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The Future of Mobile Casino Apps: Convenience and Versatility

The Future of Mobile Casino Apps: Convenience and Versatility

Scified2019-07-27 17:19:29
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Since the last 5 years or so, casino apps are on the rise. The number of players who prefer mobile devices to gamble keeps increasing. And this is normal – gambling with casino apps has lots of advantages: You can check them here

You don’t need to carry a PC or be at home anymore: as long as you have a mobile phone (or tablet PC) you can keep gambling. So, what is the future of these apps? What can we expect to see in the near future? Let’s analyze the industry: Mobile casino apps are on the rise, and nothing can stop them. 

The Current Status: Let’s Take a Look at Some Numbers

According to statistics, the mobile gambling industry is nearly as big as 50 billion USD. Analysts think that it will pass 80 billion USD in 2023 – these are big figures. These are global numbers, but we can also give you the mobile gambling statistics of the United Kingdom: According to the official report, 51% of UK players prefer a mobile device to gamble online. To give you an idea, this rate was 43% in 2016. This is a big increase which cannot be seen in desktop gambling. And providers are aware of this situation because they keep developing new games for mobile platforms only, and especially social media platforms. After analyzing all the data, we can make the next predictions about the future of mobile casino apps. 

They Will Support VR (Virtual Reality) Technology

This technology is already available, but it’s at the early stages. If you want, you can purchase VR goggles right now and try the latest mobile slots in virtual reality. And all you need is a smartphone: No desktop PC is required. We are sure that you have already seen these goggles in supermarkets and technology stores. They are very cheap, and even the most expensive one is 99 USD. 

Get goggles, download a VR casino app, and you are good to go. You place the smartphone in front of these goggles and use them as “screens”. Basically, the goggles create the illusion of a three-dimensional environment, and it is a pretty unique experience, even on this stage. 

We think that VR mobile casino apps will be more convenient in the near future. There will be lots of VR casino games to download and smartphones will get powerful hardware that can run even the most advanced graphics. 

Soon, we may see gamblers wearing these goggles everywhere, and we are sure that specific online casinos that support only VR games will be launched too. To be honest, we are pretty excited about this technology: We have recently tried Gonzo’s Quest (a popular slot game of Netent) with VR goggles, and the experience was… amazing, literally. 

Crypto-Tokens Will Be Their Currency

At the moment, mobile casino apps are not that convenient or versatile due to a simple reason: You cannot play them with real money. Due to local laws against gambling, none of the two major application stores can offer real-money gambling apps. Sure, you can find a couple of options, but they will be restricted to only certain geographic regions. We guarantee that 90% of all casino apps on these stores will be “free to play” only. 

Crypto-tokens can change this. These are distant cousins of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. They are not a literal currency – these are like tokens you purchase at arcade saloons, in order to play games. Basically, they are digital coins that can be used to buy any online service. They are not as advanced as traditional cryptocurrencies, but they offer the same privacy. You don’t need to use the banking system or Fiat currencies to play mobile casino games with real money. If you use an app that supports these crypto-tokens, here is what happens: 

  • You download an app from the official application store. Since it won’t be supporting “real money”, you won’t have a legal problem due to your local laws. 
  • The app itself will offer to purchase crypto-tokens from exchange sites. This system won’t use the classic banking infrastructure, so it cannot be tracked.  
  • You will purchase the tokens and use them as casino coins.To collect your winnings in Fiat currencies, you can convert them to USD, EUR, or any other currency at the same exchange sites.  

Basically, these apps will be real money mobile casino applications without “real money”. Such a system cannot be tracked or blocked, and it is a lot more convenient than using classic cryptocurrencies. 

“Sharing” Will Be a Major Feature   

Lastly, we will see “sharing” to become a major feature in all mobile casino apps. We are not talking about casino games you can play on social platforms such as Facebook. We are talking about playing a mobile casino app that is download from an official store and sharing your latest winning with all of your friends by clicking a simple button. Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, even “Tinder”: You name it, it will be possible to share it.

The chance to socialize is a specific feature of casino apps, and it will keep getting upgraded. We can already join multiplayer casino games with our mobile devices, and the next step will be letting everyone (literally, everyone) know about this experience. 

The advancements in mobile devices will affect the casino apps too, of course. At the moment, we have smartphones that have enough computing power to run a desktop operating system. In the near future, you can bet that they will be more powerful. And more computing power means more features & upgraded graphics – soon, using mobile casino apps will be a very different experience than today.

We are excited about all these predictions and cannot wait to start using them – the future of online gambling lies in mobile platforms, and they have the potential to shape the entire imaging industry. We are about to witness a revolution: Get ready!

Written by ChrisPublished on 2019-07-27 17:19:29
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