The Life of a Raptor

The Life of a Raptor

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This was my very first story, and also my favorite. This is the first time all the chapters came together, and its pretty long. as a later addition, Idecided that the names of our Utahraptor is Scar and his sister is Cynthia. I hope you enjoy it


The Life of a Raptor: Chapter 1, Birth and Death


A newly born Utahraptor look out at the world for the first time. He sees his two siblings already hatched. Then he sees his mother and the mother child bond begins. The father Utahraptor comes home with a freshly killed Tenontosaurus and starts tearing off small pieces of meat and gives it to the baby raptors. Not wanting to get left out, the Utahraptor breaks out of his shell, taking his first shaky steps. The father Utahraptor puts a small piece of meat for the baby raptor, who quickly eats it up. After their young were fed, the adult Utahraptor proceed to eat the remaining carcass. The baby Utahraptor is investigating its siblings when it feels a ground tremor. The adult Utahraptors feel it to. It's an Acrocanthosaurus coming to take the Utahraptor's meal. As the Acrocanthosaurus gets close enough to be seen in the thick jungle, the adult Utahraptor roar in vain to scare it away. As it enters the clearing where the nest is, it roars. The Utahraptor parents step back a few steps, then the female turns tail and starts to walk away. Now the male Utahraptor is left starting at the much larger Acrocanthosaurus, when it suddenly lunges forward. Before the Acrocanthosaurus can react, then Utahraptor slashes its large hand claws at the Acrocanthosaurus's nostrils. The Acrocanthosaurus, stunned, roars in pain as the male Utahraptor back up several steps. While this was happening, the mother Utahraptor was moving her children to a tree some distance away. The baby Utahraptor now stops walking and turns around in time to see his father attack the Acrocanthosaurus. Though he doesn't know what it means now, he remembers it for later hunting. The father Utahraptor is now circling the Acrocanthosaurus in order to confuse him. But then, the Acrocanthosaurus sees where the mother Utahraptor is, and he runs towards her. As she turns around to face him, the Acrocanthosaurus knocks her out of the way and bites down on the oldest baby while the mother stares in horror at the death of her child. The baby also watches the Acrocanthosaurus kill his sister and notices a large scare on the side of his face. The mother and father Utahraptor are now beyond mad and want to kill it with every ounce of their 1000 pound body. The male Utahraptor jumps onto the back of the Acrocanthosaurus, landing his feet on ethier side of the Acrocanthosaurus's short sail. The male Utahraptor leans down and grabs a hold of the Acrocanthosaurus's sides with its hand claw. Then he starts raking his feet across the back of Acrocanthosaurus, the long toe claw leaving huge gashes in the flesh. The Acrocanthosaurus roars and tries to shake the male Utahraptor of, but the female Utahraptor had got up and joined the fight. Jumping onto the Acrocanthosaurus's side and using its long spines for handholds as she kicks her legs and create gashes almost two feet deep. The Acrocanthosaurus roars and shakes around. Finally, the female is thrown off. The male proceeds to jump off as the Acrocanthosaurus goes in to bite the female. As Acrocanthosaurus is about to bite the female Utahraptor, the male Utahraptor makes a beeline for the neck of Acrocanthosaurus. Seeing him coming, the Acrocanthosaurus swings its body around and smacks it the male Utahraptor like a baseball bat. The male went flying and hit the ground with a thud. Acrocanthosaurus then proceeds to walk over to where the male Utahraptor is lying, then he brings his foot over the male Utahraptor and stomps down, killing the male Utahraptor. The mother Utahraptor has recovered from being throw, and now she just wants to get her remaining son and daughter out of hear. As she walks over to her kids, the Acrocanthosaurus lunges at her, she barely manages to move forward enough to escape the jaws, but as she goes forward, the Acrocanthosaurus's hand comes and hits her moving leg, breaking it, and sending her tumbling. The Acrocanthosaurus doesn't want to finish her off, jut get her out of his new territory. The female Utahraptor painfully get up and limps over to where her kids are. She lays down, and her children are carried to safety on their limping mother. The last thing the baby saw of the Acrocanthosaurus, was the mangled nose and scare on the roaring face, of the animal that killed its father.


