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The Fight of the Ages: First Series: Complete Fight

The Fight of the Ages: First Series: Complete Fight

Scified2014-07-18 16:49:58https://www.scified.com
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It shall soon began. 8 competitors shall fight till there is only one victor. Why are these people fighting? Well with new technology, we have analyzed characters from stories and fights and put them in a simulation fight. They are exactly the way they would be in real life. It will take place in a forest-type environment. Who is competing!?

Welcome Ozzy, a male Acrocanthosaurus. He is mean and has a special technique that can make her tougher than he seems!!! Whoever encounters this beast is not in for an easy time!!!


Welcome Captain 2K, an evil lunatic, with heavy armor and TOUGH weapons, even the biggest dinosaurs ain’t going to want to f*ck with this Samurai!!!


Welcome Major General 9097!!! This lunatic has some guns with him, and while that may seem not too strong with his enemies, well you are wrong!!! Good aim and strong guns will make him a worthy competitor!!!


Welcome Rexy, the biggest baddest T-Rex you will ever see!!! Ruthless, he will kill anything in his way!!! Watch out!!!


Welcome Storm!!! This tough Rex has had a tough life, but she can take on anything!!! But he is very intelligent and caring, so be careful!!! Sometimes Brains conquers strength!!!


Welcome Scarface!!! This is one TOUGH and MEAN Gigantosaurus. He has over 50 scars, and a dozen scars on his face!!! He has been in hundreds of battles and only 3 others dinosaurs have come even close to defeating him!!! Whoever faces him is indefinitely in for a TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH time!!!


Welcome Bright Eyes!!! This is a raptor, now don’t laugh!!! She is fast, she is as smart as a human, and she has a secret DEADLY weapon. She can also set traps!!! Look into here eyes and she may smell fear!!!


And Last but not least, welcome Captain K., also known as Paden!!! He is extremely smart, and has TONS AND TONS of training, he also has training to KILL dinosaurs, to KILL them. The dinosaurs better watch out for him!!!



Chapter 1

I hope you all are happy with this part. I will admit it was very tough killing off these characters, but it was the best I tried.

Let it begin.



In the forest, Captain 2K was walking about. With his mighty 2 swords he swooped around, cutting off branches and bushes in the way with a quick, easy, and mighty swipe of his swords. He was ready to battle anything that would come his way. He would be the one to win. Who could defeat him with his thick armor, the 6 swords extending out of his hands form the armor that could function as throwing knives, who could defeat him with 2 huge, mighty samurai swords? It made sense for him to win. He would be the last one standing. The only way you would be able to kill 2K would be to kill him by somehow penetrating a fatal attack through the small open spot where his armpits lay uncovered. That and you could melt his armor, but it would have to be 300 degrees for that to happen, and none of the contenders could breathe fire, so why worry about that?

2K kept on walking on when he finally spotted a target. It was small, and he laughed at such a small contender to face and kill.



It was Bright Eyes. Bright Eyes turned around and saw Captain 2K. He saw that 2K was ready to fight, because he held his two swords against Bright Eyes, ready to fight. Bright Eyes locked onto Captain 2K, ready to fight back. He could tell by looking into 2K’s eyes that he was underestimating Bright Eyes, which would be an advantage.

2K ran at Bright Eyes, and slashed both his swords downwards at Bright Eyes. Bright Eyes dodged this and carefully ran around 2K.

Bright Eyes was as smart as a human, after all, so she looked at the back, but 2K was smart enough to put armor on his back. Bright Eyes knew there just had to be a way kill 2K, there had to be some part of 2K’s body that was left unprotected…

2K’s swords were stuck in the dirt. He was trying as hard as he could to pull out the swords from the ground, he needed them for this fight and other fights. He could have used his throwing knives to finish off Bright Eyes quickly, but he wanted to save those for e better and more desperate time. He didn’t worry about Bright Eyes attacking, since his armor was so thick and strong, I mean what harm could a small 3-foot tall raptor do?

