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Scified2014-03-10 12:29:43
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Chapter 1


Levy and the other raptor-humans were now 13. Levy and the others were always quite bored. They never really got the chance to get knowledge and freedom. All they knew is that they lived in some super-secret government place known as Area 401. Thomas was practically a father to them, for he created them. Levy and the others always felt off, I mean come one, they had the ability no other human had ever had before, which was being able to spontaneously change from human to dinosaur in less than 5 minutes. Thomas was about 99 years old. He was so happy to be with them, though. He never really spoke about his past or even why he created Levy and the others. Whenever they had asked Thomas about his past, he would get mad and just tell them to mind their own business. He was quite a strange man, they could tell he was traumatized by something at some point. The only places they were allowed to go to and explore was the abandoned section of Area 401. The places they were allowed to go to probably hadn’t been visited by other people for at least several decades. There was one entrance that lead to some garden of some sort, labeled ‘graveyard’. Thomas had locked the entrance and told them that that area was strictly prohibited for entrance. He told them that they would be severely punished if they even dared entered there. All the raptors ever did for fun was mess around with all the old stuff in the labs. There was some area, a very huge open space, Thomas had told them it was some sort of playground for some old test subjects. He never told him about what exactly these test subjects even were. They never got any interaction with anybody else. Secretly, Levy, Katy, and Tom would always try to find some way to sneak out, but all other access to different areas in Area 401 were locked by Thomas. They loved Thomas and all, but they wish they could just escape to see what the outside was. But the only possible way for that to happen was if they got hold of the key to Thomas’s room, where in that room they could unlock the doors to the restricted area of Area 401.

Really the only thing that kept them entertained in their lives were the jokes Thomas would tell. Man, were they funny. Every Friday was ‘joke night’, where Thomas would tell jokes to them. Levy’s favorite was the joke about the man who went to the safari. It goes like this:

A man walks up to his friend and tells him: “you know, I went to the Safari the other day.” Said the man.

“Really?” Asked the friend.

“Yeah, and you WON’T believe what happened to me. I was riding my horse, when I look to my a’ left and I see a tiger right beside me, and then I a’ look to my right and I see an angry, fierce, and monstrous lion next to me! Every time I would speed up, they would still be right next to me! SO then I jump off and roll backwards, and then I see a BIG, HUGE, MASSIVE, elephant in front of me! It went over me but I rolled underneath it. Then a BIG massive stampede of Zebras come and—“Said the man being interrupted by his friend.

“YAH RIGHT! Come on, you would have already been dead by then!” Said the friend, a bit annoyed.

The man smiled and said “I know, which is a’ why they a’ stop the carousel.” Said the man.

Levy remembered it actually took him 3 hours to get the joke.

He was out there, thinking all about this when Tom and Katy came to him.

“Levy, dinner’s ready.” Said Tom.

“Okay.” Replied Levy. Levy then transformed into a Velocirator and ran to the dining room. Inside was Thomas who had gotten food for the in the kitchen base of Area 401. It was about 7:00 PM. Thomas was about to tell them a joke.

“Here it goes”, he said.

“Some animals are mad at God, they think that they were supposedly made incorrectly. One day, God comes down and says:

“Alright, alright, come down here and form a line if you think you were made “incorrectly”.” He said.

And an angry elephant comes up to God.

“Okay, tell me what is wrong with you” Says God.

“What? You mean to tell me you don’t even know what’s wrong!?” Said the elephant.

“No.” Said God.

“Okay, I will tell you what’s wrong! Look at me! I look ugly and ridiculous! Look at my ugly skin! It’s so hard, rough, thick, and wrinkly! Then you make my legs so huge and fat! You give some stupid giant ears, and they are so thin! Then you give me some stupid horn things on my nose, so big and obnoxious! Then you make give some stupid, loud, and annoying sound! And don’t forget the stupid nose! It’s so long. And then finally you give me a stupid little tail behind me!” Said the elephant.

“Aw, come on! The skin I gave you is tough, strong, and durable! It would take a whole pack of lions just to take you down! And I made you so huge so nobody would want to mess with you! You are a real life Giant! And come one, those ears, everybody loves the ears! And those tusks, they are so cool and big! They make you look so tough and manly! And the nose, come on! It’s long, you don’t have to bend down whenever you drink water! You can drink freely! And the tail, come one, everybody loves the tail! Members of your family could easily identify you! And the noise makes you sound tough, everybody loves the sound! It sounds like a loud trumpet!” Said God.