The Life of a Raptor: Chapter 2, Hunting


One year have past since the fateful incident with an Acrocanthosaurus, and the Utahraptor still remembers his mangled face as like he had just seen it. He now looks at his mother, who has a slight limp, but is otherwise doing fine. He and his older sister are about to be trained to hunt with their mother. The Utahraptor watches as his mother sniffs the air looking for a scent. He copies his mother and sniffs the air, but can't find anything, even thought his mother has. He then follows her and stops when she stops to smell the prey. At last, he got the scent. He starts running towards it, but his mother stops him. His sister also gets the scent, but doesn't run because her mother is blocking the way. She walks slowly until she gets to the edge of the clearing and herd of Tenontosaurus is passing through. The young Utahraptor listens as his mother tell he and his sister the plan of attack. Then following his mother, he and his sister charge into the clearing and head for a Tenontosaurus with its young. The young Utahraptor get in front of the baby Tenontosaurus, while their mother jumps onto the side of the adult Tenontosaurus, toppling it. Seeing what their mother did, the brother and sister Utahraptor jump onto the baby Tenontosaurus. But land on the baby's back due to lack of experience. They quickly fall off, and the baby runs, but mama Utahraptor cut off its escape. The young Utahraptors run to either side of the baby Tenontosaurus and jump on its sides, kicking their toe claws into the side of the baby, until it shakes the two young Utahraptors off, but collapses from exhaustion and blood lost. The two young Utahraptors start eating their first kill, but it will be some time before they really hunt with mom. After finishing their meal, the young Utahraptors start heading back to the center of their territory with their mother. Several years later, now the young raptors are nearly 10 feet long and six years old. The male raptor is patrolling the borders of his territory, when he sees something, an adult Utahraptor couple is coming for new territory. The younger male Utahraptor runs to the center of his territory where his mother is. The young male gives of a loud call at the same time as his mother for his sister to come back and face the threat with them. The Utahraptor couple hear this too, and start heading towards the center of the territory. The young Utahraptor meet the intruding couple with loud roar, with his mother and sister doing the same. The Utahraptor couple don't back down. The young male Utahraptor lunges with his sister at the larger male Utahraptor and is mother attacks the female. The brother and sister jump and try to slash his face, but the adult male steps back and bites the neck of the the older sister. The brother jumps onto the side of the adult Utahraptor and kicks his legs, creating large gashes. The mother Utahraptor has bitten the snout of the other female, but the intruder is slashing at the mothers neck with her claws. The adult male Utahraptor is shaking in an attempt to get the young male off. The young female bites the leg of the adult, causing him great pain. He manages to shake the young male off, and then jumps up, dislodging the young female from his leg. The adult female raptors are know trying to avoid each other's bites and slashes, but are still getting wounded in the process. When the adult male raptor came down from his jump, he was met by a bite to the neck by the young male, and several gouges from the young female's claws. The young male then gets in front of it adult Utahraptor, and mimicking his father's technique, he lunges forwards and slashes at the adult Utahraptor's eyes, blinding it. The adult roars in pain, and the young female takes the chance to jump on its back, then she rakes her claws against the adult Utahraptor's side. It roars again and the young male attacks the adult male's throat with his claws. He follows that with a bite to the throat, and his teeth puncture the windpipe of the adult Utahraptor. Feeling this, the young Utahraptors abandon the adult, who collapsed, to die in time to see the intruding female jump onto the mother Utahraptor and bite her neck. The enemy female keeps biting util the mother gives one last cry, then falls, dead. The intruding female sees her dead mate, and the two young raptors in front of her. Then she turns around and runs, but is so exhausted that the young Utahraptors quickly catch up. They proceed to jump on here, making the intruder fall. Then the older sister puts her foot on the neck of the remaining adult, and puts all her weigh on it, killing the adult female. The two Utahraptor look at their dead mother and let out a mourning cry.