That is when Bright Eyes located the weak spot, the unprotected spot. He saw a small gap open in where 2K’s armpit should be. Bright Eyes knew that in order to defeat 2K, he was going to have to use his secret and deadly weapon. What was it, exactly? Bright Eyes due to his over-the-top intelligence had made a contraption attached to his foot that could fire a dart at someone or some animal. It was poisonous and it would take effect on the victim in 20 minutes. But since 2K was a human under all that armor, the poison would take effect even quicker, probably 1 minute.

2K finally managed to get his swords out of the ground. He then quickly swung his right sword at Bright Eyes head, but Bright Eyes ducked the shot.

2K’s armpit was now fully exposed. Bright Eyes shot the dart at the armpit.

2K screamed in pain. The poison was already taking effect, since he was human the posion was more powerful.


Bright Eyes had won, and he happily walked away, but then felt a searing pain in his back and looked at his heart to see the tip of a knife coming out of it. He turned around.


2K had shot one of his throwing knives at Bright Eyes. Bright Eyes looked at her heart again. There was huge knife through it. Another “whoosh!” came and Bright Eyes had another knife through her heart. Then another. Then 3 more.


Bright Eyes and 2K looked at each other, with just seconds left to live. They had both killed each other. 2K was on his knees. With one breath he said:

“Never underestimate the enemy…”


2K fell face-first onto the forest floor, dead.


Bright Eyes looked at 2K and decided the best way to deal with death, was only to embrace it. With a final breath, Bright Eyes fell to the floor.


He too, had underestimated the enemy.

Chapter 2

Storm came out of hiding and looked at the dead bodies of 2K and bright eyes as they disappeared. Storm realized he was one of the final 6 contenders.

He went on, only to encounter Ozzy.

They looked into each other’s eyes.

Ozzy was a 17-foot tall Acrocanthosaurus. He weighed 6.5 tons, and was 43ft long.

Storm was about the same length, was 2 tons heavier, and was 3 feet taller.


They realized that they were both going to fight, and they were both formidable opponents.


Storm attempted to bite Ozzy’s neck, but he quickly dodged it. He circled around storm, and bit the back of Storm’s right leg with s trong bite.


Storm screamed in pain. It was painful, that bite. Quite sadly he couldn’t really think straight now. Was he going to die, like his friends and family did? No, he couldn’t think of that right now… Right now he had to fight for herself.


Ozzy then circled around Storm, Ozzy was about to leap and attack Storm’s ribs, but Storm swiftly moved to the right, even though it cost tremendous pain for his leg. Storm then went and bit Ozzy’s side. Ozzy roared in pain, but Ozzy managed to get out of the grip and he moved around and bit the back of Storm’s left leg. Storm was now in so much pain she could brely move around.


But he still had to focus on the fight. Storm looked around to see if there was anything in the environment that he could use to his advantage. They were in a forest, but in a clearing. Ozzy was just a bit too heavy to pick up and slam against a tree. However, while Storm was thinking of way to defend himself from Ozzy, Ozzy lunged forward and slashed at Storm’s ribs. Storm yet again roared in pain.


Storm fell to the ground, and Ozzy was about to finish the attack on Storm, to end his life. But then a gunshot was heard from out of nowhere. It was the sound of a SPAS 12. Ozzy roared in pain as there had been a bullet shot at his ribcage.


And there was only one contender who owned a SPAS 12 in this fight.


And that was Major General 9097.

Chapter 3

As Ozzy roared in pain from the shot, the whole atmosphere of the fight changed. Instead of a classical one-on-one dinosaur fight taking place, there was now a crazy lunatic with a gun at hands. He had expert aim. He put away his SPAS 12 and quickly prepared his Barrett M82A1.


In the meantime, Storm took his advantage. He bit Ozzy’s leg and bit as hard as he could. Ozzy roared in pain so loud that 9097’s ears started to ring and he dropped the gun he was holding to cover his ears. His ears even started to bleed.


