left?" "We just need to seal them. You see, the plexiglass is heavy, so we had to place it ten feet at a time. We are just putting some liquid cement in the cracks, and then welding it shut." "Alright. How long do you expect this to take?" "Two months for the whole park as of now." "Two months? We plan on putting dinosaurs in these paddocks starting next month." "I know, that's why I started on the most important ones, the T-Rex and Spinosaurus paddocks. We are on the Spinosaurus one now, it took us a week to do the T-Rex paddock, and we have quite a bit of ground to cover." "Alright, I understand, good work." "Thanks."

Hammond started up the Jeep and went to find Mr. Hamilton. When he did, he checked on the progress. Two weeks until the roads are done, and two more until the monorails are done. Hammond had asked about the monorails, and it was explained to him that they went straight from North to South, and straight from East to West. He asked how they did it, and was told that there was a thick layer of plexiglass over any part of the rail that went through a paddock.

Isla Nublar, May 12 2015, 1 month to opening.

Hammond is sitting on the roof of one of the hotels. He was watching as dinosaurs were air lifted from the cargo ships to their paddocks. The job was almost done, and the park almost complete. Only about twenty herbivores remained in the massive ship, and the rest of the dinosaurs were in their paddocks, many of the Carnivores comfortable with their surroundings.

The Spinosaurs was seen on a regular basis, almost alway in or near the river and lake that were built for it. The T-Rex family was usually on the hill that was built. The hill was about fifty feet high, and it was near the centre. It was gently sloping, and there were trees all over it where the family slept, and they were fed in the Northwest section of the paddock.

The Velociraptor paddock was higher than the T-Rex paddock, the highest point being forty feet off the ground. They were fed in a similar manor as in the original park, but there were less trees. Only one side had trees, and they didn't reach the bottom, so the raptors were almost never concealed, but they liked climbing, and they could disappear into the trees. Hammond went over to the Velociraptor paddock after helping feed the Spinosaurus.

"John, why is this paddock so high?" "You see, Mr. Hamilton, the Velociraptors are strong jumpers. We needed to have it this high because they like climbing the trees, it's the only way they can completely conceal themselves." "What does that have to do with the height?" "We don't want to take any chances of them escaping." "Makes sense, McDonald told me how vicious these things are. How do you feed them?" "Watch."

A cow was loaded into a harness, raised by the crane, the top of the paddock was opened, and the cow lowered in. Hammond turned to Mr. Hamilton and said, "If you're disturbed by the sight if things being ripped open, look away." Mr. Hamilton continued watching as the cow was torn open and eaten alive by the Velociraptors.

"You see that with the original park very often?" "Never, the trees were too thick. I get a feeling that helping feed the carnivores won't be very popular with the guests." "You think? Neither will watching." "We could still offer to feed the Spinosaurus." "Yeah, that thing is cool to watch eat. It eats most fish we throw it whole." "It's a big creature, god help us if it messed with the Tyrannosaurs." "True, I wonder what would happen." "Me too, but I'd rather not find out, can't see it turning out too well for either side." "What do you think would happen?" "If T-Rex wins, cuts and slashes all over its head and neck area. If Spinosaurus wins, at the minimum, heavy bleeding from almost anywhere, and maybe a bad infection." "Sounds understandable."

Isla Nublar, June 6, 6 days to opening.

Hammond is driving around the park. All the roads are finished, the monorail is finished, the paddocks are finished, and the dinosaurs are all in their paddocks being fed. Hammond is taking a look around the finished park, happy with what has been achieved since they started. He is now anxiously awaiting the day the park opens.

Isla Nublar, June 11, 1 day to opening.

Hammond is driving around the park again. He stops at each paddock and watches the dinosaurs for a few minutes. When he reached the Spinosaurus paddock, he parked at the top of a hill, which acted as a natural wall, after it was dug to a vertical mound and rails added. Hammond leaned on the rail, and the Spinosaurus looked at him, curious. It walked over and reared up to full height. It was about five feet from Hammond, and it wasn't going to be able to stretch anymore. Hammond was glad to see that it wouldn't be able to reach any visitors, and he looked at the magnificent creature that stood before him.

The Spinosaurus sniffed him, and Hammond sighed. He was tired, being kept awake the past few days by the excitement of the park opening, and he decided to go to sleep in his room. He waved at the Spinosaurus and walked away. The Jeep was heard starting, and Hammond drove to his personal lodge.

June 12, 2015, Opening day.

Hammond woke up and got dressed. The park was set to open at nine in the morning, and it was seven now. Boats were already arriving at the dock, and people lined up by the thousand to see the scientific wonder contained on the island.

At eight, Hammond walked up to the main gate. He grabbed a microphone and went to a platform. The platform rose, and Hammond began talking. He explained to the people the intention of Jurassic World, and he thanked all the people who helped make the park possible.

He then checked his watch, eight thirty. Close enough Hammond thought. He spoke into the microphone. "I know that the park is supposed to be opened at nine, but it's eight thirty now, and I don't have anything else to say, so, I'm opening the park half an hour early." Everyone clapped as the gate swung open, and then the crowd moved into the park, already impressed by what they saw.

"You did good John, you did good." "Thanks Ian, I hope you enjoy the park." "I think I will, it looks great." Malcolm walked into the park, and Hammond went back to his lodge and watched.

He watched the children playing, the looks of awe in everyone's faces, and he watched the dinosaurs, acting how they always had. He smiled and continued watching, knowing his dream was finished.

Written by Lord VaderPublished on 2014-02-19 18:58:29
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