The Life of a Raptor: Chapter 3, The Gathering


The two Utahraptor siblings are now 17 feet long and are reaching adulthood. Their mother is dead, but they had enough experience to hunt down Tenontosaurus and eat carrion. Now, the two Utahraptor are hungry again. As they approach a pond, they hear something in the distance. They use the sound to track the animals down. They get to the edge of the forest they're in, and they see them. A whole herd of Iguanadon is moving their way in search of food. They find a suitable prey item and start forming a plan. The female Utahraptor crouches down and gets behind bush after bush, hiding, util she was almost behind the herd. Then, the male Utahraptor runs out at the forest, roaring and flashing his growing red head plumes. As the herd runs past, the female Utahraptor waits for the right Iguanadon. She finally sees it and pounces on it, toppling it. It quickly gets up and hits the female Utahraptor's snout with its arm, sending her staggering back. The male Utahraptor comes in and jumps on the Iguanadon, driving his claws into its side. The female Utahraptor soon joins in and claws at the Iguanadon's throat. The male then jumps off, then he and his sister back up several steps in unison. The then rich forwards and jump on the Iguanadon. With their combined force, the knock it over, and slit its belly with their long toe claws, spilling the guts, and killing the Iguanadon. As they are almost finished with their meal, they hear a loud roar. Remembering what happened to their fathers hey quickly finish and run. Well knowing that they are no match for an Acrocanthosaurus. Jump forwards several more years, the Utahraptor are know adults and mating season is about to begin. They come to a large clearing where 20 more raptors are, both male and female. Their are males competing for the best female, and our male Utahraptor join the competition. He flashes his big head plume and roars loudly. Other Utahraptor there are much bigger then him and try to scare him off, but with his history, he has become very brave, and doesn't budge. The female raptors are also competing to be the best, and our female raptor runs in and instantly jumps on one, badly wounding it with her weight. Our male Utahraptor is know fighting too, slashing at the other Utahraptors' faces, sometimes landing a lucky hit to the nose. Eventually, our male has beaten everyone but the biggest Utahraptor. Our raptor roar in an attempt to scare away the other Utahraptor, but he just roars back. Our raptor lunges forwards, but the other Utahraptor sidesteps and bites the back of the neck of his competitor. Our raptor screams in pain and tries to break free. Our female raptor has been bitten on the leg, caused deep gouges on her opponent, and is bleeding from many different cuts. She lunges forward and bites the snout of her remaining competitor. The other female lashes out with her claws, causing large wounds in our female's shoulders. Our male has used his hand claws to cut deeply into his opponent's leg, but has also sustained many wounds himself. He know flanks his opponent when went in for a bite. Our Utahraptor brings his arms down hard on the other Utahraptor's side, causing him to fall to the ground. This gives our male Utahraptor the perfect opportunity to bite down on the neck of the other Utahraptor. Our Utahraptor shakes his head around with his opponent's neck in his jaws, finally, the other Utahraptor gives in, making our Utahraptor the dominant male. His sister isn't so lucky, she has been beaten around, and has several broken ribs, but her adversary isn't doing much better. As out female Utahraptor lunges for the throat of the other female, that Utahraptor sidesteps and headbutts our female, sending her off balance, and she falls. Our female Utahraptor gives a cry of defeat, making her second best female Utahraptor. The Utahraptors now are pairing up, with the winning female becoming the mate of our male Utahraptor, and the our defeated female raptor goes with he Utahraptor that her brother beat. With the competition over, a temporary truce forms, and it is the time for sharing information about hunting and warning others about their territory and not to intrude. This is also the time for healing after the brutal competition, and the first healed Utahraptors go off and bring back dead Tenontosaurus carcasses for all the Utahraptors to eat. With the final day of the truce now here, the entire group of Utahraptor go of hunting when they feel large tremors in the ground, they know that there is something big out crashing through the forest.


