The King: Chapters 5-6

The King: Chapters 5-6

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Chapter 5

12:30 AM. James wasn’t able to fall asleep, so he pulled out his laptop to check his e-mail. He had one from Taylor.

It read out:

You won’t believe the horrors I have just read tonight… after school, let’s meet in the corner of the Junior Hallway… God, we seriously need to discuss of what we’re going to do!!! In the meantime, stay away from Fernando!!!

James then closed his laptop, ready for what was to happen tomorrow.

Or was he?


Jesus was walking to school, even though he usually was driven to school. He had not gotten the e-mail from Taylor. He didn’t know that Fernando was now dangerous.

Jesus turned around to see that Fernando was walking behind him. Jesus smiled and gestured at Fernando, with Fernando giving no response.

Then, from nowhere, came a stray dog. It was giant, ugly German Shepard, and it started to lung forward at Jesus. The dog went and started biting at Jesus’s legs.

Jesus begin to scream for help, for Fernando to do something…


But Fernando just stood there… smiling… laughing

The dog had started to bite Jesus head.


After a few moments, he stopped moving. After the dog finsihed him, Fernando threw a big rock at the dog’s head. He then walked forward, now looking at the bodies of a dead boy and a dead dog. Fernando picked out his phone, paused for a few moments, and dialed 911.

“Yes!!! There’s been an accident my friend has been attacked by a dog, and I don’t know if he’s alive or not!!!!” Said Fernando.

The call continued, and the ambulance came and carried Jesus away, while some police officers were interviewing Fernando. He was crying, and told them the story, stating that the dog attacked Jesus, and he was trying to figure out how to save him, and threw a rock at the dog, but by then it might have already been too late.

They believed him, and he went to school, telling the whole story. After school, the others meant as planned.

“I can tell that sick mothervucker is lying, I know it!!! Paden said, angrily.

“Of course he is!!! My God, what has happened…?” Said Adam, crying.

They still didn’t know whether or not Jesus survived.

“Look, we need to report him to the police!” Said James.

“For what!!! There’s no evidence against his story!!” Said Adam.

“NO!!! I mean we have to show his Diary to the cops!!! To our parents!!! Someone who can do something!!!” Said James.

“If we do that, we could get into trouble!!! What we did was illegal, after all!!!” Said Jay, horribly frustrated.

“So we’re just going to let him get even more physcothic!!!” Said Ethan.

Everyone went silent.

Ryan was there.

“I’ll tell my parents about everything.” He said.

Everyone then calmed down, and they then began walking to the hospital, where they would see about Jesus and his fate.


From the corner of the hallway, Fernando looked disgusted.

Luckily, he knew a lot about computers… Ryan, well he would have to deal with at a later time.

Chapter 6

Fernando waited at home for Ryan. In his hand, he was holding 500 dollars, money he stole from the school’s donation box for the Rice Foundation. He knew that this money could have been used to save all the hungry children in India, but natural selection had to take its toll, he thought.

Ryan walked in and opened the door to see Fernando waiting for him.

“Hello, Ryan.” Said Fernando.

Ryan did not respond back.

“Well, I happened to, uh, overhear your conversation with the others today.” He said.

No answer.

“I am very disappointed that you’d betray me. Furthermore, I am sorry to say that you mustn’t be able to tell mom and dad of my endeavors. And I am quite sad that you guys didn’t believe me and my accounts of Jesus oh so misfortunate incident.” Said Fernando.

“I cannot allow you to hurt people.” Said Ryan.

“Oh, you see I don’t hurt people.” Said Fernando.

“Yes, you do, you sick bastard.” Said Ryan.

Fernando merely laughed. He pulled out the money and was about to offer it as a bribe to Ryan when Ryan slapped the money out of his hand, the 20 dollars bills flying around Fernando like a shower.

Fernando got rid of his grin, as he put his right hand into his right pocket, and pulled out a knife.

“Now listen, bud, I really cannot let you get me into trouble right now. As coordinator of The F of the A-” Said Fernando, before being interrupted.

“What the hell is the F of the A!?” Said Ryan.

“Let me show you.” Said Fernando. He held the point of the knife towards Ryan as with his grin he forced Ryan to lead him into Fernando’s room. There Fernando sat down, and started up the computer.

He pressed some keyboard buttons and said:

“Initiate Fight of the Ages Simulation, First Series.”

Then the screen of the monitor went black, and then a screen showed up:

Welcome to First Series, Play As:

1-      Ozzy

2-      Captain2K

3-      Storm

4-      Scarface

5-      Rexy

6-      Bright Eyes

7-      Major General 9097

8-      Captain Paden K.


9- View as ‘401’

10-   View as Guest

Fernando then clicked on Option 10.

The Screen went Black.

Then, white text appeared, and along came the narrating voice:

It shall soon began. 8 competitors shall fight till there is only one victor. Why are these people fighting? Well with new technology, we have analyzed characters from stories and fights and put them in a simulation fight. They are exactly the way they would be in real life. It will take place in a forest-type environment. Who is competing!?

Welcome Ozzy, a male Acrocanthosaurus. He is mean and has a special technique that can make her tougher than he seems!!! Whoever encounters this beast is not in for an easy time!!!


Welcome Captain 2K, an evil lunatic, with heavy armor and TOUGH weapons, even the biggest dinosaurs ain’t going to want to f*ck with this Samurai!!!


Welcome Major General 9097!!! This lunatic has some guns with him, and while that may seem not too strong with his enemies, well you are wrong!!! Good aim and strong guns will make him a worthy competitor!!!


Welcome Rexy, the biggest baddest T-Rex you will ever see!!! Ruthless, he will kill anything in his way!!! Watch out!!!


Welcome Storm!!! This tough Rex has had a tough life, but she can take on anything!!! But he is very intelligent and caring, so be careful!!! Sometimes Brains conquers strength!!!


Welcome Scarface!!! This is one TOUGH and MEAN Gigantosaurus. He has over 50 scars, and a dozen scars on his face!!! He has been in hundreds of battles and only 3 others dinosaurs have come even close to defeating him!!! Whoever faces him is indefinitely in for a TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH time!!!


Welcome Bright Eyes!!! This is a raptor, now don’t laugh!!! She is fast, she is as smart as a human, and she has a secret DEADLY weapon. She can also set traps!!! Look into here eyes and she may smell fear!!!


And Last but not least, welcome Captain K., also known as Paden!!! He is extremely smart, and has TONS AND TONS of training, he also has training to KILL dinosaurs, to KILL them. The dinosaurs better watch out for him!!!

Then, again, black screen, more text:

Part I: One Foot Leads to Another

For the next hour and a half, Ryan watch the F of the A: First Series.

After it was all over, Fernando turned off the monitor displaying the F of the A.

“Now, do you see why you can’t stop me, or no?” Asked Fernando as he held the tip of the knife against Ryan’s face.


More of what happens next will be revealed after F of the A Riders. After all, wouldn’t want to give away all the mysteries of the F of the A.


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