Storm got up, and even though it caused him unbelievable tremendous absolute pain, he ran towards 9097, ready to eat him. 9097 wasted no time on trying defend himself. The only gun he had that was loaded was the SPAS 12. Without time to aim properly, he aimed 3 shots, one for each eye and one at the heart. He got one eye, but the other two he missed since Storm moved his head out of the way to avoid further pain.


With blurred vision, Storm picked up 9097 up with her teeth, and Storm threw 9097 10 yards away when he hit a tree. He was now missing his leg. 9097, however, still had his SPAS 12 and Barrett M82A1. He looked at Ozzy, with Ozzy’s eyes looking at 9097 in mercy.


With a sort of laugh, 9097 said “If I am going to die I might as well take down these sons of a bitches.”


9097 loaded the Barrett M82A1 and shot at Ozzy’s heart twice. Ozzy roared.


Ozzy then started bumbling around. He swerved his head at Storm. He took two steps at Storm, and then, he gave a roar to the sun, so loud, that the other contenders heard his final roar. 9097 watched Ozzy curiously. After a few seconds that seemed to last a few hours, Ozzy fell to the ground.








5 contenders were now left.


9097 prepared the next shot and was about to shoot at Storm when he felt himself being picked up by a strong jaws. 9097 screamed and before he could even attempt to reach for his gun, a bite was made onto him, and with the simple sound of a gulp, he was gone from view.


Storm looked and widened his eyes in pure fear.





Scarface was there. He was 50 feet long, and he stood 22 feet tall. A pure 9 tons made of pure tough muscle and build, Scarface looked where Storm was just moments ago. He saw that Storm was gone from the clearing. He gave a little snort, because he knew there was no chance Storm could fight him, Storm was just too injured to even stand a chance. But what was to worry about Storm?




After all, now there were only 3 contenders left. And there was only one he was worried about. And that was Rexy, the biggest Rex and the meanest one he had ever seen. But right now, he wanted to get rid of the other contender, Captain K.


How cool it was going to be, to have Scarface and Rexy have the final battle. With a little snort he walked out from the clearing, and started to roar.


And Rexy responded just 50 yards away.

Chapter 4

Captain Paden K. gave a little laugh as saw Storm run away from the battlefield. He ran away, and the second he ran out of the field, he evaporated. That was one of the rules, though Captain K.If you tried to exit the battlefield you would be eliminated, and evaporate into a million particles. Storm had forfeited, and he was officially eliminated from the fight, The Fight.


You see, nobody really knew or had even thought about it, but amongst all the fighting, Cpt K. had been watching every single move of each fight. After all, he simply had the best of the best. He could have easily killed Ozzy and Scarface when they passed him, but he was curious to see the fighting. He didn’t want to give the audience, or whoever was watching this, a boring show. He wanted to have it so that the last two contenders, besides him, would fight to the death, and when the winner of that fight had been standing, he would want to shoot it down.


Boy that would be cool. And now here he was. He watched from a distance as Rexy and Scarface were roaring at each other. They were preparing a fight, The Ultimate Showdown.


Cpt K. let out a laugh. He imagined the thought of the dinosaur who won, roaring a triumphant roar, roaring in victory, and then him shooting him down.


“This is going to be fun…’ Said Cpt. K. “I guess I’m just going to stand here and let things just flow, for a bit. I’ll try to give the winner a chance to declare their victory.


So he stopped thinking and talking, and set his eyes on the fight, the spectacle of this whole contest.


Rexy was now just some yards away from Scarface. They looked at each other eyes. Only one dinosaur was going to walk out of this, only one was going to walk out of the clearing alive, and eat Cpt K.


Rexy and Scarface were pretty much the same size and weight. The only problem was that Rexy had a bite force of 7 tons, while Scarface had a bite force of 2 tons. Giganotosaurus had faced a T-Rex before, and he knew he had to be careful on not letting Rexy bite him.