The Life of a Raptor: Chapter 4, The Kill


The Utahraptors are worried at the large sound, then they hear the cry of a lost sauropod. They forget their fear and run to meet this possible meal. As they get close, the Utahraptor find that it is an adult Sonorasaurus. Our male quickly comes up with a plan of attacks and tells it to the other 19 Utahraptors. The male Utahraptor quickly runs to the sauropod and jumps up on to the sauropod's back, then he proceeds to slash at the neck of the sauropod from behind. The other Utahraptor quickly follow the leader and jump onto the sides of the sauropod's side, driving their claws into it. Several other Utahraptor claw at the sauropod's leg. The Sonorasaurus is taking a beating from many Utahraptors, and is losing blood fast, but is not too affected by this. The Sonorasaurus was surprised when the raptors came charging in, but is now over that. It swings its tail, hitting one on the tail, and nearly hitting another. The Sonorasaurus rears up on its hind legs trying to shake our raptor off, but he holds firm. When the Sonorasaurus comes down, it lands on a slow raptor and kills it instantly. The Utahraptor back off, now being more cautious. Our Utahraptor, from his perch on the Sonorasaurus's back, jumps onto the neck of the sauropod, clamping his teeth just behind the head, and holding on to the neck for dear life, even though it is near the ground because of his wieght. The other Utahraptor viciously attack the lowered neck, hoping to cut a major artery or slash open its trachea. Our raptor hops down from the sauropod's neck, but is still holding firm on it, just in a different position with his head right above the neck, and aligned with his body, not turned at an angle. The sauropod swings its tail and hits the mate of our male Utahraptor. Seeing this, he gets mad and lifts his leg up, and kicks it forwards, driving deep into the neck of the Sonorasaurus. Cutting several major arteries and slicing right through the trachea. Killing the sauropod. Our Utahraptor looks at the body of the mate he worked so hard to get, and gives a death cry. Then he goes over to the body of the dead Sonorasaurus and starts eating it, he is quickly joined by the other Utahraptors who take several days to finish the carcass. A couple months later, our male Utahraptor, very lonely at the death of his mate, is eating a dead Iguanadon when he hears something. He turns around and roars. Out from the foliage comes three Dienonychus, coming to steal his kill. They all try to flank him, but he caches one's neck in his jaws and shakes it around. Then he pushes it to the ground, unclamps his jaws, and stomps on the Dienonychus. With only two remaining, he turns around in time to see one jump onto his back and drive its claws into him. He roars and shakes the Dienonychus off. As he is about to kill the Dienonychus, the other one comes and bites his arm. He quickly yanks it out if the Dienonychus's mouth, causing even more damage. Our Utahraptor uses his other arm to slash at his Dienonychus opponent, driving his long claws into its neck, and it punchers the trachea, making the Dienonychus fall and start gasping for breath. The last Dienonychus is now up and goes for the Utahraptor's throat, but he slams his body into the charging Dienonychus, causing the smaller raptor to stumble back. The Utahraptor gets in close to the Dienonychus, and kicks his leg downwards through the leg of his opponent. This creates a long gash in the leg bone of Dienonychus and severs major tendons, causing him to fall as well and bleed to death. After making sure they are dead, he proceeds to eat the carcasses of the Dienonychus. He did not, however, make it out of the fight unscathed. He took quite a lot of damage, but he will recover.