“So there’s nothing wrong with me!?” Asked the Elephant.

“No!!! Go on, enjoy your life!” Said God.

The elephant then walked away, very happy and having a new, fresh perspective on life.

Then came an angry giraffe, and it came straight marching towards God.

“Okay my child, what is wrong with you?” Asked God.

“LOOOOK, you are not going to make a fool out of me! Look at me! You make so tall and ugly! You make my neck and my legs freakishly long! You give me some fat body and skinny-a*s legs! Then you give me stupid ears on my face, and huge ugly eyes! And then you also give me a stupid small tail! And then you give the stupid, ugly, and pathetic brown spots all over my body!”

“Aw come on! You are tall, which is good! All those tall trees are for you and only you! Only you can eat from those trees, they are yours, they belong to you! And come one, your body structure, you look funny! Everybody loves the look! The ears, the neck, the legs, the eyes, the ears, people look at you in awe and amazement of how you look! And come on, the brown spots, everybody loves the brown spots!” Said God.

“So there really is nothing wrong with me!?” Asked the giraffe.

“Noooo!!! Come one, go out and enjoy the way you look!” Said God.

The giraffe was now very happy and started walking happily into the distance.

Then a chicken comes as from nowhere very angrily.


Thomas had finished saying the joke. All of the kids were laughing hysterically. It was those nights that they had found happiness.

Soon it would all be taken away in 3 days.


Tom had gone to his room, and jumped on the bed. He always had a crush on Katy, but he never wanted to admit it. He was never really afraid to do stuff, like jump off ten feet or stuff like that. But when it came to this stuff, he never revealed his true feelings because he didn’t want to make everything in his life and his friend’s lives awkward. He always wanted to find out what life was like out there, in the real world. He wanted to see other humans. He wondered what other humans were like. How they talked. Thomas always told him that the society out there was very corrupt. Tom always knew Thomas had experienced something bad in his life, like some tremendous loss. Thomas thought about how his life was. He had two friends, and one father, well technically, Thomas wasn’t his father, more like a creator. He wondered what it was like to have a mother… Didn’t he have the right to have both a mother and a father nurture and take care of him? He never asked these questions to Thomas, though. He didn’t want to make Thomas feel bad. Tom, on the bright side always felt more special than the others. He was named after the creator. Thomas would sometimes tell Tom, and Tom only, about his friend, but never much. He never told him the name of his friend, or where exactly his friend was. But Tom was smart, and never questioned it. He thought more of his friends. Levy was very cautious when necessary. Levy was a pretty normal guy, will thought Levy was the way a normal guy should be. Levy got easily mad, though. He would pull jokes off his friends, but when jokes were pulled off on him, he got extremely mad. They only got to pull off stupid small jokes, like scaring each other. There was again, never much stuff to do. Tom realized that every time he thought about his whole life it only took him 15 minutes to think about his WHOLE life. He just shook the thought off and went back to bed.


Katy went to bed. She was the only one who secretly hated her life. She hated every aspect to her life. She hated the fact she could never go outside, play, and that she only had a small place in her own personal world. She was also the only female there, which just made her more hateful towards her life. That’s all she really had to her life, just hate, hate, and hate. She once even tried to kill herself, in secret, but in the end she didn’t kill herself, after all.


Thomas was lying in his bed, as usual. He remembered how Nick, the guy who every here and then would check up on Thomas to see if he was doing well, almost caught Thomas with what he had done. The kids were one time screaming very loudly, and Nick ran down to see what was causing it. Thomas claimed it was the Television, but Nick knew he was lying and checked the whole abandoned area of Area 401. The kids just kept on moving away from Nick every time he came close, and eventually Nick just left. Nick was always out to get him. Thomas thought about how what he did. Was it really worth it? He could tell the kids didn’t really enjoy themselves most of the time, they were used to the fact that they could transform to dinosaurs, so they got bored of their ability quickly. It only took so long for Thomas to realize that he was… he was insane. He thought about his depression, of how he lost all the raptors, his family, and Levine, they were all gone. Were they in heaven, if there even was a heaven? After a while, religion disappeared from the world, nobody knew why. Every here and then, someone would claim they found God, but society ignored those people. It just wasn’t something that was a societal norm. Thomas personally believed that there was some sort of creator, something higher than human, but he never really focused too much on this topic. He honestly wanted just to die, he thought he had wasted his whole life.

“I wish I was dead.” Said Thomas.

He forgot the saying, “Be careful what you wish for.”



Written by Raptor-401Published on 2014-03-10 12:29:43
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