Rexy charged, but Scarface sidestepped. Rexy missed and stopped, but Scarface already charged and bit Rexy form the back as hard as he could. Rexy let out a scream in pain. Rexy wriggled his way out of Scarface’s bite, and Rexy went to bite Scarface’s neck. Rexy was ready to crack Scarface’s neck bone, but Scarface wiggled his neck out of Rexy’s bite and took a few steps back. He looked again into the eyes of Rexy. Scarface then charged at Rexy, and Scarface bite Rexy’s neck, putting as much force he could do with his own bite force. Rexy felt the pain, but he had experienced worse before. Rexy, being just a little bit heavier, pushed Scarface to the side and rammed him against a tree. Scarface release his grip and roared in anguish.


Then, as if from nowhere, the whole clearing was surrounded in a ring of fire. They sky turned black, with red clouds. Around the ring of fire came out a fence, covered in spikes.


Cpt. PK gave out a little laugh. Whoever the hell was controlling this simulation decided to add some “fire and spice” into it. He had to admit it looked pretty awesome. He jumped down from the tree he was on, and landed on the ground. He quickly ran about 3 yards away from the fire and climbed a tree that was safely away from the fire. He sat on a branch and watched from where he was.




This was gonna be GOOD.


Rexy and Scarface roared at each other, after a couple of minutes was sent in confusion after the fence and the fire came. They got their eyes adjusted from nighttime to daytime. They roared again, as they prepared for round 2.


Then, after a couple of seconds, Scarface and Rexy charged at each other.

Chapter 5

Then, after a couple of seconds, Scarface and Rexy charged at each other.


They collided into each other, and both of them bumped their heads into each other harshly. Rexy actually fell onto the floor, and he felt the heat of the fire as his head was mere feet away from the fire. Scarface lunged at rex and did his best to harm Rexy by biting Rexy’s neck.


Rexy then managed to get loose of Scarface’s grip, and Rexy got up, and gave a little roar out of pain. Scarface roared, but Rexy took that to his advantage. Rexy charged at Scarface and bit as hard as he could the bottom portion of Scarface’s mouth. Scarface felt so much pain. HE tried to wiggle Rexy off, but he couldn’t. Rexy then let go. Scarface now wouldn’t be able to properly bite Rexy anymore.


Rexy then began to charge at Scarface again but Scarface lunged to the side, and when Rexy stopped charging, Scarface rammed his head into Rexy and pushed him again the fence.


The spikes were about half a foot long, and there was about 10 of them that went sinking into Rexy’s tough hide. The fire was burning his skin. Rexy roared in pain, but he realized that in order to get out of this and win, he would have to get his body out of the painful spikes’ grip. As he started to do so, Scarface stepped back and prepared to charge again.


Rexy, however, had different ideas.


Rexy got the spikes out of his body, and then stood there. Part of his side was burnt black and some 10 wounds showed where the spikes had got him. Scarface charged yet again, this time much faster.


With perfect timing, Rexy charged away from Scarface. Scarface’s head rammed against the fence. Rexy then wasted no time and Rexy charged at Scarface, ramming his head against Scarface’s side. Scarface roared in pain as his head was now caught free from the spikes, but quite painfully, because now the spikes were ripped out of his face, and now his body was against the fence.


The fire hurt Scarface in true anguish and suffering. His head didn’t get burnt into black, but he still had a reddish burn all over his face. A new scar.


But he wanted to keep this one. Scarface tried to get loose his body from the fiery spiked fence, but Rexy was still ramming his head against Scarface to keep him in place. Scarface was roaring louder and louder with each second, with tremendous pain. Rexy, however, didn’t want to win like this. Rexy, after a minute that seems like hours to Scarface, stepped backward and allowed Scarface to get himself out of the fence.


As Scarface got his body away from the fence, he stumbled. His whole left side of his body was burnt so bad that his black burns matched the pitch-black sky. Scarface also couldn’t see properly anymore. When his head had been rammed into the fence, a spike went into his left eye. His right eye was affected by the fire.


