The King: Chapters 1-4

The King: Chapters 1-4

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It’s a cold winter day… November 29th… The day a strange, peculiar boy was born… Hospital Room Number 401… The year was 1999… of course, no one knew the future of this strange boy.


It was only too long before his parents died, his dad dying of a car accident while the mother was pregnant, and his mom had died after the birth. It was quite depressing, because what was going to happen to the boy? The name of the boy was Fernando.


They decided to send him to an orphanage off Cherry Street. Until someone one adopted him, nothing was to happen to him for the next 18 years.


Nobody really mourned for the dead mother… Because nobody ever got close to her… But the boy, maybe he would be more social.



Chapter 1

Fernando was 14 years old now. He was about to turn 15 in 2 months, of course, who was going to care, though? Ever since he was a child he was always different than the others. Always, but he never got why people liked him. He was different, but people thought he was weird… Even though he wasn’t.

He had been adopted at the age of 5 by some couple who wanted to have a big brother for their son, since the mom wasn’t able to give birth anymore. Growing up he always watched the Jurassic Park Trilogy. He grew up, completely obsessed with dinosaurs, he just loved the idea of dinosaurs, giant creatures that once roamed about the earth. He also loved computers.

But with his step parents, it was a different story. The dad thought he was going to grow up into some weight-lifting athletic superstar, but he was growing up to a skinny, smart, and dinosaur-obsessed boy. The dad thought it was unnatural for a boy to be like that.

So, Fernando had naturally grown a very distant relationship with his stepdad. With his stepmom, well he was much closer to her. She actually shared some of the same interests with him.

With his brother, it was mainly a love-hate relationship. The brother’s name was Ryan. Ryan was only a year younger, and he always expected Fernando to be his servant, since Fernando was adopted so he could be there for Ryan. Fernando didn’t like that so they would always fight, over who was really the “better” one. Ryan had turned out to everything his dad had expected of him, even though Ryan was flunking all of his classes. Fernando had all A’s in his classes, and he was taking classes a year ahead of him. They had just entered high school this year.

Just like Fernando had expected, he grew to hat everyone. He thought that everyone in the school he went was just stupid… You see the school he went to had the best education in the state, and only rich people went there. And 90% of the people who went there were all ungrateful spoiled brats. Every single day he went people would make fun of him and his obsession with dinosaurs and Jurassic Park. They would always say things like:

“Ugh, you reading another book about Jurassic Park, get a life loser!!!” Of course he would always reply back truthfully, that unlike them, he was actually curious and wanted to learn about the past and not learn about the next new iPhone gadget. He never liked the idea of smartphones… It changed a person he believed. There were only certain people he talked with at school, since after all, he hated mostly everyone. There was Taylor, one of his main and only friends, though they sometimes fought.

You see, they were both dinosaur nuts, but Fernando always thought Spinosaurus Aegypticus was the most powerful predator that walked the earth while Taylor thought it was Tyrannosaurus Rex. So they always fought over who would beat who, sometimes after arguing they wouldn’t even talk for a couple of days.

His other friends were the one sin the little club he started. He actually went to his History teacher and asked if he could start a Dinosaur Debate Club, and it went all official. There was him, Taylor, Jay, Wyatt, Paden, Jesus, Adam, Ethan, James, Maurizio, and some others who he never got the chance to learn about. 3 times a week, after school, they’d all get together and debate over various things. They sometimes have contests and write dinosaur fights, usually it was Jay, Wyatt, and Taylor who won, though. Of course, all of the other students would make fun of them over their “geekfest club”, but quite frankly they didn’t really give a damn.

It was those 3 times a week that gave Fernando 3 reasons of why to go school. Besides that, he knew almost everything he was taught there.

However, for the past few months Fernando’s interest in computers continued to grow quite unnaturally…

He particularly interested in creating simulations…

But there shouldn’t be any trouble in coming from that.

Chapter 2

Fernando was doing research on computer simulations. He found that it was quite up his ally. For the next few months, Fernando spent his time making fights between dinosaurs, and each time, they would always strangely become more violent and bloody. It wasn’t really affecting his behavior, but still, it was weird that he was always very secretive whenever he was asked about what he was doing on the computer.

He then went on to school, each day, a bit more awkward in manner as the days went by.

It was Tuesday, one of the debate days after school. He came, and in there was everyone. They were waiting to see what today’s subject was going to be.

“Dinosaurs fights… We’ll write some and then give them out, eh, orally.” Said Fernando, quite awkwardly.

“Any species in particular?” Asked James.

“Sure… Eh, Tyrannosaurs…. And, uh… Raptors.” Said Fernando.

They all went to work, but they were all thinking how weird Fernando had been over the past few days.


Fernando's fights continued to be more violent and bloody. His fights went from being draws and mismatches to having tyrannosaurs rip off the heads of Allosaurs and whatnot. Each one had some dissembling of body parts… It was quite unnatural, really. Even then, Fernando became more distant towards the others, he usually began to converse with them whenever his eyes caught sight of them, but now he would never speak to them. He always had a stern expression on his face these days.