The Life of a Raptor: Chapter 5, The Final Battle


Our Utahraptor is lonely without a mate, but he knows that he can try again next year. A loud cry pierces the air, and our Utahraptor recognizes it, its his sister. The cry abruptly stops, and the Utahraptor sprints to where the sound came from. When he gets there, he sees a horrific sight, an Acrocanthosaurus with a mangled nose and a scar on the side of its face is holding his dead sister in its jaws. The Utahraptor recognizes him immediately, it is the Acrocanthosaurus who killed his father, his oldest sister, gave his mother a limp which led to her death, and now killed his only living family member, and also his closest. At the sight of his older sister in the Acrocanthosaurus's jaws, something snaps in him. He has had too much loss, and now it is all being released in one huge flood. The Utahraptor makes a beeline for the Acro's throat, who throws his sisters carcass to the side, but the Utahraptor is too fast for Acro and bites down on its throat. The Acro roars and tries to shake him off, but the only thing Utahraptor is doing is slashing at Acrocanthosaurus's throat with his claws. Acro finally manages to shake the Utahraptor off, but the Utahraptor just jumps onto the side of the Acrocanthosaurus and drives his long claws into him. The Acro shakes around, eventually throwing the Utahraptor off, the Acrocanthosaurus walks over to the Utahraptor and bites down on him, Utahraptor screams in pain, but the Acro is too old and is already tiring from the blood loss, and can't crush the Utahraptor. Acro lets go and is about to step on Utahraptor when the Utahraptor gets up, lunges forwards, despite the pain, and creates a large gash on the inside of Acro's leg. Utahraptor then backs up, readying to jump, when the hand of Acrocanthosaurus crashes into the snout of our Utahraptor. Utahraptor is in a great deal of pain now, but he still jumps onto the Acrocanthosaurus's back, and mimics his father's attack by gripping the Acro with his hand claws and raking his feet across the Acro's back. The Acro shakes Utahraptor off and uses the side of his head like a baseball bat to slam into the Utahraptor and send him flying several feet. The Utahraptor, in absolute agony, gets up, only to be hit by the Acro's sharp hand claws, which the force of the blow sends him staggering back. The Utahraptor now only has one plan left, but is in so much excruciating pain that it is hard to focus, then he looks at the dead body of his final family member and all the rage comes back to him. He musters up all his strength, and prepares to jump as the Acro comes charging forwards with his mouth agape. Utahraptor jumps at the last second and lands right where the neck meets body. Utahraptor turns around and starts clawing at the back of Acro's neck. Acro roars in pain, but manages to shake the Utahraptor off. He then runs. Utahraptor painfully gets up and follows the Acrocanthosaurus. The Acro eventually stops and turns around, but Utahraptor jumps onto the back of Acro, he changes direction and keeps clawing at the place he was before, only this time, he is also biting at it and tearing small chunks off. The Acrocanthosaurus shakes Utahraptor off and hits him with his long hand claws. Utahraptor keeps coming and one again jumps onto the back of Acrocanthosaurus and continually attacks the same spot. Acro now runs with the Utahraptor on him, shaking to get him off. Utahraptor is grabbing the Acro with his claws now and tearing large chunks, meat out, but he is not eating it. The Acro stops running again, and shakes constantly, and he throws the Utahraptor off. He walks over too where the Utahraptor landed by the edge of a small slope. As Acro puts his foot on the Utahraptor and applies his weight in order to crush it, some soft solid gives way, letting the Utahraptor slide down the slope, with Acro tumbling down behind him. They shortly arrive near a river, but their momentum keeps them going right into it. They keep going down stream until they hit a bend in the river and wash up onto the shore. Utahraptor painfully gets up and sees Acro do the same. When the Acrocanthosaurus gets up, he starts running at top speed away from the Utahraptor, but Utahraptor follows. It takes a while for the Utahraptor to catch up to Acro, but he eventually does. Still running, he jumps and lands on the back of Acrocanthosaurus, then he sees what he has been working on, he sees the spine of the Acro, just why he was digging in the flesh. The Acro slows down and starts shaking viciously. Utahraptor, barely holding on, manages to get his foot on the spine, but before he can do anything, is shaken off. Utahraptor hits the ground hard. He is barely moving, and the Acro takes him for dead, and as he is going to take a bite out of the raptor, Utahraptor, with all his remaining strength gone, remembers his dead family members. This fills him with rage once again, and strength once again,and jumps onto the neck of Acro, as quick as a flash, he thrusts his foot down, and his toe claw cuts right through the disk in between the vertebra, literally decapitating the Acrocanthosaurus. With both his spine and spinal cord severed, he falls, dead. The Utahraptor is barely standing up when he gives a triumphant roar. Utahraptor then looks around to see where he is. He then sees three old eggs, three old Utahraptor eggs, three old Utahraptor eggs alined in such a way they it seems familiar. Then one final memory hits him, looking out onto the world for the first time, seeing his two sisters, his mother, his father with a dead Tentontosaurus, our Utahraptor has made it home, he has killed the animal that plagued him for so long at the same place it killed his father. Utahraptor now feels happy about his life and gets down to sleep, for the last time. Credits Author: Deltadromeus Co-author: Deltadromeus Publisher: Jurassic Park 4 forum Special thanks to: Jurassic Fight Club, for teaching me about Utahraptor. Michael Crichton, if you didn't write Jurassic Park, this forum wouldn't be up. Walking With Dinosaurs, for giving me the inspiration to write this. Scified, for having this forum and showing my work on it. You, for reading this.

Written by DeltadromeusPublished on 2013-11-19 21:52:17
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NoobMember0 XPNov-21-2013 2:47 PM

Great story Delta ;). I see why it is your favourite.


2KMember2674 XPDec-17-2013 9:00 AM

Yes, great story Delta!

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