Scarface tried his best to pull himself together, and then he roared at Rexy, and he charged. Rexy was surprisingly caught off guard by this, so thus Rexy was knocked over. However, Rexy was knocked over in the middle of the clearing, so there was no fence to push him against. Scarface could also no longer properly bite anymore.


Scarface was confused. What was he going to do? He couldn’t bite, he couldn’t find a way anymore to ram Rexy into the fence, and there was really nothing he could do.


Rexy got up. He roared and then ran into Scarface, hurting Scarface, and then Rexy ran into Scarface, and Rexy went for Scarface’s neck. Rexy then grabbed Scarface’s neck with his mouth as hard as he could. Scarface could no longer roar properly, so little snorts of pain were being heard. Then Rexy pulled his head down, still grasping Scarface’ neck, and then Rexy lunged his head forward, snapping Scarface’s neck.


The simple snap of the neck was quiet, and among the constant noise of the flames flickering, it was heard only by Rexy and Cpt. K. Rexy then dropped Scarface’s lifeless body to the ground. Rexy then put his left foot atop Scarface’s head, and crushed it. As he did this, Rexy let out a roar so loud, it echoed around the arena a few times, and the fire surrounded Rexy, showing him as the victor.


Then, Rexy felt a pain in his brain. Rexy then started stumbling around. Rexy let out small roars of pain and fury. Then, he felt another pain in his heart. Then another in his brain. Rexy’s vision was now getting blurry, and he roared again. What was happening?


He couldn’t give up… He was the champion, he had to be… He then remembered Captain Paden K., one of the contenders. He looked around and saw him from the trees. At the same time Scarface’s body turned green and spilt into particles that flew into the night sky. HE made eye contact with Paden, and Paden looked back. Paden had in his hands a .50 sniper rifle.


With one cruel look, Paden shot at Rexy’s head again. Rexy then stood there, stupefied, and ten he fell over. Paden looked at Rexy’s now lifeless body. After a few moments, Rexy’s body evaporated into particles across the air. The same thing happened to Paden.




The only prize there was to be was the glory.


Paden was then brought into a strange room. There in front of him stood a man. He had black hair, neatly combed. He wore black pants, and a black Jurassic Park T-Shirt. He also had a black Jurassic Park cap. He had hazel-brown eyes, and he even wore black shoes.


“Who are you?” Asked Paden.


“I am the game master.” Said the man.

“The one who started this whole thing?” Asked Paden.

The man gave a nod.

“So… what is my prize?” asked Paden, curiously.

“You already have it, you’ve had it the second you killed the big Rex.”

“What? What is it I have?”

“Glory. And respect.”

“I get the glory part… But from whom I am getting respect from!?”

“Me. You. The others… watching us…”

“Watching us?”

The strange man nodded.

“From where?” Asked Paden.

“All around. They know your thoughts, too.”

Paden stood there.

“Who are you really?” Asked Paden.

“People know me as different things. Some call me Kevin. Some call me Fernando. Some people call me… Raptor-401. Call me 401.” Said 401.

“Okay, 401, what happens next?” Asked Paden.




The man smiled.


“You face me.”


And in a matter of only seconds, they were transported into a new arena.


Paden was confused as he was transported into a new Arena. It was an empty, endless, white room.

401’s voice was heard.

“Round 1.”


With a weird noise the room changed and there Paden faced Captain 2K. Only this time, he had hazel-brown eyes, just like 401’s eyes.

Captain 2K pulled out his 2 swords and jumped 10 feet in the air, and attempted to slash his swords at Paden, but Paden quickly jumped to the left. Paden also saw that in the room was a clearing, the same clearing where 2K had died. He looked at 2K… 2K then jumped from the ground with the swords pulled out of the dirt.


Then the idea occurred to Paden of what this was.



He was fighting upgraded versions of all of the contenders, and that this wasn’t 2K. It was 401, simply taking the image of the contender and becoming that contender, making himself more powerful.