After 30 minutes passed in time, the young gentlemen finally finished all their fights. Fernando, like always, went first.

This time the Tyrannosaurs put the Allosaur’s head in its mouth and completely tore the head off. By this time Taylor had interrupted.

“What’s up with all the… gruesome scenes in your fights? It’s strange, Fernando.” Said Taylor.

“Oh, well I decided to get some creative licensing with my dinosaur encounter stories.” Said Fernando, sternly.

That was another thing, Fernando these days was always using words to make him sound professional.

“Well, even then, these days you have been quite silent. You’ve changed… You even sound and look more violent now… I don’t know what’s happened.” Said Taylor.

“Well look fine sirs, let us take this predicament and handle it over morrow, quite frankly I was in a rush to get back to my computing device, I’d like to take care of some business.” Said Fernando, rushing out of the room.

“What do you think he could possibly be doing on the computer, that’s so important???” Asked Paden.


“Don’t know, but we better ought to find out.” Said Wyatt.

Chapter 3

Fernando looked at his computer screen sternly.

“Oh, what to do today, what to do!” he said, clapping his hands together. He was in his room, with the door locked, and he lights off as well.

There he began to type in codes into his computer, for some reason hating everyone in the world. Wanting everyone… to feel pain.

The computer then asked for him to enter a name for a certain document he had on Google Drive.

He typed it in:

Fight of the Ages

Heh heh… He thought to himself…

Now it was truly the time to bring his fights to life, to see all the bloodshed in action.

He began typing again.


“So what in the bloody hell had been going on with Fernando!?” Asked Paden when they were in the History classroom, waiting for Fernando to come.

“Don’t know, we all have seen the changes he’s been exhibiting over the past months… Quite intriguing, I must say.” Said Adam.

“We accidentally made eye-contact at lunch and he just quickly looked away and had a very hateful expression on his face. I’m worried about him.” Said Jesus.

“Tried to make a joke with him Line Art today, and he rolled his eyes and didn’t even look me in the eye for the rest of the class period.” Said Jay.

Soon all of the boys were talking about how strange Fernando had been these days.

“I believe what we need here is just to figure out what he’s been doing lately. Which I discussed with Ethan and Taylor lately. They’ve talked to Ryan about how Fernando has been treating him, and he is saying the same thing as us. He’s agreed to observe what Fernando has been doing on his oh so precious computer of his.” Said Maurizio.

“Yes.” Said Ethan. “Ryan says that Fernando keeps on locking himself in his room, with the lights off, and for the rest of the night all that will be heard is speedy typing, and him talking to himself. And also laughter… Maniacal laughter.” Said Ethan, finishing his statement.

“So what do we do now?” Asked Wyatt.

“We wait. We wait to see what Ryan has to say tomorrow.” Said Taylor.


Fernando entered the room, and all was silent.

“The discussion for this evening will be about Raptor Hunting.”

He sat down, and he let the others discuss about it.


Ryan got back home early, intent to see what Fernando had been doing this whole time.


It was time to find out what the hell was going on, he thought, as he entered Fernando’s room.



Chapter 4

Ryan walked into Fernando’s room, and saw that Fernando’s computer was still on. Fernando had a bad habit of keeping computers on for a long period of time.

Ryan clicked the mouse, and the computer was locked took him to where Fernando had last been. Fernando had not set the computer to ask for a password whenever recovering from sleep mode, so that was definitely a plus.

The place Fernando had last been was a simple Google search. He had been Googling about computer simulations problems.


Ryan looked down to see a Word Document was open, he clicked on it, as he was going nowhere in what Fernando had been Googling. The document was called “Diary.”

He began to read.

February 9th, 2014

I have now begun to get the simulation working. SO far I have named it Fight of the Ages. This shall be every entertaining, now I can put all of the bloodshed I wish to see into reality… And no one will have to know, lol…

Well anyway, putting computer aside, lately I can’t help but to feel more of the want to see others in pain.


Ryan gulped, he knew this wasn’t going to be good.


Every day, when I look at everyone in the dinosaur club, I just imagine how it would be like to see if they died, it would be quite amusing. Maybe one day I should do a funny little joke on them, see what happens… Heh heh… That’s why I like dinosaurs, I just IMAGINE what it must have been like to tear and rip things apart, watching blood go everywhere. Oh, but I do hope this Fight of the Ages will bring me closest to the real thing!


Ryan couldn’t read no more, so he plugged in his USB drive, and saved a copy on his USB port. He got up from the chair and made it so that way everything in the room was just the way Fernando had left it. He then went to his own room, on his own room, and sent messages to Taylor and Ethan.

“Bring your guy’s laptops tomorrow… You’re going to and not going to want to see this.” He typed. He then shut down his computer to get dinner, and Fernando sat right there at the table, with a stern, and silent expression.

Ryan was afraid of him.

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