“You are 401!” Exclaimed Paden.

“Yes, but call me 2K-401. You see, in order to be the true winner, you must prove that you can conquer the enemy, each enemy, one-on-one. I also think it is good, this will teach you to learn something from each enemy you defeat. Okay, now that THAT is cleared up, let’s see if you can truly master each enemy.” Said 2K-401.


2K-401 ran up to Paden and threw all six throwing knives at Paden. One hit Paden’s heart, as he tried to dodge them. One hit his leg. Paden reached for his pistol and fired at 2K-401. 2K-401 laughed.


“Do you not see my armor, fool? Accept death, now.” Said 2K-401.

2K-401 then put one sword aside, and with one sword, he lifted it high, and was about to strike down at Paden, when he saw that the armpit area of 2K’s armor was left unprotected. He got his pistol and fired at the armpit. 2K-401 fell to the ground. Paden pulled out a knife and stuck it deep into the armpit. 2K-401 screamed. Paden then picked up a sword and stuck it deep into the armpit that it reached 2K’s heart.

“You have learned to observe the enemy, Paden, before attacking.” Said 401.


The weird noise was heard again, and now the clearing no longer held 2K.


Paden’s wounds were no longer there, the pain was gone, and his pistol was reloaded, and put away where he had it.

“Round 2.”

Paden then realized what the next enemy would be. He quickly and quietly climbed a tree, and hid away from view. He saw Bright Eyes come from view, and Paden looked at Bright Eyes, thinking of how easy it would be for this round. Paden pulled out his pistol, aimed for Bright Eyes Skull, and fired. Bright Eyes, however, swiftly moved from the bullet’s way. It was so fast Paden didn’t even know where Bright Eyes went.

The upgrade of this contender was most likely speed and senses. Paden then stood quiet, and did not move, carefully searching for any sight of Bright Eyes. Then, with a little gulp, he turned his head around. Bright Eyes was behind him, standing on the branch, with 401’s eyes. Paden quickly jumped from the tree. He landed hard on the ground. Bright Eyes quickly jumped from the tree, and then landed on Paden. Paden then picked up his shotgun, and he bashed the edge of the shotgun against Bright Eyes hollow skull.

With a simple crack, Bright Eyes fell dead, well the 401 version. Bright Eyes broken head then lifted, looked at Paden, and said:

“You have learned the second lesson. Never. Underestimate. The. Enemy.” Said 401.



The strange noise was heard again.

“Round 3.”

Ozzy came at Paden, but did not attack.

“I should be taking on the form of Storm right now, but since he forfeited, it wouldn’t be fair.” Said 401.

Ozzy-401 then charged at Paden. Paden got his pistol and fired at Ozzy’s eyes. He ran away, only to see that the bullets did nothing to penetrate Ozzy’s eyes. Ozzy then charged at Paden, but Paden quickly rolled over to the left.

Ozzy kept on running and then stopped. Paden shot again at Ozzy’s chest with his Sniper rifle. The bullets went it, but they quickly came out of Ozzy-401 and the wounds healed.

Paden realized then starting thinking. There had to be a way to defeat Ozzy. He thought, and came with a hypothesis. If he could somehow disconnect the brain from Ozzy-401’s body, the body may not be able to repair itself since the control center of the body would be gone.

He then ran up a tree and climbed to a branch just above Ozzy’s height. Ozzy walked forward to the branch where Paden was. Paden pulled put his knife, and with careful timing, he jumped atop Ozzy’s head and grabbed it. He then got his knife and jabbed inside Ozzy’s skull. Ozzy started shaking hard from the blow, but Paden then cut out a hole in Ozzy’s head, and with his bare hands, he grabbed the brain out of Ozzy’s head, and cut off connection from the body. Paden threw the brain out into the bushes, covered in blood. It was a gruesome scene. But he did it to live. Ozzy stood there for a few seconds, but then he fell, along with Paden.

“Third lesson, think strategically, even if it sounds insane.”

“Round 4.”

Major General 9097 stood there. Paden would pull out his pistol and shoot at Mr. Happy, but by now he knew better. He walked up to 9097 and, just to see what would happen, he punched him.

Before Paden’s fist even hit 9097’s head, 9097 vanished. Paden turned around to see 9097 standing 5 feet behind him.

“Great. Out of all the things, transporting abilities.” Said Paden.

9097 vanished again. Out of pure instinct Paden jumped to the left, and as soon as he did that 9097 appeared above where Paden was and landed there. It appeared as though 9097 was going to jump atop Paden and try to kill him. 9097 pulled out his pistol and shot at Paden’s heart, but Paden jumped a little, so it went through his lung. But it went all the way through. Paden let out a scream of pain.

Paden pulled out his pistol and aimed for Mr. Happy. He probably would have been able to shoot 9097 if 9097 could just try to jump atop of Paden again… But then Paden had another idea.

Paden took off his shirt and then started acting like a monkey. He then turned around and started shaking his rear end.

“What the actual fu-” Said 9097 before Paden shot him.

Paden exclaimed “Haha!” as Mr. Happy fell to the floor. He shot at Mr. Happy 3 more times before he was dead.

Paden couldn’t help but to give a victorious laugh. After all, it was pretty funny.

“Fourth lesson learned. Sometimes the weak spot is only vulnerable by distracting the enemy.”

“Round 5. You are getting closer now.”


Weird noise. Change of Atmosphere. Scarface was there.

Paden had confidence now. Scarface charged at Paden. Paden waited. Scarface then came to Paden and opened his mouth to take in Paden, but Paden cleverly threw a C4 grenade into Scarface’s throat. Paden booked it and jumped behind a thick tree.

Explosion. Blood everywhere.


“You are a fast learner, you. Lucky you thought quickly, this version Scarface was capable of giving out a roar that could make your ears bleed and explode. Literally.”

“Round 6.”

Rexy stood there. Paden was scared now. What was he going to do…? This was the last contender… Something was going to make Rexy extremely powerful…

But Rexy stood there, motionless. 1 minutes passes… 2 minutes… 3 minutes… 4 minutes…

5 minutes.

Paden pulled out his pistol and fired at Rexy’s eye. Rexy’s eye bled. Rexy stood motionless. Paden was scared…He pulled out his sniper rifle and shot at Rexy’s heart. Still, Rexy stayed motionless. He shot again. Still, motionless. Then it occurred to Paden, as Rexy died, that he had already conquered Rexy, so that is why Rexy did nothing.

Paden and 401 were back in the room they were originally in.

“You have learned a lot, I have supposed. This time you have learned to conquer fear. Now, I ask that you face one more person…” Said 401.

“What do you want me to do now?” Asked Paden, in a pleading voice.

“You must conquer yourself.”

In the blink of an eye, 401 turned into Paden. Paden was dazed at this.

401-Paden then pulled out his pistol and fired at Paden. Paden screamed in pain as his heart hurt. Paden then jumped at 401-Paden and brought him into the ground. Paden gave a victorious laugh and he pulled out his knife, ready to finish off 401, to be the winner. But then Paden felt a searing pain his back as 401-Paden stabbed him. Paden then stabbed 401 heart, and at the same time, both of them jabbed their knives deeper, and they twisted the knives.

Paden turned green and split into green particles. 401 turned back to himself. He got up.

“I’m tired now. I am going to take a nap. 6th person to have gone so far, only to be beaten. I really thought this one would do. Just goes to show sometimes the greatest person to fear is yourself.” Said 401, as he left the room.

Written by Raptor-401Published on 2014-07-18 16:49:58
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2 Fan responses to The Fight of the Ages: First Series: Complete Fight


NoobMember0 XPJul-18-2014 5:06 PM

Great job with the entire thing! Can't wait for the Fight of the Ages: Riders!


2KMember3687 XPJul-19-2014 11:32 AM

It will come soon!!!

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